Monday, May 16, 2011

My life is boring

Yup, nothing interesting going on here at all. I am seriously lacking in the excitement department. lol

Nick is doing well on his medication and has been released to his normal primary care doctor. He has had a bit of an attitude lately but frankly it's fairly normal for a nearly 12 year old to act this way in my opinion. Momma just has to knock him down a few pegs is all. He was all hopped up from karate class on Thursday and thought he was all bad ass and could try and intimidate me. He only tried to seriously hit me once but managed to hit my hand and not my stomach. It ended with him running away and locking himself in the bathroom for his shower. Ehhh that sounds worse than what it really was. It wasn't like anyone was angry. He was trying to act all big and powerful. He forgets that I am double his size even if I am only about 7 inches taller than he is. He is just used to bigger kids picking on him and wanted to be dominant for once and Momma put him in his place. He don't like getting flicked in the forehead. lmao

Work has actually been full of drama lately. The guy that has been acting supervisor since last August (man I can't believe it's been that long already) is really burning out. He stresses out over the least little things and has been short tempered. He is real good friends with one of the other guys that has been working with us for the last few months but things blew up on Saturday. The friend, we shall call him CJ, can be super mouthy with supervisor guy. I think he has real trouble taking orders from his friend. After last break, SG was telling CJ that he had to re-stack a pallet because the parts could not hang over the pallet and they had to be even. CJ kept poo-pooing SG and telling him it wasn't a problem. SG finally got sick of it and told CJ to go home. CJ just calmly walked off the job. It should be noted that on Friday CJ gave notice that ht wouldn't be able to work full time any more and would be going to flex after this last weekend. So, we have no clue if he was still considered full time when he walked off which would mean he would be fired or if he was flex which means he can come and go as he pleases.

SG should be calming down after this weekend though. Our "real" supervisor is finally coming back. She has been off since like the middle of August because her two youngest sons were involved in a house explosion. They were in the hospital in Iowa City until right before Christmas and then were in rehab down in Waterloo for a couple more months. They are both doing well now but are still facing a lot of surgery on their hands to try and getting them more flexible. In order for the burns to heal their hands were bandaged up for months. When the bandages finally came off their fingers were partially webbed together and atrophied badly. They have had surgery to separate their fingers but some of them were left smaller and some left quite large. They are still in for a long road of surgery and will never be quite the same again.

Now we are just waiting to see how well SG gives up control to Red (the real boss). SG can be very controlling but he does actually do a good job of getting management to do things that Red was never successful at. Plus a lot of things have changed since Red has been off. We have a new high tech saw that Red will have to be trained on. Plus we have a lot of new paperwork. None of it is real hard but it will be all new for her and she can get set in her ways of doing things.

Ehh like I said, nothing super exciting. My health is still pretty shit. I've been super tired lately. And now I have a bit of a sinus infection I think. It's not bad enough that I'm crampy as all hell, I have to be sick on top of it. sigh And I need to dye my hair tomorrow. I dyed it last week and let's just say, I look like a Weasley cousin right now. lol It's not bright red but more of a lightish orange. I was going for dark blond. I guess the dye was too old or something. I've got another box that I know isn't that old.

OK, enough blather, I have to go get the kid from school in a minute.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Am I Wearing Pants? An Important Style Flowchart (PICTURE)

Am I Wearing Pants? An Important Style Flowchart (PICTURE)

I thought this was pretty dang funny when PlainSimpleGarak shared it in The Pants of all places. If you don't know about Bubbo's Pants, you really must come and find us on Ravelry. It's a very tight knit, fast paced group of crazy people that live inside Bubbo's Pants. lol

I haven't forgotten about the blog (obviously), I just haven't had anything to post about. I really didn't do much in the way of knitting this week. I usually knit during Nick's karate class. (technically Tang So Do) On Tuesday, however, we missed karate so that we could attend orientation over at the middle school. Starting next year the middle school will be 5 th through 8 th grade. I'm not liking that. The 5 th and 6 th graders will be getting only a few minutes of recess each day. Basically whatever is left of the half hour they have to eat lunch will be their only recess. Nick is probably going to go bonkers with that. I know he would have never survived this school year without having regular recesses. And the way they are running P.E. classes is weird. It runs every single day for half an hour for one semester. The other semester they don't have it at all. Nick won't have it until second semester to give him a chance to settle in before taking a class that he has so much trouble with. He gets so upset when someone breaks the rules of the game they are playing.

Anyway, on Thursday Nick did make it to karate class. I even sat down to knit but as soon as I got started, I had to stop. I was working on a BSJ out of Red Heart Baby Econo. I just could not deal with the plastic feel of the yarn. Once I'm awake and functioning today, I'm taking it off the needles and throwing it and the rest of the RKBE in the trash. It's that damn gross. I've got other much nicer yarn I can do it in and this was not even for anyone specific because it was too big to give to my cousin Cora for her newborn. I need to stash dive and see what I have in worsted weight and in blue so that I can make one for a friend of my mom. So, instead of knitting, I ended up running home because I remembered that the big item pickup was this past weekend at my folk's house. I got rid of my old office chair and my old monitor.

Like I said, not much interesting happened this past week. And now it's time to go wake up the kid and get him ready for school.


Sunday, May 01, 2011

Holy hell

I'm watching the CBS news and shaking and crying tears of relief. They finally got him. It's exciting but also frightening. I'm more than a little afraid of the reprisals.

I pray that all the innocents of the world will be protected in the days to come.


Holy crap it felt like this weekend lasted a month. It was nice not having the boss there to micromanage me but damn if the other guys don't need someone watching them. Even with all that went down we still got a bunch of stuff done. Hopefully it will be enough to keep the boss happy.

I didn't do any crafting this weekend. I've been too damn tired. I did find a couple sets of dpns and I'll check tomorrow to see if they are the same size as I'm doing the Tomten in. I sure hope so cause I don't want to go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels any time soon.

I've also discovered that I really shouldn't drink Mt. Dew after noon or so. I was as jittery as all hell this afternoon because I drank half a bottle at 4 o'clock break. And omg what a crash when I got home. I feel dead as all hell. I only drink that crap at work when I am really fighting to stay awake. I can't stand the taste of it but it's better than falling asleep on my feet.

Time to go play with the monkey.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I think I'm loosing my mind

The following was going to be posted directly to Ravelry but I figured it would be best to post it to my blog instead.


*gah* I've got issues that I don't really talk about because they don't really show up very often. One of them is a sort of obsessive compulsive nature. I get obsessed with certain things very easily. It's one of the reasons that I never really tried drugs. Sometimes I get obsessed with an activity like reading or knitting and it's all I can think about. On a few occasions I've gotten obsessed with people. It's never really been anyone that was local or even aware of my obsession about them.

When I left my last boyfriend it got really bad. I'm talking about checking every single social media outlet that he used to see what he was up to. I NEEDED to know if he was still with the chick that he left me for. It didn't help that for months he kept calling me and feeding the obsession. It's been a while and I will still once in a while check to see what he is doing. I haven't had the urge to check up on him in a bit though so that isn't the problem.

I know I've mentioned my extremely vivid imagination and love of making up stories. I don't really write many of them down because my brain is too scattered to get a coherent story out of it. Anyway, I have an ongoing story working in my head lately. I can't sit at my computer without adding to the story and I'm finding myself obsessing over this story. I find myself looking for more information about the person the story is about and it's making me twitchy when I find out information that I didn't know. Stuff like the fact that he doesn't live where he used to. He made a major move sometime in the last few years and I find myself itching to find out more info on that. And no, I don't really know him. It's someone I ran into a very long time ago but never connected with. Part of me is obsessed about what if we had. And no I can't contact him directly and I don't want to. I have no real honest wish to know him now because I am sane enough to know he isn't the person I've made up in my head. But when I find out info on him that doesn't jibe with my idea of him it makes me twitchy.

The thing is that once I get obsessed with someone or something I have to find something else to obsess about. I have to fill my brain with something else and I just don't know what the hell to use this time. The secondary replacement obsession never lasts very long and I usually just going back to my normal every day flavor of crazy. This last one just kind of snuck up on me real quick in the last few days screaming "HEY THERE CRAZY LADY I'M GOING TO COME LIVE IN YOUR BRAIN NOW FOR A WHILE, K?"

I think the turning point in to making myself twitchy over this was when the story took a very weird twist in my brain that I just could not figure out a way to get beyond. For a couple days there I was upset and crying because the story took such a dark turn of hurt and angst and I didn't know how to get all the characters through and to the happy stuff that I wanted to happen later. I think I've gotten them past the "omg I hate you gdiaf" stage to an "ok I understand why you did that but it hurts too much to look at you" stage. But right now I just don't want to deal with the angst and stuff but my brain won't put the story away.

And I really can't even bring myself to reread what I've written here because I know it all sounds so frickin nuts. Yes, I have myself an obsession about a fantasy story I made up in my head about real people that have no clue who I am but I can't put down. There is a reason part of my nickname is psycho. :P

Oh and no I'm not looking for advice. Or really even sympathy. I know my brain is a bit messed up but I've kind of liked living the last 5 years or so without medication. The therapist and psychiatrist I saw just annoyed the fuck out of me. They couldn't separate my brain injury from my psychosis. My memory issues have nothing to do with my depression.


OK an explaination of why I haven't posted on here in months yet again. Frankly I've just been lazy about it. Nearly everyone that I used to follow via blog has stopped blogging. I no longer feel the desperate urge to tell everyone what I'm doing. Mostly because I haven't been doing a whole lot. I did end up in the hospital in December and since then I've been so damn tired it isn't funny. Yeah I was tired before but I'm back into one of those pits of tired that just won't go away. I NEED the weather to clear up so I can go outside even for a few minutes and see the sun. I can't take all this damn rain lately.

I have been knitting lately though. One of my brothers has a baby due in June. I've made her one BSJ and a blanket that are finished. I have two more sweaters that are in the works. I kind of stalled on the little ballerina wrap because I started the blanket and then my mom wanted a sweater for my cousin's baby. I made her another plain BSJ. I have another larger one that I started but quit when I saw just how big it was going to be. That one will be finished eventually. Currently I'm working on a Tomten. I'm to the point of weaving together the hood. I made the hook larger than what the book said to because when I put it on my baby doll the hood wasn't long enough to cover the doll's head. Now I need to find my dpns so that I can start the sleeves. I really don't even know where my larger (bigger than sock) dpns have gotten to. I really need to hire merry maids to come clean my house out. lol