Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I had another bad night last night. I actually hurt my throat during the mess. Everything swelled up inside and it felt like I was choking. I'm starting to think the tummy troubles and lack of sleep are all in my head. Someday I'm going to make a therapist very very rich when he/she writes a book about my nutso self. lmao I think I'm going to dig out my sleeping pills and start taking them at about 8pm and forcing myself to go to bed no later than 10pm.

I worked at the kitchen today. I only went in an extra half hour more than usual but I swear it feels like I worked 10 hours. I did manage to get 5 hours of sleep last night so that is only part of it. I only actually washed dishes for maybe an hour and a half. The rest of the time I was helping in the kitchen. Spraying off the dishes was not fun since the food kept making me want to upchuck. hehe With the swelling in my throat I already was feeling like I was half ready to puke. Add in peoples mushed up messy left overs.

I got my partner's name for secret Santa at work today. Let's just say I'm not terribly fond of the woman that I got. I have no clue what to buy her but I do know, I'm not making her shit. I have no clue what to put up on the list for suggestions for myself. I know I'm going to put down that I don't want jewelry of any kind. I can't wear pierced earrings anymore. The holes have closed up on my left ear and trying to put in an earring is very painful. Think I'll put down anything to do with wolves or sci-fi books. Not going to ask for a gift certificate to a craft store cause frankly Hobby Lobby and Michael's just don't do it for me. Although I do like the bead section at Michael's. I need to visit Beads and Beyond again soon though. hehe

Also got some good news from Mom today. She is going to watch Nick tomorrow night so I can attend the fiber guild meeting. :O) She is going to come over here. Which sort of sucks cause it means I have to clean all day tomorrow. hehe But I actually get to get out of the house on my own and spend time with other adults that love fibre as much as I do. I'm going to take a long a couple of my finished shawls. I'll take along the Halloween shawl and the Galveston shawl to work on. I'm hoping to have the first clue of the Halloween shawl done before I go tomorrow and I'll post some pictures. I'm kind of nervous about going to the meeting but I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully I won't get some pushy woman telling me I knit all wrong and have her taking my needles away to show me how wrong I am. hehe I know I don't knit in the conventional way, but I had to learn from a cd-rom. Plus the cd showed the woman knitting with the yarn in her right hand and until last year I just couldn't get the hang of that. I hold the yarn in my left hand the way I do for crocheting.

Ok, I'm gonna go browse on Ravelry some. See if I can't find another long thread I can get lost again in. I keep finding big fights that just suck me in. I've only posted a couple times and so far no one has responded to me, but I don't mind. It's sort of how I roll on Yahoo groups too. hehe I'm Froddopsycho on there btw. Just in case anyone was wondering and wants to friend me. :OP

Thursday, October 25, 2007

soooo tired

OMG I have never ever been this tired.

I woke up Wednesday at about 3am. I next actually fell asleep sometime this morning around 5:30am. Woke up once sometime before 6 to use the potty and fell back to sleep until the alarm went off at 6:45.

I've been awake since. . . . . . . . barely!!

I am so close to falling asleep right here and now.

I do believe I'm gonna go see if the brat has eaten his dang banana and then take a short snooze.


I am not having a good night.

I can't sleep. My stomach aches. I've thrown up once but it didn't help. There is nothing to throw up left, but my stomach still insist on doing somersaults.

Sitting at my desk I can feel all tired and ready to sleep. Even through the constant ache.

The moment I climb into bed, I'm wide awake. I'm not laying there thinking about anything in particular that is upsetting me. I am just no longer sleepy and my stomach goes into over drive.

So I get up and head for the bathroom. I'm rereading Bag of Bones. It's been so long since I've read it that I don't remember the story.

Then it is back to the bed to try again. No go.

And now I've given up. I have to be up in 3 hours anyway. I didn't have a nap today, but I'll have to lay down later after the kid is in school. I can't let myself sleep too long though or I won't sleep tomorrow night. That would not be good as I have to work Friday. And I'm gonna be kind of on my own for the first 2 or 3 hours. TJ is coming in late so he can milk cows. Granted, the regular work week folks will be there, but I don't really work with them.

ugghhhh I need to visit the lil girls room again. :(

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Photo heavy post

Here are the pictures that I promised y'all of the kid.

Isn't he scary??

Here are some of the animals from the petting zoo.

The kid loved the goose and the bunny.

Here are the lil goats that I thought looked like lil sheep.

They stayed bunched up the whole time. And those lil bits of fluff on the left are actually some sort of chicken.

The kid was excited after making it through the hay maze.

He is such a lil ham!

And a couple pics of the parents new dog Toots. She just had a bath before these pics. She is impossible to catch still. hehe

Ok, I'm off to play on Ravelry a lil bit more while I knit on the halloween shawl.

Resistance was futile!

I have been assimilated. My new Ravelry name is Froddopsycho. umm Yeah, did you expect anything else?? lmao

I've got most of my books up there but don't expect my projects up there or my yarn any time soon. I'm still feeling really icky and I have shizz to do around here. I'm on row 59 of the Halloween shawl. Renee named it today and it is called Dracula's Bride. hehe

Monday, October 22, 2007

Catching up

Hmmmmm where to start. It's been a long weekend really.

Thursday I did take Nick to the Halloween party. It was kind of cool. He went as Frankenstein's Monster. We had managed to find a black suit jacket at the second hand store. It was a woman's small and thankfully had huge shoulder pads. Other than being a bit long it fit him really well. We just went with jeans and an old tshirt and his regular shoes to round out the outfit.

The makeup and such was much more of an ordeal. First I had to spray his hair black. I had him sit on the side of the tub and lean back into the tub. I figured that the overspray would be easier to clean from the tub than the rest of the bathroom. OMG was I wrong!!! People, do yourself a favor and only use the colored hairspray OUTSIDE!! At first it didn't look like too much of a mess. And then it got wet. There was black everywhere. It's been 4 days and I still have black in the shower and all over the sink. With work I haven't had a chance to really scrub at it. But man what a mess.

The face painting went much more easy. I ended up drawing on the scars as I couldn't find any premade ones at the store. I really wanted to paint some marshmallows and stick them to his neck for the monster's bolts, but I just can't figure out how to make them stay on. He did get green makeup on his coat but it just makes the coat look moldy so that is fine.

There was a light mist falling when we left, but Mom had assured me there were things to do inside at the party. The party was at a pumpkin farm. When we got there the ladies manning the entrance wanted to make sure that Nick entered the costume contest but that wasn't for another hour and half so I begged off with a promise that if we were still there we would enter. He got himself a bag of candy and we went into the barn to see what was going on. The had a large pit of corn for the kids to play in and some rope swings. A lady I work with was there so Nick sung on the ropes with her kids for a bit but wouldn't allow himself to fall into the hay.

Next it was around back for the petting zoo. They had maybe 9 goats of different breeds. 3 of the little ones looked sort of like mini spotted sheep. They stayed together the whole time. They also had a goose, a chicken, a rabbit and 2 strange fuzzy birds in the corner that I thought at first was just a pile of feathers. hehe Nick had fun following the chicken around and clucking and waving his arms like wings. He had decided that the best way to pet a chicken was to make it think you are a chicken too. hehe I had fun trying to pet the goose. He kept ducking when my hand got close to his head. I won out in the end. I've got lots of pics that I'll upload later. I'm just not awake enough to take em off the camera right now.

After the petting zoo, it was off to the hay bale maze. There were a bunch of kids climbing on top of the hay but I told Nick to not even think about it. He ran through the maze a dozen times or so. Then we took pictures with some pumpkin cut outs and a John Deere tractor. Then it was back into the maze. That is where we met with disaster. On his last run through the maze he slipped on the mud. His right leg and arm were covered in mud and he got upset. I showed him how to wipe his leg off on the hay bale. He got the big chunks off and wiped his hands off too. With that he was ready to go home. So there was no costume contest for us just as I had figured.

Then it was out to the folk's house to show them his costume. I had just meant to stop for a few minutes. But since the kid was all muddy, Mom offered to give him a bath there. I warned her that the black hairspray was going to make a mess. She didn't care though. So the kid was hosed down and then mom filled the tub so she could wash his face good. The dog kept trying to get in the tub with him. She can barely get her paws on the top of the tub though so I let her keep begging. Dad however had other ideas. He gave her a boost and she got a mini bath with the kid. hehe Once Nick was all clean and dried, we stuck around for another half hour or so. When we got home I still had to wash his face again with some cold cream. He had a very unhealthy green cast to his mouth area. hehe

All in all we had a real good time. And this has turned in to a mini novel and I only covered one day. lol I promise I'll post some pics later this morning. I've caught myself a nasty lil cold and I need a lil bit of a rest after the kid goes to school. Then tonight I'll yap about the rest of the weekend and why I've got to set up a whole new budget for myself. groan

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I have progress!!

But first, I'm sitting here giggling like mad. I'm watching a show on pbs. They just had some guy singing a song in Spanish that was all about the heart. He was describing in great detail how the heart works but it sounded like a love song. The video was mostly animations of a heart working and some very very old footage of hearts. The translation of the song was overlayed onto the screen. I completely fell apart when he started singing "lub-a-dub, lub-a-dub." hehehehe If you didn't know what he was singing about it sounded like a perfectly lovely love song. but knowing what he was actually saying made it hilarious. lol

And now proof of progress:

I've finally finished the second clue of the Autumn mystery shawl. Renee has already released the final clue and also the name. It is called Lughnasadh. Yeah, I can't pronounce it either. hehe It's the name of a Gaelic festival that has to do with the harvest.

Here is a close up of the right side.

And one of the left.

The final shawl is going to be very pretty. I do so wish I could find some of the yarns that I saw some of the other members used though. Some had very very long color changes. Maybe 20 or so rows of one color before the next starts. I think when I get my dye kit I'll try and do some sort of really long color changes. I just paid for the kit, so hopefully I'll have it soon.

Ok, I'm off to work on the Halloween shawl. I want to try and finish the first clue. It's another really pretty pattern. I so love all the shawls that Renee has released at Goddessknits.com.

Monday, October 15, 2007

It's Monday, Must be time for an update

My son's school is giving me a complex. The kid has been doing so good this last week or so. He hasn't brought home any reports that he has gotten in trouble. We have been thrilled. Lots of praise sent his way.

So of course this morning I get a call from the counselor that she wants someone to come in and observe him because she is concerned about his coping strategies. uuuuuunnnnnnnggggggg She says the kid has been doing some odd things to keep himself calm in class. Hand flappings and talking to himself. The crying and getting mad have subsided for the most part. But she says he is still being disruptive with "hand puppets and voices."

I swear I wonder what the hell they would be doing with a child that has tourrettes or some other disorder. Would they be having a fit about them disrupting and distracting the class? The kid is trying his hardest to behave himself in school. He hates having to make up time during recess and miss out on the fun. He has been getting his work done at school so he doesn't have to bring home any more homework than absolutely necessary. And still it isn't enough.

So the kid is a lil weird. So what?? So is his mother. :P He is sensitive like I am too. I can get upset very easily. Which I am right now. I was feeling fine this morning. A bit tired but not ill in the least. I even managed to eat something before 9am which doesn't happen often. And now I'm sick to my stomach. I have no clue if I'm going to keep my breakfast down. I don't get why they can't just be happy that he is behaving and give him a lil while to see if the weird stuff doesn't just fade out as he gets used to behaving.

It's not like the kid isn't doing well with his school work. He is quite bright. His reading is awesome. I am amazed at the words he can read already. Very rarely does he have to ask for help with words. He brings home huge sheets of math problems and they never take him more than a couple minutes to fill out. Most of the delay time in it is him being a goof and asking me answers that he already knows. He is just looking for a reaction out of me. ( I sit with him while he does his homework.) He isn't real good at the spelling yet. Shit I'm 35 and I suck at it. He would much rather just spell phonetically. He tends to write words the way they sound to him and not the way they are actually spelled. The becomes du. Cutting becomes choding. He has sinus issues so sometimes his ears are stuffed up and he has trouble hearing.

I just wish they would cut him some slack. Just be happy he isn't hitting anyone and isn't throwing crying fits anymore. He finally has his cast off and is finally allowed back to recess and gym class. He has to get back in the swing of just being another kid that doesn't need help with stuff.

I'm gonna go lay down and see if I can get my tummy to calm down. I just hate that they keep trying to label him. It's just not fair.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

not feeling well

It's the classic IBS symptoms. But I'm not 100% sure that is all that it is.

I don't feel like I have a cold or the flu. My sinuses and lungs are just fine. No sneezing or runny nose.

I just feel off. I'm achy. My back and neck are sore. I've had a headache that just won't go away. Since last night I've had a stomach ache. I've spent more time in the bathroom in the last 24 hours than in the last week. I threw up so hard last night that not only do I have little bruises around my eyes, I've got them around my mouth. I've never done that before.

Right now I just feel like I could go throw up again. I don't know which end needs to let loose though. lol Gotta be careful I don't get a shorts full when I think I need to puke. hehe

I used to have some pills from the doc that helped deal with the nausea. Unfortunately I ran out of those about 2 months ago. I don't even remember what they were called. I just don't know what to eat or drink that might settle my stomach.

Don't suggest Gatorade. I can't drink that stuff. I had a procedure done a few years ago where I had to drink some stuff that tasted like Gatorade and omg I got so sick it was scary. For months just thinking about the taste of it would make me feel ill.

Oh well. We shall see how I feel tomorrow. I did manage to get a few rows knit on the Halloween shawl and 12 rows of the Autumn mystery. I didn't manage to work on Swan Lake or Galveston though. Maybe tomorrow. If my tummy is still being a bitch I'll have to stay home from work again. The boss won't be happy about that. But not much I can do. I can't be running to the bathroom every 5 mins when I've got work to do.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Warning!! This is a picture heavy post. hehe

I finally got my butt in gear and took pictures of my latest WIPs.

The Autumn Mystery shawl from GoddessKnits.com that started on 9-15.

Yeah, I've only got clue 1 done. I actually finished it like 2 weeks ago but didn't get around to taking pictures of it. Working the two jobs just hasn't left me much time to work on it and the printer was broken and I wasn't able to print the second clue. But I have printed it out and I'm gonna start on clue 2 in just a bit.

The Galveston mystery shawl. I'm still about 10 rows away from starting the edging.

Here is a close up of the last clue. Can ya see how close I am to finishing the darn thing? lol Just gotta close the diamond up and it's on to the edge.

The Halloween Mystery shawl from GoddessKnits.com. I've gotten 34 rows of the first clue done. There are a total of 80 rows. :O( Clue 2 just came out. I'm a lil behind. hehe

A close up of the center section.

And a closeup of the side. It's a half round shawl. First time for this sort of construction and I'm liking it. It's hard to see the beads, but they are a see-through purple. I really love how they match the shawl.

Not sure why, but my left hand is causing me some troubles today. I do have a pair of craft gloves and I'm going to see if wearing one on my left hand will help. Cause I really want to do some knitting tonight. I might even pick up the Swan Lake mystery stole for a bit. lol

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Yes I'm still alive

I'm not feeling terribly lively, but alive none the less. The sleep is still not coming easily. Even when I'm super tired. I've also been in quite a bit of pain lately. Last week sometime, I tweaked my left hip. Now I'm waking up already in pain and without serious pain pills, I can barely walk. Unfortunately the pills leave me a lil on the tipsy side. I'm safe enough at work, but the driving part has got me a little iffy. So, no pill until I'm at work and no pill after lunch. No matter how much it hurts. But thankfully, the pills last about 6 hours.

Still no pictures of knitting. I've been tired and it's been icky around here. Hard to take pictures when the lighting sucks rocks. I may have to build some sort of light box one of these days. It doesn't help that the light bulbs in the house have a yellow cast to them. And the sheet I take pictures on is beige. So accurate color is hard to come by.

I've started on the halloween mystery shawl. I'm using the purple yarn I dyed for a past mystery. I really wanted to wait on the red PureWool but it could be weeks before it gets here. Actually, I just wanted to know why everyone was having such a hell of a time with it. I'm only done through row 13, but so far no troubles. I need to find some beads before I get much farther.

Yes, I've signed up for Ravelry. No, I haven't gotten my invite yet. I was way slow in signing up. A certain someone tempted me by letting me sign in using her ID and look around. There are 10,832 people in line ahead of me. It's gonna be awhile. hehe

Head over to MochiMochiLand.com and check out the free patterns. I had to cast on for Bob. I'm using some mystery yarn in a blue color. I've got his snout done so far. No comments please on the fact that I've cast on 2 new projects without finishing anything. hehe

I have been trucking along on the Galveston shawl. I've almost got another pattern row done. This one is over 900 stitches. Very slow going. I'm off work tomorrow and I'm going to try and knock off at least 2 rows. I've got laundry to do and dishes but I think I should be able to fit in lots of knitting in between that and napping. hehe

I've noticed something strange lately. At least once or twice a day, I get an instant message on Yahoo from a male in the middle east. Some are quite friendly and some are down right strange. Yesterday I had a guy who claimed to be a dentist asking me lots of questions about my dental health. Very very strange. I'm just a magnet for weirdness.

Ok, I'm gonna go lay down for a few minutes. I wish I could just go to bed for the night but that would not be a good thing. hehe