Friday, November 23, 2007


Ok, so my brother is a typical male. He only hears what he wants to hear.

He totally does not remember the conversation we had about getting a gift certificate for garden thins for the folks. He honestly thought we were only getting them a dinner out.

Ummmmm yeah....

He and his wife both have really good paying jobs. They own a house and multiple vehicles. They have no kids but 2 dogs.

I am a single mom with no help from my son's father. I do make an ok amount of money but not enough to buy a house. I own one vehicle that I'm still paying my folks for.

And I am supposed to be the one paying for my parents present from both of us???? Yeah, I don't think so.

I do believe he is going to go off and get them a gift certificate for either Lowes or Menards. At least he better. If he can go buy himself a 32 inch flat screen tv when they already have 3 tvs that work just fine and dandy, I think he can afford to spend some money on our folks. Especially when you think about the fact that I'm the one that had my tv die on me and I replaced it with an old console tv that my folks got out of the garbage. *sigh*

gobble gobble

Hope y'all in America had a great Thanksgiving day. I hope it was spent with family and friends that you actually enjoy spending time with. hehe

Ours wasn't too bad. Watching the 3 dogs going nuts playing was quite fun. I managed to finish 2 rows of the Galveston shawl. It is soooo slow going. For some reason my needles kept pulling out of the stitches. Thankfully I'm pretty good at picking stitches back up in lace. Lord knows I've had enough practice. hehe

The kid of course pretty much refused to eat. All attention had to be on him as he sighed and groaned each time I told him to take a bite. In the end he ate a bit of mashed potatoes and corn. He had one little bite of turkey. He wouldn't touch the stuffing or the green beans. We did manage to keep from having the whole thing turn into a yelling and screaming match.

I gave my folk their anniversary gift early. Their anniversary isn't until Monday, but I gave them a dinner at a nice restaurant in town. I didn't want my mom to have to cook her own dinner that night. Of course that still couldn't be without controversy. About a month ago, I called my bro and asked him what we should do for their anniversary this year since it is their 30th. We agreed on dinner and a gift certificate for a nursery or something. I told my bro that I would take care of the dinner reservations and such since he is 2 hrs away and he could take care of the other. So a week later I called him and told him where I found for them to eat and said I would take care of that part. I didn't ask him what he had come up with. Well anyway, last night late, I get an email from my mom that bro had told her that the dinner was supposed to be from both of us. He and his wife forgot their card at home and I still have no clue what their part of the gift is. I just put mine and Nick's name on the dinner because I told bro that I would take care of that part and he had his part. So now I look like the ass. When I'm the one that came up with the idea. I'm the one that found the restaurant. I'm the one that put the money in the card. And so far as I've seen bro hasn't done shit. grrrrrrr

Add to that, I called to talk to Mom this morning but she was out shopping. I talked to Dad and told him about the whole deal. And he COMPLAINED that the restaurant was too far away. ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Excuse me for picking a nice restaurant on the river instead of picking the crappy family restaurant in the next town over. Hell at least dinner would have been half as much there. *sigh* Nothing is ever good enough for that man. Especially if it comes from me.

And it doesn't help that I was up half the night. Well most of the night. I read Mom's email right before I went to bed and my stomach decided it was not time to go to bed. It got nasty around 1am. I hate dry heaves. I slept in until 9, but I didn't go to sleep until after 3:30. I could so easily just go back to sleep right now but my tummy is still not happy. *sigh* I may have to risk it though cause I can't concentrate on anything anyways.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I'm not having a very good night. I'm really feeling out of sorts.

All day I've sort of felt tired and not really motivated. I spent the day mostly sitting here at my desk. I've been alternating between reading mail, blogs and ravelry. I've done a bit of knitting on a christmas project.

But about a half hour a go it just hit me that I wasted the whole damn day. I had intended to run to the bank and the store. I need to make reservations for my folk's anniversary dinner. I need to get the wash finished.

But instead, I sat here. Not really getting anything done.

And now my stomach is acting up and I'm on the verge of tears. I feel like I just keep letting life just slip on by. I don't feel like I'm really living half the time.

I need a snooze.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Wow that took awhile to upload!! Didn't realize I took so many pictures.

First we have the finished first clue of the Halloween Mystery shawl aka Dracula's Bride.

And some close ups.

And here is the Knit Picks Gossamer that I got in the mail the other day.
Isn't it pretty??

And here finally is the Purewool that I got a couple weeks ago.

First up the colorway called Nuts. What I ordered is on the right. What I got is on the left.

I am not happy with the color variance at all. I've got a dye kit coming and I do believe I'll overdye it with some brown and see what I get.

This is Columbia and it is right on the money.

The Lace Blue is pretty too.

And lastly Firebrick. Yummmm!! This is what I was originally going to use for the Halloween shawl. I'll find something else for it laters.

And now for the goodies from Huacaya Moon.

The Moss Kid Seta. It is soooo soft.

The two books I picked up.

Here is the spindle that I picked up awhile ago. I haven't sat and played with it again yet. The roving is much more red than it looks here.

Some RubySaphire sock yarn I picked up a few months ago and never blogged about. It's called Brayden.

A skein of yarn from Perchance to Knit in the Harlot's Peacock or Midnight Rainbow colorway. I swear there is some color in there. It isn't just black. hehe It smells sooo good and is soft and yummy.

And here is the yarn I got for scarves for the family.

Just your basic Red Heart Symphony.
The pattern I'm using is super easy. Cast on a multiple of 4 + 1. Every row is *Knit 3, Purl 1* to the last stitch, Knit 1. You end up with a really nice wide rib. You get a garter ridge, knit ridge, garter ridge, purl ridge pattern across.

I picked up this duffel bag kit at Wal-Mart the other day when I got the scarf yarn. Man I love Wal-Mart clearance racks. lol

And here are my just because prizes from the Secret of the stole.

A really cool needle pouch from Lantern Moon.

A set of stitch markers from The Knit Stitchery.
And a tape measure from Lantern Moon.
There was also a 10% discount card from One Planet Yarn & Fiber. I can't wait to pick something out.

Ok now I really must stop trying to type. I've had a bit to drink tonight and omg my face is getting fuzzy feeling. hehehe *Drunk blogger alert!!* lol

Monday, November 12, 2007

I am a dork

Man life gets away from me sometimes.

Ok where to try and catch up. The tummy troubles continue. I think I know what part of the stress is coming from. It's a bit of a sore subject for me. Suffice it to say there is someone I care about that is involved with someone else. No I'm not having an affair, physically or emotionally. I just have to let go of things and let them be what they will.

After much whining and psycho fits on my part, I did in fact head downtown to attend the fiber guild meeting. Mom had to talk me into it. I just completely panicked and did not want to go. I got down there and I guess there was some sort of mix up with the key for the hall. Everyone stood outside for about 20 minutes and left. I played stalker and sat in the car trying to get up the nerve to talk to them. lol When they left I went home.

Skip ahead to this past Friday. I took the day off work because Nick had off from school. On a whim I called the owner of Huacaya Moon to see if she would be open that night. Turns out she was on her way in. The shop is mostly only open Fridays and Saturdays and only when she isn't on the road for shows. It was a damn dark night to be driving out into the wilds of Iowa. The stretch of road from Dubuque down to Bellevue is not heavily populated or traveled and the brights on my car are not working right now. Nancy turned out to be a total doll though. She has lots of yummy yarns and spinning fibers. She is a big time spinner too. I picked up a couple books and 2 skeins of yarn. It's Madil Kid Seta in a really lovely shade of moss green (#470). I promise to take pics tomorrow. It's 70% Super Kid Mohair and 30% Seta/Silk. Sooo soft and fuzzy. I'm thinking either a smoke ring or some sort of head scarf for lil ole me. One of the books is a "How To" for spindle spinning. Nancy has also offered to help me get started learning.

I've also got a bunch of other new stuff here. I got a Just Because prize from the Secret of the Stole. Lots of cute little stuff that I'll detail tomorrow. I got some yarn and needles from Knit Picks too. 5 skeins of Gossamer in the Blue Jeans colorway. I got 4 more sets of needle tips and 3 or 4 more sets of cables. I just love the Options needles. Plus now that my Addi dealer is off of eBay it's much too expensive to keep buying those.

I finally finished the first clue of the Halloween Mystery shawl, Dracula's Bride. (pictures tomorrow) I've finished another couple rows of the Galveston shawl. I've got about 5 1/2 rows to go in total before the edge. I got some cheapy yarn from Wal-Mart and I'm working on some scarves for Mom and my sil. It they don't get done, no biggie. I am not planning any other Christmas knitting save for one mystery project.

I can't think of anything else to share at the moment. I think I'll go knit for a bit.