Wednesday, December 31, 2008



HP: Lucius is Popular by *Lingonlips on deviantART

You have got to click through and see this one full sized. I love it!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


Every once in awhile I look at my stats and giggle like mad over the searches that lead people to my blog. Thought I would share a few with you.

enjoy janet jackson --- ok yeah I do sometimes
what makes frod sogood --- I just am baby!!
how much does frod earn --- no where near enough damn it!!
zipper on his mouth --- oh how I would love to do that to the kid sometimes lol
frod vs volcano --- hmmm dunno if I would win or not
haunted houses around cascade iowa --- wish there were a few, it would be fun :P
paula abdul forever your girl 12 inch blogspot --- I'm not Paula but I would be forever your girl if you gave me 12 inches hehehe Might even blog about it :P
frod designer pants --- hmmm I'm in the pants but I haven't designed any
i hate iowa --- on winter days, yes I do
poison, skid row --- you want to poison someone on skid row?? ohhh the bands, yeah not too shabby but I prefer Disturbed and Korn
frod steeling money --- hmmm how do you steel money? I don't steal it either
if you didn’t get to say goodbye --- *sigh* this one led to a very painful post I made, I'm in a much better place than I was on that day
frod --- ummm why you wanna see my guts?? lol
xxx pictures --- ooo I got some of those but I ain't sharing :P
the art of frod e book --- hmmmm don't think I'm good enough yet for that
frod said no not gonna happen --- I've said that often but usually give in after a few beers :P
green card frod --- I don't need no stinkin green card. I was born here silly

And now for something completely different.

Snape Christmas Greeting by ~calumfan on deviantART

I've become addicted to deviantART. :) So many yummy drawings of Snape on there. hehe drool

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more puppies

Don't worry. All is fine here in Froddyland. I just thought he was cute. heh

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

thunk thunk thunk

I do not get it. I have a pretty good job. I don't make big bucks but this is one of the highest paying jobs I've ever had. I'm even getting child support fairly often.

And I'm constantly broke.

For the second time since this summer I've managed to overdraft my checking account. whimper

I just don't get it. I haven't bought yarn since early this year. I haven't bought myself new clothes since the beginning of summer and only because i wrecked my only pair of jeans that fit.

I just wish my boss at my second job actually needed my help. She hired two new full time people so she really doesn't need me to fill in at all. I only worked 5 hours during the 6 weeks my mom was off for her knee surgery. I had so hoped that I would get at least one or two days a week.

I have an idea of how to make some extra money. I'm just not sure I will succeed at it. And I can't start until after Christmas. I'm not sure I have the stick to it energy to do this either. I'm such a wimp sometimes.

I could so go for a drink right now. But of course I don't have any booze in the house. And no money to buy anything. sigh

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh Hai!

see more puppies

Isn't that just beautiful?? I wish I knew who the photographer was. So, so pretty. :)

Well, it's an icy wonderland here in Iowa. The kid didn't have school yesterday because of ice and snow. And of course today is a 3 hour early dismissal for in service. Bleck! Mr. Deedle goes for his flu shot tomorrow and he is freaked. He hates shots. He heard me on the phone making the arrangements and when I got off the phone he broke down in tears. He kept telling me that he didn't want a flu shot and he didn't need one. Well, he does need one because of his asthma. His doctor was going to fast track him through the system if the nurse's office wouldn't get him in fast enough. Now maybe his papa will shush.

Dad and I are thankfully getting along ok right now. Things blew up last week and he seems to get the idea that he has been a total dick lately. I swear the man needs to get back to work. Maybe after his new meds take effect he will get off his butt and do something. He was just diagnosed with sleep apnea and COPD. They are getting him a CPAP machine and he is on meds for the COPD. If he feels better, maybe he will stop being such a dipshit.

I'm not doing any holiday knitting. I don't want the pressure this year. There is plenty enough just trying to get the money together to buy the kid something. *sigh* My fingers are crossed that my Christmas bonus will come through like last year. I've got money on my child support card but of course they reissued it and I STILL haven't gotten the damn new card so I can't touch it. *grrrrr* If it isn't here by Monday, I'm calling for a new one.

Ok, time for a shower so my hair will be dry when I go get the kid. Oh first, I found another great Harry Potter story. A Year Like None Other It's very long but is a really good story. No lemons in this one. Just lots of family agnst.

Monday, December 01, 2008


Ugghhh what a weekend. I think our weekend shift is cursed. CURSED I SAY!!!! Last weekend my bosslady cut her finger really bad. It wasn't until the next morning that we were able to convince her to go and get stitches. She got quite a few. :( I didn't work on Friday but Saturday morning one of the guys, lets call him Chuckles, came complaining to bosslady that he couldn't move his back. Off to the ER with him. Chuckles gets 2 days off work and some very nummy drugs. Turns out he sprained his back folding something up on Friday.

And not a half hour into work yesterday I sliced the shit out of my left forearm. I was putting pipe into a rack and smacked my arm good on a piece of metal banding. Bosslady freaked out when I came waltzing back towards the command center holding my arm and yelling for help with a bandage. lol She was very tempted to send me to the ER to get checked out. *sigh* I told her to just bandage it and we would see. I swear the darn thing barely bled at all and I took tylenol right away so it didn't hurt until nearly 10 hours later when I changed the bandage. We put so much ointment on it the first time that it soaked the bandage. I didn't put anything on it the second time and I think the burning was just the wound drying out and getting ready to scab. It's not bad today but I'll have a nice little scar there. As if that would be my first. HA

Well, it finally has happened. We has snow. :( I hates the snow. Really it's just that I hate having to drive in it in the dark. I have to drive about 16 miles or so between work and home each way in the dark and it can be real hard to see where the road is when it is snowing out because I'm driving in the country. It would be much easier if there were more houses and such along the highway or if it were straighter but alas it IS the country. lol The other part I hate is that the street I live on is one of the very last to be plowed in my little town. Last year I had to miss a day of work because they didn't bother to plow our street until after 1pm. Not good when you have to be to work at 6am. *sigh*

In better news, I finished reading that fanfic very very late last night. hehe I told you I wouldn't be in bed early Sue. :P It's called Chocolate Enchantment and is a really great AU story. Snape is really out of character but I think it works because it is really the first time in his life that someone cares for him and depends on him as a person and not just as a spy. There are tons of stories on that site and is a treasure trove for Hermione fans. Unfortunately, I'm a Snape fan more than a Hermione fan and that is not my preferred pairing for him. HE IS MINE DAMN IT!!!!!! hehe

Ok, I has stuffs to do. Like finally sleep. lmao Chow baby!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

gobble gobble

see more puppies

I am so full of turkey and stuffing I just want to sleep!!

I've noticed quite a few visitors to the blog so I figured I better stop in and update. :)

Things have been fairly good with the kid and me. Finances are pretty tight and I haven't even begun to shop for Christmas. *sigh* Dad has given me the month of December free of charge so that should help.

Other family things have been a bit strained. Little sister Kelly (ok all of my sisters would be younger than me lol but Kelly is the youngest of all of us) ran her car into the back of a feed truck last Friday. She messed up her right side real good. 4 1/2 hours of surgery that night to put her elbow and arm back to rights and then more surgery Sunday to put her ankle to rights. She also broke several ribs and bruised her lung pretty good. She is home now with her folks and her mom is taking good care of her.

Sunday, little brother Nick (once again all my brothers are younger (yeah I'm the oldest) but he is the youngest of the boys) got word that one of his buddies was in a car accident. He unfortunately wasn't as lucky as our sister and didn't make it. Nick is quite upset because he has had a lot of people killed or hurt severely in car accidents. Present company included. But his is dealing and we have made tentative plans for him to come visit me next week. I WILL be taking pictures of my cute as a button niece. I got to talk to her on the phone last night and OMG the cuteness nearly did me in. He is gonna be lucky to get her back out the door. hehe

I'm knitting again a little bit. I've got 2 cowls going. My own patterns. I have no real clue what the yarn is I'm using on the one. Is a bulky weight boucle in baby pink. The other is in two shades of pink in some Caron yarns. I don't have em in front of me so I dunno for sure which but prolly Simply Soft. I'm also knitting a 2x2 rib scarf in Lion Brand Thick & Quick in black for the kid. It will match his new coat well. My hands haven't been cooperating for much knitting.

Ok, to share a little nummy with you. If you like hot guys and don't mind if they do too, lol, there is a blog here on blogger that might trip your trigger. I won't link to it but you should be able to search for it easily enough. It's called the daily slab. Be forward that there are many XXX pictures on there on a regular basis and I have yet to see a woman on there. Just saying. heh I would say the guys are dressed about half the time though.

Ok, now I need to get back to my story. It's called Chocolate Enchantment by Vivian B. and can be found on It's a little steamy but alas not as lemony as I like. hehe

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Monday, November 17, 2008

On health and stuff

Yeah, I've been absent a bit again. I've been sick for about 2 1/2 weeks. Started out with a normal cold. Then it went into weird bouts of fever and runny nose. Now, I think I've got a sinus infection. I woke up this morning and my upper lip was swollen like crazy but it went down after about an hour or so. Mom came over today and she brought me a neti pot. Talk about a weird sensation. heh My nose has been real clear since I used it but it didn't really help with the pain much. Not that I expected it to.

I've also been gone because my pc was down for a few weeks. I do believe that the power cords inside are messed up. I got it running again but I accidentally touched the wires attached to my hard drive and it restarted on me. My bro is out on the road for work, so it is going to be a while before I can get him to look at it. It is running though.

I've been stuck in Ravelry a lot lately and in the dozen or so fanfictions that I'm reading. heh I just love to read but it doesn't make for very interesting things to share. Not much in the way of knitting has been going on either. It all kind of stopped when the pc went poof on me. All of my patterns are on my second hard drive and I didn't have access to it. I got a usb to ide cable adapter so I can hook up extra hard drives to the usb port on any computer I'm using. It's way cool but it makes me nervous that the hard drive will overheat.

Oh well, I need to get myself ready for sleep here soon. I'll try not to ignore y'all from now one. :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


see more puppies

Looks like fun to me but I don't think the kitty is enjoying it much. hehe

I has a cold and I'm not getting much done around here. Hopefully I'll feel better before the weekend or my workmates are going to suffer cause man do I whine when I'm sick. hehe

No cheeseburger for you!!

No cheeseburger for you!!

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

I would so have a hard time not being mean to this poor cat if he were mine. It was bad enough when one of our dogs chewed on my favorite purse and killed the strap.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008



by Disturbed


I want to tear a big hole in what is to be,
To end all this infatuation with unity,
I'm checking my salvation alone again,
I never needed to be one of you anyway
Don't wanna be another player losing in this game
I'm trying to impress upon you
We're not the same
My own individuality is so unique,
I'm one impressive motherfucker
Now, wouldn't you say

(Break apart and)

Divide Divide Divide Divide
You might say that I'm the last man standing now,
Though you'll try, you'll never find a way to break me
You might say that I'm sick of being lost in the crowd,
I hear the sirens but they're never gonna take me

I am a little more provocative then you might need,
It's your shock and then your horror on which I feed
So can you tell me what exactly does freedom mean,
If I'm not free to be as twisted as I wanna be
Don't wanna be another player losing in this game
I'm trying to impress upon you
We're not the same
My psychotic mentality is so unique
I'm one aggressive motherfucker
Now, wouldn't you say

(Break apart and)

Divide Divide Divide Divide
You might say that I'm the last man standing now,
Though you'll try, you'll never find a way to break me
You might say that I'm sick of being lost in the crowd,
I hear the sirens but they're never gonna take me

(They won't take me)

Well fuck it all!

Break Break Break Break
(Break apart and divide)
Break Break Break Break
(Break apart and divide)
Break Break Break Break
(Break apart and divide)
Break Break Break Break
(Break apart and...)

Divide Divide Divide Divide
Divide Divide, break apart and divide

Divide Divide Divide Divide
Divide Divide, break apart and

Divide Divide Divide Divide
Divide Divide, break apart and divide

Divide Divide Divide Divide
Divide Divide Divide Divide

I love this song. It's off Indestructible which is an awesome CD. My favorite part is: I am a little more provocative then you might need, It's your shock and then your horror on which I feed So can you tell me what exactly does freedom mean, If I'm not free to be as twisted as I wanna be That is so how I used to be before the brat

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


So yeah I've been lost in my world of fanfiction again. Still. I just love Snape. I've found quite a few sexy Snape stories lately and sigh, I just can't help myself.

I've been doing only a little bit of knitting. My health hasn't been the greatest lately. I just haven't felt much of an urge.

I added a couple widgets on the left <~~~. Now y'all can IM me when I'm online even if you don't have Yahoo Messenger.

Ok, I'm off to get the boogerchild into bed. Then off to finish the latest story. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

meme time

Stole this one from Colleen. I"m a little dissapointed that they didn't include some country in the list. There were quite a few songs of that time that I liked. I have to admit to giggling at Colleen's list and being amazed at how many songs she hates that I absolutely love. hehe

The rules:
A.) Go to Music Outfitters
B.) Enter the year you graduated from high school in the search function and get the list of 100 most popular songs of that year
C.) Bold the songs you like, strike through the ones you hate and underline your favorite. Do nothing to the ones you don’t remember (or don’t care about)

1. Hold On, Wilson Phillips
2. It Must Have Been Love, Roxette
3. Nothing Compares 2 U, Sinead O'Connor
4. Poison, Bell Biv Devoe
5. Vogue, Madonna
6. Vision Of Love, Mariah Carey
7. Another Day In Paradise, Phil Collins
8. Hold On, En Vogue
9. Cradle Of Love, Billy Idol
10. Blaze Of Glory, Jon Bon Jovi
11. Do Me!, Bell Biv Devoe
12. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You, Michael Bolton
13. Pump Up The Jam, Technotronic
14. Opposites Attract, Paula Abdul
15. Escapade, Janet Jackson
16. All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You, Heart
17. Close To You, Maxi Priest
18. Black Velvet, Alannah Myles
19. Release Me, Wilson Phillips
20. Don't Know Much, Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville
21. All Around The World, Lisa Stansfield
22. l Wanna Be Rich, Calloway
23. I Remember You, Skid Row
24. Rub You The Right Way, Johnny Gill
25. She Ain't Worth It, Glenn Medeiros Featuring Bobby Brown
26. If Wishes Came True, Sweet Sensation
27. The Power, Snap
28. (Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection, Nelson
29. Love Will Lead You Back, Taylor Dayne
30. Don't Wanna Fall In Love, Jane Child
31. Two To Make It Right, Seduction
32. Sending All My Love, Linear
33. Unskinny Bop, Poison
34. Step By Step, New Kids On The Block
35. Dangerous, Roxette
36. We Didn't Start The Fire, Billy Joel
37. I Don't Have The Heart, James Ingram
38. Downtown Train, Rod Stewart
39. Rhythm Nation, Janet Jackson
40. I'll Be Your Everything, Tommy Page
41. Roam, B-52's
42. Everything, Jody Watley
43. Back To Life, Soul II Soul
44. Here and Now, Luther Vandross
45. Alright, Janet Jackson
46. Ice Ice Baby, Vanilla Ice
47. Blame It On The Rain, Milli Vanilli
48. Have You Seen Her, M.C. Hammer
49. With Every Beat Of My Heart, Taylor Dayne
50. Come Back To Me, Janet Jackson
51. No More Lies, Michel'le
52. Praying For Time, George Michael
53. How Can We Be Lovers, Michael Bolton
54. Do You Remember, Phil Collins
55. Ready Or Not, After 7
56. U Can't Touch This, M.C. Hammer
57. I Wish It Would Rain Down, Phil Collins
58. Just Between You and Me, Lou Gramm
59. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven, Phil Collins
60. Black Cat, Janet Jackson
61. Can't Stop, After 7
62. Janie's Got A Gun, Aerosmith
63. The Humpty Dance, Digital Underground
64. I'll Be Your Shelter, Taylor Dayne
65. Free Fallin', Tom Petty
66. Giving You The Benefit, Pebbles
67. Enjoy The Silence, Depeche Mode
68. Love Song, Tesla
69. Price Of Love, Bad English
70. Girls Nite Out, Tyler Collins
71. King Of Wishful Thinking, Go West
72. What Kind Of Man Would I Be?, Chicago
73. Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over), Technotroic
74. Here We Are, Gloria Estefan
75. Epic, Faith No More
76. Love Takes Time, Mariah Carey
77. Just Like Jesse James, Cher
78. Love Shack, B-52's
79. All Or Nothing, Milli Vanilli
80. Romeo, Dino
81. Everybody Everybody, Black Box
82. I Go To Extremes, Billy Joel
83. Whip Appeal, Babyface
84. Oh Girl, Paul Young
85. C'mon and Get My Love, D-Mob With Cathy Dennis
85. (It's Just) The Way That You Love Me, Paula Abdul
87. We Can't Go Wrong, Cover Girls
88. When I'm Back On My Feet Again, Michael Bolton
89. Make You Sweat, Keith Sweat
90. This One's For The Children, New Kids On The Block
91. What It Takes, Aerosmith
92. Forever, Kiss
93. Jerk Out, Time
94. Just A Friend, Biz Markie
95. Whole Wide World, A'me Lorain
96. Without You, Motley Crue
97. Swing The Mood, Jive Bunny and The Mastermixers
98. Thieves In The Temple, Prince
99. Mentirosa, Mellow Man Ace
100. Tic-Tac-Toe, Kyper

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Color me disappointed.

I know I've blogged about the fiber guild that I meet with on the last Wednesday of the month. Well due to illness and my just plain forgetting, it's been a few months since I've been able to go. Well, today just so happens to be the last Wednesday of the month.

I got the kid dressed and in the car. We drove the 15 miles or so downtown. And no one was there. The doors were locked and the lights were off. *sigh*

So, I decided to run to the nearest bank for some cash. I always take the kid for some fries afterwards. Well it wasn't too far out of the way, so I drove back past the community center and the lights were on. Unfortunately, the doors were still locked. *grumble*

I just said screw it and took the kid to McDonald's and got him a happy mean. And I gotta admit, the fries I got were the best fries I've had in ages. I wasted some gas, but at least I ended up with some good fries. lol

Been working on the Galveston shawl again. I haven't gotten very far though. heh I should have gotten a few inches done tonight but I'm going to write instead. I've decided to write my own Harry Potter fan fiction story. It's a story that has been knocking around in my head for a few months now. I even dream about it. I'm on the third chapter and so far the two people that have read what I've got, have liked it. I want to get at least halfway through the story before I ask for some betas and publish it. I just want to make sure that I actually finish the darn thing. hehe

Monday, August 25, 2008

been a long time

This last week or so was very busy for me and the kid. Two weeks ago, my folks decided that I needed to take the kid on vacation. Ummmmm ok. They suggested a water park in Rockford, Il or the Mall of America. I have heard nasty things about that water park and well that isn't really my speed.

So, last Monday, the kid and I took off for Minneapolis. We took dad's van because he has a dvd player and well I need to update my plates. heh We made real good time and got to the mall about 11am. I swear I've never spent so much time driving in circles though. There was lots of construction on 35N. Nick spent the afternoon riding on the rides. He only freaked out once and that was because his bumper car wasn't working right. He ended up getting a tummy ache after riding on the Fairly Odd Coaster.

It was a long drive back to the hotel in Owtanna. Big mistake booking a hotel so far away. Oh well. The ride back into Minneapolis took forever. A semi tipped over on a frontage road and spilled corn all over the interstate. It took about a half hour to go about 5 miles. We had to get back into town though because I wanted to meet Bubbo and Joy!! Monday was Joy's last chance to meet up with the Minneapolis knitters because she is moving to NYC like tomorrow. heh I recognized Heather right off even though she went from pink hair to purple. :) She was so totally sweet. Irene and Betsy were cool too. I'm not sure if they are on Ravelry or have blogs. oops

We sat and chatted for a while. They were all so completely funny and super sweet. I could have stayed all night but Nick was getting antsy. He kept asking to go outside but ummm not gonna happen in Minneapolis even if it was uptown and not downtown. I got a bit of a shock when I went to leave. Bubbo grabbed my ass. hehe I totally should have given her a hug. I'm hoping that in the spring the kid and I can make another trip up to the mall and I intend to correct that.

I had to call my dad to figure out how in the heck to turn the headlights on on his van. I think he was ready to reach through the phone and smack me. hehe It was a long ride back to the hotel and we picked up McDonald's for supper. We fell asleep watching Transformers. Unfortunately, the kid woke me up a couple hours later. He ended up puking his guts out in the bathroom. He fell asleep while I was cleaning up and slept all night. He woke up just fine and dandy but boy was I sore. hehe

We drove back up to the mall Tuesday morning and went to the aquarium. We actually went through twice with a break to walk all 4 levels of the mall. Well we really didn't walk around on the first floor cause we did that on Monday. I saw tons of shops that I would love to visit when I actually have money to spend. All in all, I bought a puzzle and some postcards. I should scan them and share em with y'all. The best part of the aquarium was getting to pet the stingrays and the baby sharks. Nick totally chickened out and wouldn't touch them. After that we made the long trek home. It sucked having to listen to the dvd player instead of my mp3 player. (It hid itself in the van and I couldn't find it for the ride home) We didn't get home until 8pm because we stayed at my folk's house for awhile after getting back.

Nick went back to school on Thursday and it was so nice. hehe He did go to vacation bible school for a week, but that was only 3 hours a day. So not the same. I took Saturday and Sunday off from work because my folks were out of town. I was originally going to go with them to Chicago for my cousin's wedding. It's a good thing we stayed home though. When they got there, they found out that the didn't have a hotel reservation like they though. That will teach them to go to Chicago on Stitches weekend. hehe Y'all stole my folk's room dang it. They ended up driving home after the wedding. I think they got home at like 3am. Yuck!!

Nick and I had a better Saturday though. We went to a local nature preserve with Big Brothers/ Big Sisters. It was part of Take A Kid Outside. It's a fairly local program designed to get kids outside doing something productive. A park naturist gave a talk about the geology of Iowa and the local plant life. They primarily focused on the prairie and the push to convert more land into prairie land. After a quick lunch we got to put that into action. The park had torn down a house on their land and we helped plant prairie grass and other prairie plants on the hill where the house was in order to help stop erosion. Out of 80 plants, the kid and I planted 9 plants. Not too shabby when there weren't that many of us there. After getting cleaned up, we went on a little hike to see a prairie that was planted a year ago and to play in a stream. By the time we climbed back up to the welcome center, I was ready for a nap. hehe Thankfully, it was time to climb on the bus back to town. I treated the kid to an ice cream cone as a reward for helping out.

Not a lot of knitting going on around here. I've got a little over one side left to do on the edge for the never ending purple shawl of death. I'm trying to finish it. I swear!! hehe

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Shamelessly stolen from AmpuTeeHee.

You Are Pink!

Tough. Sexy. Tough. Soulful. Tough.

Guys are both attracted and scared of you.

"I've been the girl with her skirt pulled high

Been the outcast never running with mascara eyes"

Nothing much interesting going on here. Just been working and hanging out with the kid. I'm still spending most of my time reading fanfiction. I'm almost done with my favorites author's offerings. Then maybe I'll get my ass knitting a bit more. shrugs

I have been feeling a lot better since I decided not to move. A lot less stress on me. My folks have surprised me buy not even mentioning my moving in the last couple of weeks. I thought for sure that my dad would freak at least.

Ok, time to get my butt in gear. I need to get ready for another weekend of the usual grind. wheeeee!! lol

Monday, July 21, 2008


I was under the impression that, in Iowa, we actually grew our young people with some common sense. I mean seriously, I hear less rotten stuff about the young people around here than I do other places. (Ok so I live in a little bitty town whatev.)

Yesterday morning, I saw something that just blew me away. I've seen videos of this sort of crap on YouTube and on various tv shows, but come on why do people do this shit??

Ok, here is the scene: It was 5:35 am on US 20 near Peosta. I was just getting onto the highway going west when I saw 2 motorcycles coming east. I look to my left to see if I would need to merge into traffic. I look forward and see that one motorcycle has pulled again. Again I look to the left and then back forwards. I see that the guy on the first motorcycle is now on his knees on the seat.


They are now to my left and I glance ahead again. When I look back over my shoulder, I see that the guy on the first bike is now upright on the seat!!! Because of the shear insanity of the whole thing, I can't tell you if the dipshit was standing on the seat or if he was doing a head stand. All I know is that his body was totally upright.

I had to look forward again to make sure I wasn't going off the dang road. heh When I looked back again, The first guy was now over a little rise and I couldn't see him anymore. I swear I felt like I was in a dang dream though. I asked on of the other gals that comes from farther east and the dipshit driver survived his little stunt. She didn't see his battered body on the other side of the overpass. heh

Looking back, I think the man on the second bike probably had a video camera on him. I'm sure that the video is up on YouTube today. hehe I'm just sorry that I have a really slow connection and I can't watch it. I've come to the conclusion that little Mr. Nick will not be allowed to have a motorcycle. EVER!!!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


For the first time in like forever, I actually went to a public pool and actually got into the water. o_0

I did wear my swimsuit. But ummmm it is at least 6 years old and the elastic totally rotted out but I didn't have time to go buy a new one. So I wore a t-shirt and shorts over top. I was worried that they wouldn't let me in the pool with it on. heh Nick had a total blast. So, tomorrow I'm going to go see if I can't find a swimsuit that actually fits. I swear I was afraid that by the time I got out of the pool that the top would actually be UNDER my boobs. I so need something with a better built in bra. Hell, I have some swimsuit material somewhere in the garage. I'm half tempted to find a bra that fits and build a swimsuit around it. heh

And why did I brave the whole public pool drama? One of my mom's oldest and dearest friends called me up out of the blue this morning and asked me to meet her there. She works with kids and has been trying to find activities and stuff for Nick to do. Mom has filled her head with her worries about the kid. *sigh* But it was real fun.

Monday, June 30, 2008



My son has a really nice bike that I bought him last spring. I've refused to put training wheels on it because they really don't help. He had them on his last bike and I found him riding it leaned all the way to the side so the training wheel was holding him up rather than trying to balance.

Learning how to ride the latest bike was put off after he broke his arm last July. My father has decided it is now time for him to learn.

bangs head on desk

I am not a happy camper. I am not strong enough or fast enough to help him learn. He can't seem to get the idea that HE needs to balance himself and I'm not supposed to be holding him up. I have to push him to start because he can't get the peddles going. The moment he starts to loose balance, he stops the bike. Half the time when I get him going, I realize he isn't even peddling. whimper

I have no clue how to help him with this. He spends the whole time whining that he can't do it. Then he squeals and whines when he looses his balance.

I've already warned him that we are going out again tomorrow. I'm dreading it though. It's times like this that I finally regret not having a guy around. It would be so nice to have someone to make do the hard stuff. lol

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Take a bow

Rihanna - Take A Bow

How bout a round of applause?
Standin ovation...
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

You look so dumb right now
Standin' outside my house
Tryin' to apologize
You're so ugly when you cry
Just cut it out

Don't tell me you're sorry cuz you're not
Baby when I know you're only sorry you got caught

But you put on quite a show
You really had me goin'
But now it's time to go
Curtains finally closin'
That was quite a show
Very entertainin'
But it's over now
Go on and take a bow

Grab your clothes and get gone
(You better hurry up)
Before the sprinklers come on
Talkin' bout "Girl, I love you you're the one..."
This just looks like a re-run
What else is on?

And don't tell me you're sorry cuz you're not
Baby when I know you're only sorry you got caught

But you put on quite a show
You really had me goin'
But now it's time to go
Curtains finally closin'
That was quite a show
Very entertainin'
But it's over now
Go on and take a bow

ohhhhhh And the award for the best liar goes to you
For makin' me believe
That you could be
Faithful to me
Let's hear your speech

How bout a round of applause?{laugh}
Standin' ovation.......

But you put on quite a show
You really had me goin'
Now it's time to go
Curtains finally closin'
That was quite a show
Very entertaining' eyeahhhhh
But it's over now
Go on and take a bow

But it's over now...

Another song I love. I'd play it for a certain someone, but he wouldn't get it. heh He don't mean no harm though really. He just makes me wistful.

I guess until I find my voice again, y'all are gonna have to put up with my musically eclectic tastes. I really need to add this one to my mp3 player though. :) It's mostly Disturbed and Korn at the moment. There is some Linkin Park and Evenesance thrown in too. Not to mention a couple country songs. :) I have resisted the urge to add in any Garth Brooks or Vince Gill yet though. heh I wish I could figure out the folder thing on my mp3 player so I could switch moods but alas it doesn't want to work for me. *shrugs*

Monday, June 23, 2008

get psycho

Meaning of Life

Get psycho, I wanna get pscyho
Get psycho, I want I want I want I want
I wanna get psycho
Run you little bitch
I want your power glowing, juicy flowing, red hot
Meaning of life
It's not enough to have a little taste
I want the whole damn thing
And now can you dig it
Need to get psycho
Wanna hear you say it
Say you want it, need it
Don't wanna wait until we finish the show
It's not enough, you hunger for more
You're one twisted little fuck
And now you wanna get psycho with me

Give in, Give in, Decide, Give in
Give in, Give in, Decide, Give in
Give in, Give in, Decide, Give in
Give in, Give in, Decide, Give in

Get psycho, I wanna get pscyho
Get psycho, I want I want I want I want
I wanna get psycho
Scratch my itch
Give me your power glowing , juicy flowing, red hot
Meaning of life
It's not enough to have a little piece
I want the whole damn thing
And now can you dig it
Need to get psycho
I want to hear you scream
Tell me to take you, scare you, fuck you
After we finish the show
It's not enough
You listening whore
You're one twisted little fuck
And you want to get psycho with me

Give in, Give in, Decide, Give in
Give in, Give in, Decide, Give in
Give in, Give in, Decide, Give in
Give in, Give in, Decide, Give in

I can feel the blood flowing through my veins spilling on my soul
And now the hunger's getting bigger
Come a little closer now pretentious whore and pull my trigger
Free the violence that is building in me
I say now end of the ride murder suicide is how I've been feeling lately
Come a little closer now pretentious whore,
I'm reeling with a feeling that I can't ignore
Come a little closer now pretentious whore,
I'm reeling with a feeling that I can't ignore
Come a little closer now pretentious whore,
I'm reeling with a feeling that I can't ignore
And the need to get psycho
Is not a question to me

Get get get get
Get psycho
Get get get
I wanna get psycho
Get get get get
Get psycho
Get get get
I want I want I wanna
Get psycho(psycho)
Get get get
I wanna get psycho(psycho)
Get get get get
Get psycho(psycho)
Get get get
I wanna get psycho
want I want I want I wanna

I so love this song. I like to pretend he is singing about how he wants to get me (psycho). hehe Gotta love that man's voice. mmmmmm

Friday, June 20, 2008

Where I've been

Hmmm, So I should probably explain my absence from the blog. There are lots of reasons really. A major one is that I've been reading a lot. I started out over at I found some stories by Vindictus Viridian. Lots of great Snape fanfiction in his/her works. I'm not real sure on VV's gender. lol

Then I wandered over to when someone mentioned the Jennifer Craw stories. Can we say total addiction? She has written like 20 stories centered around Snape and his wife Jennifer. The last book just killed me and I'm eagerly waiting for the next one. She is being a booger and making us wait. *sigh*

Lately I've been flittering around from one author to another trying to just find some good writing. Some of the stories I've found have just hurt my brain. I just discovered Change of the Guard by Lomonaaeren, and I've read the whole darn thing in like 3 or 4 days. Now I wait for the next chapter. lol But the wonderful soul has written 46 stories. :) I'm in heaven cause her style of writing is just WOW.

So mostly it is the reading that is keeping me from here. It's hard to really discuss the stories I read cause well I know at least one person who thinks I'm nuts for reading some of them. I don't mind slash in my fanfiction at all. I can suspend belief and go with the flow of a wizard being able to get preggers. Hell if I'm reading about magic, I can suspend belief all the way. heh

And yes I've been over on Rav lurking in the pants. I'm not posting there as much as I was before either. I've had a few bouts of sickness in the last couple months. Nothing real horrible but enough to make me not want to do anything other than read. I haven't made it to knit night in a couple months because of either the kid being sick or my being sick. So nothing much interesting going on. Unless you want to listen to me list the reasons I think it is insane for me to even consider buying a house. shivers My folks are trying to talk me into buying a house across town from them. Ummmmmm that just makes me want to run and hide. heh

Anyways, I'll try to post once in awhile and let y'all know I'm still alive. :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

no excuses

Not going to try and excuse my absence. I've been busy reading a lot lately. Maybe I'll post about that later on. I'm not feeling real good at the moment so I'll get to the point.

If y'all can spare a few prayers for everyone in Iowa I would be very grateful. There is historical flooding happening in many areas of central Iowa. The water is so high that they can't predict anymore where it is going to go. I hasn't been this high in a very very long time. Higher than the massive flooding back in 1963.

Say a prayer for those that were hit by the tornadoes in Parkersburg a few weeks ago. And say another for the boy scouts that were hit in western Iowa last night. There were about 100 people at the camp and fully half of them were hurt. The latest I heard four boys died.

Ok, now I'm going to take my flu-riddled ass to bed. I get to work tomorrow regardless of my health. *sigh*

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

heh Got ya

Ummm yeah, I meant to update this all last week. heh I let Ally and Sue off the hook Wednesday night. :D And yeah I do believe they want to skin me alive. So, yeah, the last post there, was an April Fools joke. heh Sorry Diane, hope you don't hate me now. hehe

I haven't even talked to TJ in a couple weeks. He is busy with his new job and hasn't been in to work with us since the before Easter. As far as I know, he is truly married. Frankly, I don't care much. lol I do believe I'm over him. I'm much too obsessed with a certain Mr. Alan Rickman. Can we say Yummy?? hehe

I was pretty damn sick last week. That is why I didn't get around to posting that the last post was a joke. I had a nasty cold for the beginning of the week. Then the IBS kicked in. I didn't get a wink of sleep Wednesday night. I did get a nap on Thursday and I went to bed very early that night. I'm still not feeling totally 100% normal yet. Shut up Ally!!! You too Sue!! :P I'm just real tired yet.

Had a wrangle with PayPal yesterday. After I got the kid to school I got an email that someone charged $40 to my account for some internet site I've never even heard of. Immediately I went and protested it. I changed all my passwords and security questions because it was obvious someone had actually been in my account and changed some settings but not my password thank god. When I got up this morning, the charges had been reversed. So all is well. But it shocked the shit out of me.

Filed my taxes this afternoon. I'm getting back enough to pay off my student loans and give my folks a bit of money. I wish like hell I could keep some of it for myself though. hehe Not that I need to buy any yarn or anything. Lord knows I've got enough to keep me busy for awhile. I've gone back and I'm working on the Autumn Mystery shawl again. I'm too tired to go back and find the name of it right now. heh

Ok, I'm gonna go troll the pants and read some more of the Jennifer Craw stories and hit the sack. Nick goes in for some comprehensive behavior testing tomorrow afternoon. Cross your fingers for me that they will come up with some ideas for him. I think he is just plainly a weird kid like I was though. hehehe Yeah and I'm still weird and that isn't soo horrible.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Long time

I am so sorry I haven't posted. Things have been nuts here.

TJ and I have been doing a whole lot of talking. Turns out he was telling me the truth. He isn't actually married. And it turns out the kids aren't even his. She has been lying to him the whole time they have been together. She has been messing on him the whole time. Needless to say, he was quite devistated when she finally admitted it.

So, she has moved home with her folks and taken the kids with her. TJ hates being alone anywhere. So he is working both jobs. He was going to try and keep milking but he can't keep up. He is barely spending any of his time at the farm right now. If he isn't working, he is usually here.

We went out last week and found a modular home to put out on the farm because the trailer is just too small. It's being delivered next week, so I have tons of packing to get done. Yeah, Nick and I are going to be moving in with TJ. I hate being alone as much as he does. lol

My folks aren't terribly happy about this all. Dad keeps threatening that he is going to take Nick from me. But seriously he has no leg to stand on. I'm going to let Nick stay at their house on the weekends so he can't say I'm keeping him from them. We are going to keep Nick in the same school for the rest of this year and then next year he will go to the one near the farm. TJ even promised to buy him a pony this summer. That one shocked me cause I know TJ hates horses. He thinks they are a waste of money but I guess he just wants to make sure Nick likes him. heh

Ok, I need to get myself into bed. I've got to go out to the farm tomorrow and start work on clearing the spot for the house. Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll have time to knit again. Y'all take care now.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

She surfaces

I just haven't had much in the way to say lately. I got addicted to some fan fiction over at Mugglenet and I got lost in some Snape stories. Not to mention the time suck that is Ravelry. Always lots of interesting things to read over there. And loads of people to annoy the shit out of. :)

Actually, I'm kind of slipping into a bit of a depression. It's not so bad so far. No dark thoughts. Just a shitload of not wanting to do anything. I've barely knit a thing in the last few weeks. I still haven't done the finishing on the stealth knitting. *sigh* I know part of it is that TJ quit. This past weekend was his last. He'll be working 80 or 90 hours a week at his new job, so I'm not likely to see him again. Oh well, it wasn't a good thing for me anyway.

I got my February yarn from Story Publishing for their contest at WEBS.

I got a lovely skein of Swoon from Fiesta yarn. It's in the poppies colorway. Very yummy yarn. I can see why they call it Swoon.

They sent a lovely scarf pattern that works well with the yarn provided. Not sure I'll actually make it though. I might try and make either a hat or a neckwarmer. I also got some cute magnets.
Nick couldn't wait to put them on the fridge. I am not sure why he put them upside down though. lol
I've already gotten the March package but I haven't taken pictures of it yet. It was a skein of Berroco Sox. I don't really knit socks so I'm not quite as enthused about that package. lol I'll see if I can motivate myself to take pictures tomorrow.
If the child has behaved himself at school today, we are going to go see Horton Hears a Who tonight. Cross your fingers cause I really want to get out of the house. lol

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It is never good to hear a small child yell out "mommy!!" in the middle of the night.

Just as I get in there and turn on the light guess what I saw. . . . projectile vomiting. Oh joy!!

I was just getting ready for bed too. I guess I get another day off of work tomorrow. ::insert eye roll::

I have a very sensitive tummy and OH MY GOD the smell damn near sent me into vomitous lurchings myself. Mix together curly fries from Arby's, teddy graham's graham crackers and lemon aid that smelt super strong when it got drank. . . . And now the house smells like a cheap version of febreeze. I can't stand that shit but the lysol just wasn't killing the smell enough.

I had to empty out a loud of clothes in the washer, so the dryer is going. That damn thing takes forever and a day. I threw all his blankets in the washer and washed em once and reset it to wash again with hot water. Damn the gas bill. LOL I still have a small basket with a pillow and his sheets and some clothes in it that isn't going to be washed until morning. I'm sure that is just going to smell lovely. gag

I just feel itchy and gross right now. I made the kid take a shower. He is feeling much better now. I reminded him that if he wakes up with a tummy ache he needs to RUN for the damn bathroom and not puke on his bed and dresser. groan I put lots of towels on his bed and put a garbage can next to it. Hopefully he will just sleep the rest of the night. I'm going to have to keep him home just to keep an eye on him though. He normally doesn't just puke once.

Gahhhhh I need to go wash my hands and face again. I had to change my shirt earlier cause I leaned into the washer when I was filling it and just covered the front of my shirt.

Ok, I'm done grossing you all out. I think I'll go have myself a little drink now. whimper

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sometimes life sucks

I broke my damn front tooth. grrrrrr

About 10 years ago or so, I fell off the roof of the house. I was going to help Dad put up the Christmas lights. Unfortunately, I didn't put the ladder up very well and when I got to the top, I went down face first into the deck railing. My front teeth were knocked backwards. I had to have minor dental surgery to put them back where they belonged. They had to put fillings in the area between my front teeth because some of the teeth had chipped off. Well I now have a rather large sharp gap again. The filling was chipped before but it wasn't too bad. Now I'm afraid I'm going to cut my dang lip on my tooth. sigh And all I was doing was eating a dang carrot.

Now I gotta figure out which dentists are in network with my insurance. And who knows how much they will cover. They pay less on stuff that isn't preventative. whimper And this weeks check is going to be short. Last weekend I had to go home early Sunday due to whether. The boss was not to optimistic about getting to use PTO time for it. sniffle

Man I need a drink.

Monday, February 25, 2008


The stealth kitting???

She is done!!!

She is knit, knat, bound off and yarn cut!!! Off the needles!!!!

I need to do a little cleaning and moving in the living room and then she will be blocking in front of the tv. I think it would fit on the bed but well I don't want to get going only to realize it is too long. I'll of course take some pictures.

But you can't see them. :P Well not yet anyway. lol

After I show it off at the fiber guild meeting on Wednesday I have to pack it up and ship it off. Once it's new momma has seen it, I'll post pictures and tell y'all about it.

Mr. Nicky had an eventful weekend. He got to go on a plane ride on Saturday. He was thrilled. I was surprised that he wasn't the least bit nervous. My folks took him and he asked the pilot lots of questions before hand. Mom said that most were kind of goofy. But well he is my kid and all. lol He went up for a short ride in a little 4 seat Cessna. Call me a chicken but I don't think I could have done it. lol I was on a plane once when I was about a year old. I haven't flown again. Where I to win the lottery, I might relent and fly to Hawaii or Alaska. I really want to go on an Alaska cruise.

Ok, off to figure out which of my shawls I'm going to work on. I've got 4 or 5 of them left to work on. LOL

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I hate Iowa in winter

Way too much shitting snow is going on around here. Go on over to Flickr and check out the pictures I took of the snow we got this last 2 weeks. It sucks.

Mr. Nicholas is still sick. This time it is a sinus infection. He has spent more time here with me at home than he has at school since before Christmas. It makes it very difficult for me to get anything done. I can't go anywhere because it is so dang cold.

I'm also getting over a cold. :( This last weekend was horrible. TJ was sick too so we made each other nuts. The tension between us is out of control right now. I swear either he better leave his gf/wife or whatever the hell she is or I better find myself a boyfriend or we are going to end up killing each other. LOL

Did I mention that I won a contest over at WEBS? They had a yarn of the month contest with Stoney yarns and yippy I won!!! This month I got a skein of Sheep Number 3.

Sheep Number Three I won!

Isn't it pretty?? It's a 100 gram skein at 325 yards of 30% silk and 70% wool. Yummmy stuff. :) And they even sent a pattern that uses just one skein of this yarn. Way cool.

I also got a picture of the Helen's Lace that I got.

Helen's Lace

Couldn't you just eat that up?? It's Chino. I can't wait to find the perfect pattern for this yarn. It is soo soft. Must resist urge to buy more!!!

If you go through my pictures a bit, you will find pictures finally of all the JaggerSpun yarn that I picked up at the end of the year. Some of it is laceweight and some is fingering weight. There is Navy, Claret, Pewter and a blue heather color. So much yarn and so little time to knit. lol Only 20 or so and I'm done with the stealth knitting!! Yeah then I'll be able to do some stuff to show y'all.

Ok, time to get the kid fed. He insisted on some tator tots. Then it's back into the pants for me before I get yelled at. :P

Monday, January 28, 2008

I pass!!

You paid attention during 91% of high school!

85-100% You must be an autodidact, because American high schools don't get scores that high! Good show, old chap!

Do you deserve your high school diploma?
Create a Quiz

Damn and I really didn't think I would score any higher than AmpuT did. It makes me feel better about helping my 2nd grader with his homework. hehe Although there was that one assignment that got sent home after he missed 3 days due to pneumonia. Neither one of us could figure out what the heck the answers were. Turns out it was a vocabulary test that should have had an attached list of words that got left out. Ooops!! So, technically, there was no real way that we could have done it anyway.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Lorna's Laces yarn is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freakin soft.

I just got a skein of Helen's Lace in Chino sent to me. And omg I'm in love!!!! I would post a picture but ummm I can't seem to find my camera at the moment. heh It's a tan color with hints of blue in it. It's going to kill me having to wait to use this yarn. I have 5 shawls on the needles as it is and I just can't cast on another big project right now.

The stealth knitting is moving right along. I've gotten 91 rows done in the last few days. OK so the rows get longer and longer so it is slowing down some but still. lol

OK, gotta put this yarn away so I stop petting it. I want to get back to work.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Yup I'm still here. I'm tired as hell but I'm here.

I swear there is a conspiracy to kill me out there any my subconscious is in on it. lol Thursday I damn near burned my house down. The fumes were damn near enough to do me in too. When I made eggs for breakfast, I somehow left the burner on real low. I had placed my cheapy spatula back in the grease so as to not dirty up the stove top. The spatula was nothing but a mass of melted plastic when I got back to the kitchen after eating. And the smell was horrible. I had such a horrible headache and I kept coughing. Nasty shit man.

Then my damn smoke detector went psycho at 1am Saturday morning. I had gotten up to use the bathroom and it started going nuts. It would beep really loud and in a loud voice say "Low Battery!!!" It repeated this crap every 90 seconds or so. I thought it was one in my son's room or the hallway, so I shut my door and tried to go back to sleep because I knew I didn't have a battery to replace the one in the detector. Well guess what, it was the one in my room. grrrr So, I got the stepladder and I tried to get the damn thing down. No such luck.

After about 20 minutes of trying, I was in tears and damn near hysterical. Every time the detector would go off it was like an explosion in my brain. I felt like I was going nuts. I ended up calling my folks and begging my dad to come and fix the detector for me. It took him about 20 minutes to get here and about 5 to get it fixed. It was near 3 am before I finally got back to sleep only to get up at 4:30 for work. :( I was a very very tired girl Saturday.

Cut to 3am this morning. I thought my ghost was back and bugging me. I rolled over this morning and I could hear a woman's voice saying something. It kept repeating. So, I got up and checked to see if maybe my phone was picking up the neighbor's phone since mine is a cordless. Nope the voice wasn't coming from the phone. The computer was off and so was the tv. I thought it had stopped, so I went back to bed. Then I heard the voice again more clearly and I could hear what it was actually saying. The kid has a Read With Me DVD game thingy and it was going off and saying how to set it with the dvd remote control. Only I wasn't so sure where the hell the damn thing was. lol And this time the voice was coming from a different direction than earlier. I finally found the controller in the hallway and I had to find a screwdriver and take the batteries out.

I never did really get back to sleep this morning. I've had a nasty ass headache all day thanks to that. I had to run the kid to a checkup appointment today and damn near bought it on the icy roads. I watched a car spin out in front of me and end up on the wrong side of the road. Very scary! The doc says that Nick's lungs sound real good. He will get a chest xray next month to make sure that all is clear this time.

Been making real progress on the stealth knitting. It's going along swimmingly. I'm trying to get my yarn straightened out. I've got 3 under bed storage containers full of yarn. hehe Someday I'll get it all up on Ravelry. . . . maybe. lol

Sunday, January 13, 2008


It was a long weekend. I though the brunt of it would be over when I got to my folk's house to get the kid after work. Ummmm no.

I ended up taking my mom to the ER right after getting there. She hasn't been feeling well for a week or so. Some nasty headaches for no real reason. Just feeling icky. Then today she was feeling off and she just got really hot. Her chest and head were really warm and she felt out of sorts. She was crying when she said she wanted me to take her to the doctor. I told her to get her shoes and went to tell my dad that I was taking her in. ( He had been drinking and was in no shape to drive. )

Good news is that it isn't her heart. Her pulse, bp and blood oxygen were all fine. The doctor thinks it might be hormonal or something. She has already gone through the change and had no hot flashes then but that might have been what it was.

I think part of it was stress. First Nick was in the hospital and then he spent 3 1/2 days at her house. He is a good kid but he can be a handful. And I found out that some stuff that I really didn't know about because of my age when it happened. I never really knew how old my grandma was when she died. I had just started 3rd grade. She was only 55. She developed lung cancer at 54 and died a year later. My mom is 54. She just quit smoking 4 months ago. Also within the last year or so, three members of my mom's extended family have developed lung cancer.

So, understandably she is worried. Unfortunately we aren't all that close emotionally. It's really hard to express any sort of emotions around her without worrying how she will react. Hopefully my quick agreement to take her to the doctor and sitting with her the whole time at least partly showed her that I do care. I do wish she and I had the sort of relationship that I am trying to have with my son but it is just so difficult. There have been lots of issues in the past that are hard to let lay.

Ok, I need a shower and some sleep. I was woken up too early this morning. I do believe there was a ghost in my room talking to me. I clearly heard a woman's voice saying something. I couldn't understand the words, but I clearly heard something being said. It was repeated for or five times. I got up and turned on the light trying to figure out where the voice was coming from, but I couldn't find it. Radio, tv and computer speakers were all off. I can't hear the neighbors tv well enough to make out voices at all and it was just after 4am, so not much chance she was up watching tv so loudly I could hear the voices. TJ of course thinks I'm nuts. Forget that he swears there are two different ghosts haunting his house and farm. But they only move things on him. He has never heard them make any noise.

BTW, Nick is doing really well. It's hard to believe he was even sick. He still has 5 days of antibiotics to take.

OK, I'm outta here.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Too cute!

I think we should be pretty safe. hehe

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I'm on my way to bed but thought I would update y'all on me and mine.

Nick was admitted to the hospital Wednesday night with pneumonia in his right lung. We stayed over night and we finally got to leave tonight at 6pm. He is doing really good. He is probably going to spend the whole weekend at my folk's house so that he doesn't have to get up early for me to go to work.

He slept pretty good last night but omg hospital beds are not made to be comfy. I didn't sleep for shit. The bed was hard and so was the pillow. I woke with a massive backache and headache.

And now I'm going to hit the sack. 4:30 am comes way too god damn early.

Monday, January 07, 2008

In a fog

For what seems like the umpteenth time in the last 2 months, Iowa is encased in a dense fog. Visibility is maybe half a block. Right now Highway 20 is close on the east bound lanes. There were loads of accidents on the highway today. Both lanes were closed for a while because there was a semi across the one side and almost into the other lanes. So far, one person has died due to the fog in the accident with that semi that closed the road.

I stayed home today. Surprisingly, Nick's school didn't let out early. The only thing the district did special for the weather was to not have buses deliver kids home on the back roads. I can't even imagine finding out that my kid was stranded at school and roads were closed and having to drive to go get them. We thankfully live about 4 blocks from school. Turns out my folks stayed home today too. Mom had the day off work and didn't feel like going anywhere.

Not much knitting going on around here. I've done a few rows on the secret knitting. I've started the edging finally on the Galveston shawl. I didn't think I would ever get there. I finished another hat for the kid. I really need to take a picture of it. I wrote down the directions, but I need to tweak things because there are a few things about the hat that I just don't like.

Ok, I'm off to try and catch up with the 2600 emails I just found in one of my email accounts. Since TJ doesn't have internet at home anymore, I don't check the joke emails as often. I guess they aren't as much fun when I don't have someone to share them with. lol

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Oh sheesh

Now I've really gone and done it. hehe

I just went and bought myself a new car. Well not new new but new to me anyway. It's a 2004 Chevy Impala. It's tan with a tan interior. It's really nice. I've never paid this much for a car before and shocker of all shockers, the bank let me get the loan on my own.

Dad did all the negotiations for me. I so am no good at that sort of thing. Hell I didn't really even pick out the car. He was showing me cars and it was the one that he asked if I wanted to drive. lol We ended up getting $3000 for the old car. That is more than I was paying my folks for it. It was starting to fall apart big time and it was really time to get rid of it.

I'm just tickled that I was able to get the loan on my own. The car is going to be in both mine and my mom's names but that was to save me over 100 bucks in tax rebates because the trade in was in my folk's names. That and I would have had to go get the old car in my name before trading it in.

Now I have to try and clean my garage out. I need to get some 2x4s and build some shelves to put all my totes on and move my freezer against the back wall. I've never had any of my cars in this garage. Always too much stuff in there. hehe

Ok, I'm pooped and I'm freezing my ass off, so I'm gonna hit the sack.