Monday, December 24, 2007

NASCAR Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the hauler, Tony Stewart's belt size just wasn't getting smaller.

The season had ended, the champion crowned, and the last lap at Homestead left not a frown.

Carl Edwards was resting in Amanda Beard's bed, while visions of back flips popped in his head.

Mike Helton was sleeping and so was Brian France. With all these rules changing, they'd better put a cup in their pants!

When out on the track I heard an engine start, so I sprang from the garage to see Kurt Busch depart.

Away from the track he drove in a flash, with a Maricopa County Sheriff hot on his, um, butt.

The moon shone bright on the newly re-paved track, and it looked like Kurt might never be back.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a black and red sleigh, not powered by reindeer!

An unknown driver appeared with a swagger, and in the light I could see, it was The Intimidator!

More than that he stepped onto pit lane, and proceeded to call out other drivers by name.

"Now Rusty, now Terry, now Ricky and Mark, listen to what I have to say in the dark!"

"To the front of the field then on to Victory Lane, you guys are all legends, the sport won't be the same!"

Dale's message was clear as he hopped in his sleigh, and flew off to heaven, as night turned to day.

Before he left, to the retired he'd shout, "Win one for me, before you bow out!"

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Snow day

There was a nasty snow storm here in Iowa last night. Lots of blowing snow.

When I went to leave for work this morning it was still a mess. Lots of blowing snow causing drifts all over. I dug out behind the car and was able to get out the driveway on the first shot. Only one problem, no one had plowed the side streets. I got up to the corner and couldn't go any farther. The car just kept sliding backwards.

So, today is a snow day.

I've tried a couple times to get out, but no go. They still haven't plowed my street. And every time I get the driveway cleared and come inside to warm up, it fills up again. At least the sun has finally come out and the wind is starting to die down. (lol I typed out dye first )

I've been cleaning the kitchen and playing games on the pc. The kid is stuck at my folk's house. I almost stopped there last night instead of pushing on home. I could barely see the road at all and drove about 20 mph home.

Mr. Mousie hasn't gone away. I do believe I heard the little shit this morning when I was throwing something in the trash. I had hoped that the stink that is out in the kitchen was the dead mouse. Nope. Little shit left some lovely droppings on the one counter too. Yuck.

Ok, off to go fold towels and run some more wash. Hope all of y'all in the mid-west stay safe and warm.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My pc REALLY hates me


I have 3 hard drives. One of them is configured with XP to run on this motherboard. The other 2 are configured with a setup that no longer exists. I had been using one of those hard drives as a storage device on here. A couple weeks ago my pc started acting up and I could no longer see that drive.

Soooo I started messing around with the pc trying to get it to work. Yesterday one of my IDE cables fell apart. So I went and bought 2 new ones. One of those has now fallen apart. *DOH*

I've ripped my pc apart more times than I can count today. As it stand, I have one hard drive hooked up now. I can not get it to start if I have either of the other 2 drives hooked up. And yes, I have the main drive set up as the master. The other two are set up as slaves.

I sooo am not in a good mood right now.

I'm going to look into how to turn a hard drive into an external drive. I know there are setups that you can buy for that. Still a huge pita. If they are too expensive I'm going to have to kidnap the brother and make him actually come to my house and set up the damn thing with the 3 drives inside. It's been at least 5 years since lil bro has been in my house. He is a butt.

Anyways, I need to go search for the info I need. Then I have to get dressed and go to a Christmas party. Oh joy!! NOT!! I want my damn graphic files back. :O(

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

my pc hates me

I figured out why my other hard drive wasn't being seen.

The data cable was coming apart. When I tried to mess with it, it pulled right out. Sooooo I am gonna head to Staples and hope they have some. I'm gonna get 2 of them cause right now I only have one that works and it is as old as the other one.

Frod needs her pc. A pcless Frod is not a good thing.

That is all. Continue as you were.

ETA: For future reference, if you live in the Dubuqueland area, do not go to Staples or Best Buy looking for IDE cables (yeah that is what those data cable/ribbons thingies are called). They may sell hard drives and other drives but they don't sell the cables to connect them. I got mine at Radio Shack. Picked up a package of DVD-Rs so I can back up all my shit too. lol

Tis the season

... for me to feel like an ungrateful grinchy brat. *sigh*

A couple months ago, my dad helped me clean out a bunch of junk in my garage. He decided to haul away my very old Christmas tree. It was a total pain in the ass to put together. It usually took me well over a half hour cause I had to insert every single branch and it was huge. He told me he had a better tree that would be easier to put up. Well I hated the old tree so I said sure.

I put up the new tree today.

And I hate it.

It is so small and puny that it is ugly. There are only 3 pieces to it so it only took about 2 minutes to put together. But the branches are sparse and very short. I can see right through it. :(

Yes it was very cool to be able to put the tree up by myself and not end up with a huge backache. Sure it takes up a lot less room.

But I hate it. sniffle

If I tell my folks, they will get pissed. I'm not sure why they bought it in the first place. I think they had it up in their basement but I never paid attention to it.

I'm just so used to the huge tree that took up almost half of my living room. It totally blocked the windows on the back wall and you had to lean a little in the chair in order to watch tv. This one barely fills the corner of the room. I have no troubles getting to the window and I know the chair won't hit it when it gets reclined like the old one.

It just feels like a big part of what made up my Christmas is gone. And I can't afford to get a new tree and lord knows I don't want to hear my folks bitch about my being ungrateful.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh my aching checkbook

Sarah's Yarns is going to be increasing the price of their Jaggerspun yarns. The manufacturer is going to be charging them more, so they have to charge us more. The increases take effect Monday. Sooooooooo I ordered two cones of yarn. lol I got a cone of Mainline 2/8 in Claret and Mainline 2/20 in Admiral. I also got a free color card and to get free shipping, I ordered a White Lies pattern. I forget just which one at the moment. It's a shell top. Not one of the real flouncy ones. I really lover their designs but I can do without the flared sleeves that most of them have. I suppose I could just figure out how to do them straighter, but well I'm lazy. :OP

Ok, I need to hit the sack. It was a long day and there are two to go yet.

Cross your fingers that my lil mousie guest will get himself dead tonight. I hate mice. *grumble*

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Winter sucks

More ice storms hitting Iowa. The ice in the driveway is 2 inches thick. Thankfully Dad is going to finish clearing it for me. Cause I get to go to work today. Oh joy. I had not planned on going to work today but I got a call from Dad that Mom wants me there. *sigh*

When I went to go to work yesterday my car was totally encased in ice. Umm I didn't think to try and clear the car the day before. I had only tried to clear the ice in the driveway with no success. In my efforts to clear the car off, I fell on my ass. My right arm is bruised up and I've got a nasty scrape on my wrist. it's now infected too. Poured some peroxide on it earlier and damn near bit my tongue it hurt so bad. I've got to figure out a way to keep my work gloves from rubbing on it or it is going to be sore as hell by Sunday night. I'm having troubles getting bandages to stick.

I knit the kid another hat the other day. It's of course not what my folks think is right for him. Doesn't fit just right. Isn't the right color. *sigh* Let's see my mom knit him a damn hat. Oh that's right, she doesn't know how to knit or even crochet.

Garh I'm just feeling grumbly right now. I didn't sleep well last night at woke up at 5:30. I had hoped to take a small nap before my dad came over to shovel, but instead I have to go take a shower and go to work. Then it will be time to go get the kid and then go to the store. I need to get some traps or poison for the kitchen. I have a mouse in the house. Saw it last night running in front of the bathroom door. Which is no where near the dang kitchen which is where I thought the lil shit was confining itself cause that is where the food is. I hate mice.

Monday, December 03, 2007


I've been knitting. I present Nick's Fake Isle Hat. :)

It's not perfect, but I like it. I saved off this pattern quite a while ago. It's been a long time since I've made a hat though. When the kid got ready for school on Wednesday we realized he had a hole in his hat. So I cast on for this one. I didn't work on it at all this weekend thanks to work. So really it only took me about 2 days of knitting off and on. Not too bad for me. hehe

Blame it on Ravelry

Yes, I've been sucked in. It's all Laurie's fault. I wasn't going to even sign up for it knowing it would suck up all my time. I was right.

I've been busy with other things too though.

I worked Tuesday and that always kicks my butt. Wednesday I actually went to the fiber guild meeting!! It was so fun to actually watch people knitting. There were 3 people there with spinning wheels. One lady was spinning her dogs hair. hehe It looked like wool though. I would have never guessed it was dog hair. 2 ladies were doing needlepoint. Very nice stuff. Nick managed to behave himself for the most part. We ended up staying 2 hours. I do believe next time I'm going to have Mom watch him so he doesn't end up staying up so late. It is the day after Christmas but still. He just doesn't deal well with staying up so late.

Thursday was the kid's winter program. I met up with Mom and Dad for the kindergarten, first and second grade's program. All the kids did a great job. They did a few other holiday type songs but none were specifically Christmas. I ran into one of my cousins and he of course ran as soon as I said hi to him. He is just an ass. It wasn't like I planted myself in front of him and started yammering on. He just happened to be there when I turned around to go find the kid and said hi and how are ya and he bolted. But who cares. As I said, he is an ass. Nick insisted that we stay for the 3rd, 4th adn 5th grader's program. My folks hit the road, but I'm glad Nick and I stayed. The older kids program was hilarious. They had some really funny songs. As soon as they brought the lights up at the end, we bolted. We were the first people out of the parking lot. hehe I hate crowds and trying to get out of an event.

Here is a picture of the new haircut. I hate this picture but it was the best that I could do. It's hard to take a picture of yourself. My face just looks huge in this picture. bleck Not to mention my nose looks huge. lol Oh well.
Ok, I need to go try and break up the ice in the driveway. It's horrid. There is over an inch of it. When I parked the car in the driveway last night, it didn't even dent the snow and ice. I poured a whole dang bag of salt on the driveway so hopefully most of the ice will break up. Oh such fun.