Wednesday, April 09, 2008

heh Got ya

Ummm yeah, I meant to update this all last week. heh I let Ally and Sue off the hook Wednesday night. :D And yeah I do believe they want to skin me alive. So, yeah, the last post there, was an April Fools joke. heh Sorry Diane, hope you don't hate me now. hehe

I haven't even talked to TJ in a couple weeks. He is busy with his new job and hasn't been in to work with us since the before Easter. As far as I know, he is truly married. Frankly, I don't care much. lol I do believe I'm over him. I'm much too obsessed with a certain Mr. Alan Rickman. Can we say Yummy?? hehe

I was pretty damn sick last week. That is why I didn't get around to posting that the last post was a joke. I had a nasty cold for the beginning of the week. Then the IBS kicked in. I didn't get a wink of sleep Wednesday night. I did get a nap on Thursday and I went to bed very early that night. I'm still not feeling totally 100% normal yet. Shut up Ally!!! You too Sue!! :P I'm just real tired yet.

Had a wrangle with PayPal yesterday. After I got the kid to school I got an email that someone charged $40 to my account for some internet site I've never even heard of. Immediately I went and protested it. I changed all my passwords and security questions because it was obvious someone had actually been in my account and changed some settings but not my password thank god. When I got up this morning, the charges had been reversed. So all is well. But it shocked the shit out of me.

Filed my taxes this afternoon. I'm getting back enough to pay off my student loans and give my folks a bit of money. I wish like hell I could keep some of it for myself though. hehe Not that I need to buy any yarn or anything. Lord knows I've got enough to keep me busy for awhile. I've gone back and I'm working on the Autumn Mystery shawl again. I'm too tired to go back and find the name of it right now. heh

Ok, I'm gonna go troll the pants and read some more of the Jennifer Craw stories and hit the sack. Nick goes in for some comprehensive behavior testing tomorrow afternoon. Cross your fingers for me that they will come up with some ideas for him. I think he is just plainly a weird kid like I was though. hehehe Yeah and I'm still weird and that isn't soo horrible.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Long time

I am so sorry I haven't posted. Things have been nuts here.

TJ and I have been doing a whole lot of talking. Turns out he was telling me the truth. He isn't actually married. And it turns out the kids aren't even his. She has been lying to him the whole time they have been together. She has been messing on him the whole time. Needless to say, he was quite devistated when she finally admitted it.

So, she has moved home with her folks and taken the kids with her. TJ hates being alone anywhere. So he is working both jobs. He was going to try and keep milking but he can't keep up. He is barely spending any of his time at the farm right now. If he isn't working, he is usually here.

We went out last week and found a modular home to put out on the farm because the trailer is just too small. It's being delivered next week, so I have tons of packing to get done. Yeah, Nick and I are going to be moving in with TJ. I hate being alone as much as he does. lol

My folks aren't terribly happy about this all. Dad keeps threatening that he is going to take Nick from me. But seriously he has no leg to stand on. I'm going to let Nick stay at their house on the weekends so he can't say I'm keeping him from them. We are going to keep Nick in the same school for the rest of this year and then next year he will go to the one near the farm. TJ even promised to buy him a pony this summer. That one shocked me cause I know TJ hates horses. He thinks they are a waste of money but I guess he just wants to make sure Nick likes him. heh

Ok, I need to get myself into bed. I've got to go out to the farm tomorrow and start work on clearing the spot for the house. Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll have time to knit again. Y'all take care now.