Friday, December 30, 2005

Friday night

I've been a bad bad girl. I just ordered 3 skeins of Cascade 220. Ok so it was 40% off. hehe Bo Peep's Wool Shop is having a sale until January 1st. All in-stock yarns (except Sisik) and needles (except Brittany) on sale at 40% off and all in-stock books on sale at 20% off. The yarn should go well with the 3 skeins I have for my long waiting felted knitting bag. It should be enough to make the messenger bag on Knitty.

I started Nick's sweater. I have the garter stitch edging done for the back. No pictures cause how exciting can 10 rows of white garter stitch be?? I had to go down to a 5 in order to get gauge. I did the edging on 4s but man it looks way wider than my gauge on the 5s in stockinette (sp?). I need to get a size 5 circular to do the body on. I've only got 5s in dpns. Tomorrow I'm taking down the Christmas tree and I'm going to do laundry. Maybe then I'll be able to get to all of my knitting stuff and sort all my damn needles. hehe Well, I guess I do know where a pair of single point 5s are at but they are a real flexible plastic. I just know that the yarn will stick on it and the needles will bend when I'm using them.

I'm almost halfway into the last skein of Andean Silk for my blue celtic scarf. It is going to be plenty long enough when I'm done. I'm thinking that the next time I make a cabled scarf, I'm going to just put a plain knit edge on it. With the reverse stockinette base of the cable, I'm thinking the knit edge will counteract the curl or just make what looks like an i-cord edge when it curls. I pray that blocking will make this scarf lay flat. I also hope that it stays nice and soft. Don't want much do I? hehe

Ok, time to get my boring butt to bed. Night y'all.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Well crap!!

Things are just not working out today.

I set out looking for the yarn store in Galena only to discover my truck was being an ass. I guess all the humidity finally got to it cause it was missing like crazy. I put a bottle of heat in it and it is running fine now. I never did find the yarn store. It's called Fiber Wild. I couldn't think of the name while I was driving around but knew the word fiber was in it. I forgot to write down the address or look at a map to see exactly where it was at. DUH!!! I've updated my file on it and the next time I go off looking for it, I'll print it off.

I tried leaving Shelly a comment earlier wishing her luck in finding a better job and commiserating on the whole headache problem. But Blogger comments were being an ass. I was typing in the right letters but it kept coming back and it wouldn't change the pic so I could try new ones. pppppbbbbblllllttttt!!!!!! Anyways good luck dear.

I spent some of my Christmas money and picked up a handbag at Wal-Mart that looks perfect for a knitting bag. I paid a whopping $3 for it. hehe It should work great for small projects like socks or doilies. I just need to start making working copies of my patterns instead of carting off the books or magazines and wrecking them. I also picked up 3 more knitting magazines. 2 of them are English magazines. Simply Knitting and Knitting. They were so not worth the $9 and $8 respectively that I paid for them. At least the copy of SK came with a knitting diary. There are a few projects in each of them that will work as inspiration for future works, but I won't be buying these magazines again. The other magazine is the fall 2005 issue of InKnitters. This one was a much better buy. I found a couple patterns already in my size that I like, along with a couple others that I would like to modify for my use. I really like the sweater on the cover. Well I would if you cut off that damn tail on the side. hehehe I may try to modify it to just end below the hips with the cable band.

Anyways, I'm off to read some more mail. I tried putting a collar on my green sweater and ripped that out. I think I'll switch over to working on the kids sweater. I just have to figure out which needles to use. Man I need more needles!!!! I can never find the size I need. hehe

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I dunno

That is just so me. hehe Go play and see what you can come up with.

I started working on the mystery shawl 2. I had it to the first few rows of chart 2 when I messed up. My head hurt too much to mess with it so I snapped the thread and tossed it. hehe I think I need to repeat chart 1 twice anyways. I'm using my ultra thin gray wool. I did manage to do a sort of russian join on it when it snapped on me once. I couldn't even figure out where the join was later on.

I finished up my panta. No picture just yet cause I'm beat. Maybe tomorrow after we get back from shopping. I've finished the second skein of yarn on my cletic knot scarf. I think that just the 3 skeins will work just fine. It is going to take major blocking to keep the sides from curling. Someday I'll figure out how to keep the damn scarves from curling in. The cable is on reverse stockinette and I put 3 stitches of garter on the edges. I thought that was supposed to keep the sides from curling. NOT!!

Ok, time to chase the kid off to bed and then pass out. Gonna take my Christmas money and do a road trip to a yarn shop I just discovered about a half hour from here. WWWhhhhhhheeeee!!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

4 a.m. is way too early

That is what time Nick woke me up. I let him stay up for about a half hour but we were both havin trouble keeping our eyes open so I made him go back to bed. He had a wonderful day. I of course bought him two of the same dang book. Man I'm a ditz.

I've done a lil searching and here are the books that my brother bought me. I still have no clue what magazine he got for me. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

I'm thinking I'll be doing the Best Friend jacket shown on the cover of The Knit Stitch. I've got some hemp/wool that I want to make a jacket with. I'm a pita so I'll be making the fronts even. I guess I'm one of the 10% that doesn't like things uneven. hehe Actually, I just don't want people thinking I screwed it up. :OP I'm also wanting to make the short version of the Einstein coat. I don't know if the miles of garter stitch is going to drive me crazy or not though. hehehe I guess I'll have to have a lace shawl going at the same time for switching off to.

I've got to finish my green sweater and make Nick's striped one first though. The blue scarf I was making for Kelly is going to be frogged. A double knit scarf, while warm, is boring to knit even with the twisted stitches I added on the one side. I'll be putting Joe's scarf aside to finish some time later when I'm bored. It is too far along to frog.

Everyone liked their hats. Joe's green and cream hat was just a tad too long. Kelly's hat was huge on her. I didn't realize she has such a small noggin. Dad's hats fit well once Mom made him pull them on right. Mom loved her doilies. I tried dyeing the smaller one yellow cause of a small stain on it's edge. I guess I had to prove to myself that cotton can not be dyed with kool-aid. hehehe The whole process took the lil stain out though so all was well in the end.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Random Thoughts

Being Santa sucks!!! Especially when you live in a small house with a child that sleeps very lightly. Nick wakes up at least twice a night. Once to go pee and once to sneak into my room to sleep. There is only one real place in this house to hide anything from him. My closet. Normally there is a laundry basket in front of the door so it isn't a big deal to barricade it. Unfortunately in order to get to the living room from my room, I have to go right by his bedroom door. It isn't easy to keep sneaking out carrying shopping bags and trying to keep the bags from rustling loud enough to wake him. He hasn't woken up in the middle of "Santa" visiting the house yet. I fear that is coming one of these years. All this sneaking around reminds me too much of when I lived at home. hehehe Man I want a bigger place.

And now for something completely different.

I thought of something tonight while playing JT's Blocks on Yahoo. If you haven't played it, it is a game where you removed groups of blocks and try to clear the board. Anyways, it is a game that has a chat room even though it is a single player game. If you have ever played a game on Yahoo that has a chat room, you know that they are constantly spammed. It is always someone claiming to be a hot college chick sitting home alone and needing someone to chat with. Oh and they have a web site where you can see their pictures.

On one hand, the question is, Who the hell is dumb enough to follow their links? I mean, chances are you are going to end up with a virus or trojan after visiting the site. Plus, they probably end up charging you. There are plenty of free porn sites out there. Why pay for the crap?

On the other hand, why don't they ever say they are a hot young stud looking for a lady to chat with? Come on don't the ladies deserve some hot porn? Don't they think that women are dumb enough to believe them? Or do they realize that most of us are smart enough to think that any guy who is home alone and bored enough to go trolling in chat rooms for company must be some ugly ass geek? Only a guy who be dumb enough to believe there is some hot young thing just dying to chat them up and show them naughty pictures. hehe Anyways, at least when you go searching for porn, chances are you will find just what you are looking for. Then again, I still haven't found any naked pictures of George Bush. gahhhhhh Thank the sweet lord. hehe

In other news. My dear sweet brother spoiled me rotten this year. He visited my wish list on Amazon and got me 3 books and a subscription to a knitting magazine. I'm too damn tired to go searching for links and pics of the books right now. Maybe tomorrow, or should I say tonight seeing as it is after 2am.

Have a Merry Christmas everybody!!!

Friday, December 23, 2005


Well, I finally got Dad's second hat done.

Click on it if you want to see it a lil bigger. I used 4s this time for the ribbing. The stripes started out random but it was taking too much brain power to make them look even. hehehe

I've got all my knitting done and all my gifts bought. Last year I was up until 2am on Christmas morning trying to finish my brother's afghan. I ended up having to get up after about 4 hours and I had to work on it for a couple more hours.

Now I've got to wrap everything. lol Doubt it will happen tonight. My poor head is hurting.

Have a very Merry Christmas y'all.

If I get anything super cool I'll blog about it when I get home tomorrow. Otherwise, who knows. hehe I'll prolly have a ham hangover because Mom is making a big one and I love her hams.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Why are children such pains???

I've got a huge cone of very very thin wool. It is finer than sewing thread. Yes I know it is for machine knitting. Did I know the it was so thin when I bought if off eBay? uhhh No. Anyways, I'm winding it into big balls in hopes to make a shawl. Yeah I said it. I want BIG BALLS!! hehehe

Well I was about half way through winding a ball of this stuff and everything was going fine. That of course was until my son decided it was time to fuck with mommy. The moment his little fingers toughed the thread it snapped. gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr

I'm just so damned pissed. I'm wanting to do this shawl without having to weave in any ends in the middle of it. I'm going to double the thread so it isn't so dang thin but now I've waisted all that dang winding on this ball. While there is a lot of it on the winder right now, I seriously doubt it is enough for a shawl. sigh

Yeah, no picture of my dad's hat yet. Why? Cause I don't feel like scanning 4 inches of ribbing. I've still got another 4 inches to go before I start the top of the hat. I doubt I will work on it tonight. I've got to go clean the house up. My mom will be here in the morning to put my son on the van for school. She will blow a gasket if she sees that the ornament boxes are still in the living room. hehe

Monday, December 19, 2005


Well, I've given up on most of my Christmas knitting. Mostly it is cause I just didn't want to knit most of it. There will be no scarves for my bro and his girl. The mosaic scarf I started for my bro rolled in on it something fierce. I've decided to try and do it in the round and seam up the long ends. No way will it be done for Christmas, so it will eventually be mine. :OP Kelly's scarf is double knit in just the blue with a very faint cable in it. It is only about 1/5 done. So, another scarf for me. wwwwwhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeee

Twinkletoes yarn just isn't soft enough for a hat, so Mom isn't getting a hat. She went and bought herself a chenille hat anyway. wtf? She can't ask me to knit her a hat? Her scarf in MCY is only about 3 inches long. She will get it next year for Christmas. hehe I've got 2 or 3 doilies that I've made her. I'll block those later today.

I do have another hat in the works for Dad. It was going to be random stripes of the dark gray from his first hat and the green and cream from my bro's hat. I've decided that there will only be 2 or 3 stripes of the cream in the hat. It is a much softer, fuzzier yarn. This is weird cause it is all Wool-Ease yarn. I dunno why the cream feels so much different. I've only got about 2 inches done, so no picture yet. I need to put in some dvds and just knit and get off this damn computer for awhile and I'll finish the hat in time. I'm doing the rib on size 4s instead of 5s. It is much tighter and I think it looks much better. I'm still going to do the body of the hat on size 6s. I like how the body on the first hat looks.

What ever is left of the Wool-Ease is going to making myself some pantas. Don't know what that is? Check out the pattern on Craftster. I think it's pretty nifty. I wonder if I have enough of the blue alpaca to do one with the yarn doubled. I think that would look more like a headband. I so need some more headbands. I have two old ones that I wear to work cause it makes me nuts having my hair fall in my face when I'm working. I've only had these headbands for like 15 years. hehe I can't wear the hard ones cause I have such a fat head. I get an instant headache when I put them on. Hell even the cloth ones will give me a headache if I'm already edging towards one.

Anyways, I'm off to clean up the house and go finish my shopping. I have no freakin clue what to buy my brother and my dad. I've got to find some damn legos for Nick. God knows we need more so that there is no chance of me walking to the kitchen without stepping on at least five. hehe

Sunday, December 18, 2005


I'm up too late once again.
Sleep isn't coming for me.
My mind is a whirl of emotions.
I can't think straight.
I reach my hand out for you.
Just to touch, to feel, to hold
I don't want to be all alone here in the dark
Reaching out, reaching out but you're not there
There's nothing there
I'm incased in the nothing
I'm here alone in the darkness
It's oh so cold here in my room
I can not find the light
I'm reaching out but all I find is emptiness
It is so thick I can not move
I'm running in a pool of wet cement
The emptiness pulls at me, encasing me
I can't escape from the vastness of my pain
It won't let me go
I sink deeper into the darkness
Engulfed in it's vastness I disappear

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Yup this is actually a knitting blog. I have a picture to prove it.

I finally finished Dad's first hat. I think I made the pic a lil too bright, but the colors are pretty accurate. I think if I do this pattern again, I'll end up using size 4s for the ribbing. The stitches just seem a bit too loose.

I got the 3 cones of cotton today. I would say that it is just a bit smaller than size 10 crochet thread. I'm going to do some swatches using 2 and 3 strands and wash them to see how they look. I'm thinking that I'll make a summer twin set with it. The color in the pic is pretty close to the real thing.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Do you hear me

Do you care
Do you hear me
Do you care

My lips are moving and the sound's coming out
The words are audible but I have my doubts
That you realize what has been said
You look at me as if you're in a daze
It's like the feeling at the end of the page
when you realize you don't know what you just read

What are words for when no one listens anymore
What are words for when no one listens
What are words for when no one listens it's no use talkin at all

I might as well go up and talk to a wall
'cause all the words are having no effect at all
It's a funny thing am I all alone

Something has to happen to change the direction
What little filters through is giving you the wrong impression
It's a sorry state I say to myself

What are words for when no one listens anymore
What are words for when no one listens
What are words for when no one listens it's no use talkin at all

Do you hear me
Do you care
Do you hear me
Do you care

Let me get by
Over your dead body
Hope to see you soon
When will I know
Doors three feet wide with no locks open
Walking always backwards in the faces of strangers
Time could be my friend
But it's less than nowhere now
less than nowhere now
less than nowhere now
ow ow ow

Pursue it further and another thing you'll find
Not only are they deaf and dumb they could be going blind and no one notices
I think I'll dye my hair blue

Media overload bombarding you with action
It's getting near impossible to cause distraction
Someone answer me before I pull out the plug

What are words for when no one listens anymore
What are words for when no one listens
What are words for when no one listens it's no use talkin at all

What are words for when no one listens anymore
What are words for when no one listens
What are words for when no one listens it's no use talkin at all

Do you hear me
Do you care
Do you hear me
Do you care
tell me what are words for
Do you hear me
tell me what are words for
Do you care
tell me what are words for
Do you hear me
so tell me what are words for
Do you care
so tell me what are words for
Do you hear me
tell me what are words for
so tell me what are words for
Do you care
so tell me what are words for
Do you hear me
tell me what are words for
so tell me what are words for
Do you care
so tell me what are words for

Missing Persons - Words

Snow day

School was canceled today. When I called in to the temp agency I was told that no one was scheduled to work where I was working at. So I'm home with the kid.

Have I done anything? uhhhh Are you kidding? I'm working up the energy to go do some cleaning. I have to finish decorating the tree and put the boxes back out in the garage. Nick could only reach up so far, so I have to do the top of the tree.

I'm sitting here scanning eBay for knitting patterns. There isn't much really listed in that section. I've got tons of patterns so I have no freakin clue why I'm looking. lol

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I hate winter

The days are too damn short and it is too cold. I still can't use the heat in my truck without messing up the windshield. At least sitting in a closed truck I don't have to deal with wind chill. Tonight we are supposed to get between 4 and 7 inches of snow. I'm not 100% sure I'll have to in to work anyway.

I don't particularly like the month of December. I hate trying to figure out what to give to my family. I try to avoid the whole thing as much as possible. It does however keep my mind off other things. I totally glazed over a major anniversary a few days back. I didn't realize it until about 4 days later. It's not that I don't think about the day all the time. But when the actual day rolled around, there was no major breakdown. No tears. No drinking. (I think I drank all the booze the week before. hehe)

I haven't even teared up about it until now when I actually wrote about it. I've been composing this post in my mind for the last week. Twelve years ago this month, I lost one of my very best friends in a car accident. I still miss her and dream about her often. The reason it is hard for me to deal with even now, is that I was the one driving the car. We were out joy riding that night. When we realized what time it was, I had to try and rush her home before curfew. Her mom was so totally strict it wasn't funny. I don't remember the actual crash. When I was thrown out of the car I landed on the back of my head. My memory ended about half an hour before the crash.

Manda's life ended that night and my world was torn in two. It makes me feel so horrible to moan about the things I've lost because of the accident because she lost everything. I don't blame myself for her death, but I still feel so guilty. I spent a good deal of time pissed off at God, trying to make some sort of deal with him. As much as I loved her, still love her, I would give up having known her if that meant she would have lived. Part of me still would take that deal in a heartbeat, even knowing that my life would have turned out different. I wouldn't have my son. Maybe I would have met someone else and had kids with him. I wouldn't want to give up my son but I would give anything to have Manda back.

Uggghhhhh I shouldn't blog about upsetting things when I was already blue to begin with. I really should just go to bed. Maybe school and work will get called off and I'll get to sleep in. hehe

Monday, December 12, 2005

Feel like crying

I've got a bit of a headache, so I've got the tv turned down. I can hear a baby next door bawling it's little head off. I don't know if it is the little girl who is about 4 months old or so. Or the 1 year old boy. I'm thinking it is the little girl. It is just breaking my heart listening to her. The only other voice I've heard over there was one of the older boys. I'm sure the mom is at work and the dad is too busy getting drunk to care that his baby is crying. I'm not the greatest mom in the world but I pray that someday they have their kids taken away. I've seen lots of little things that upset me but none are big enough for DHS to do anything.

I guess I'll go watch Dr. Phil and let all the freaks on there put my life in perspective.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


I'm having one of those days where I just don't feel like doing anything.

I'm trying to stay away from eBay but it isn't working too well. I just spent an hour surfing on there. I started out looking for Delta Burke knitting patterns and ended up looking at clothes. hehe I've only got 2 of her knitting patterns. Some of her clothes are really nice. Well if you ignore the stuff with the bows and the big collars. The intimates under her label are real nice. I damn near bid on some bras. I'm just so totally picky about that sort of thing.

I haven't cast on for any knew projects. I so want to. I'm just not inspired to work on any of the things I have going right now. I'm almost done with the ribbing on Dad's first hat. I'm just so sick of k1p2 ribbing. I don't know why it is bugging me so much. shrug

Ok off to drool over Matt Damon in The Bourne Supremacy and mourn over his marriage. lol Nah I'm not that kind of stalker. I don't begrudge anyone their happiness. True, I would love to be with someone like him but I have no chance of meeting him let alone snagging him. lol Sometimes Iowa sucks, but hey, at least we don't get hurricanes.

Friday, December 09, 2005

blah blah blah

Not much to report here.

I'm back working at the distribution center.

The heater core (I have no real clue) in my truck is leaking antifreeze. Basically, I can either be warm or I can see the road. The only thing that will clean the haze off the inside of the windshield is vinegar. My truck smells so wonderful. I put some StopLeak in the radiator but I'm a dumbass and had left it in the truck over night first. It was total sludge and I didn't realize it separated. I really don't think it has helped at all. I'm thinking of getting the oil changed early and seeing if they will flush the radiator. After that I'll put a fresh bottle of StopLeak in as opposed to the frozen mess.

I'm slowly working on my dad's first hat. It is stripes of Oxford Grey and Pines Wool-Ease. It is just a basic stocking cap pattern. It is written for one color, but I'm doing 2 rows of each color. I'm also working on a cotton hat with a large visor for my mom during the summer. Yeah I know I've mentioned them before. I haven't cast on for anything new. I can't knit at work so I haven't been working on anything much at all.

My adventures on eBay haven't been real outrageous. I've been putting minimum bids in on the stuff I am interested in but cause I don't really wanna spend much money right now I'm not pursuing them much. I know I told ya about the last thin wool yarn I got. I'm thinking either I will do a quick dye of blue on it or pair the yarn up with a thicker blue wool. If I pair it up it will end up being a felted bag of some sort. The other night I won a shitload of cotton yarn. There is about 15,600 yards of it. Ok so it is 8/2 cotton and has 3360 ypp. I'm thinkin that is pretty damn thin. hehehe It's on 3 cones, so I'm hoping that if I knit off all 3 cones at the same time I'll get something I can work with. If not, I'll have to wind some large balls and figure out how many strands I need. I've got some super fine wool thread that I have to use like 5 or 6 strands of it to get something approaching fingering weight. Once of these days I'll wind it into balls and knit a scarf or something with it.

Well time for bed. I'm pooped.

Monday, December 05, 2005


It seems that the neighbor has decided to start a campaign of harassment. All day when his wife was home it was quiet. Ok so the power was out for 3 hours, that isn't the point. Stop distracting me from the story. :OP Anyways for at least the last hour he has had the stereo loud enough that the bass is vibrating the wall. Yes I can still hear the TV. But it sounds like some moron with a loud car stereo is sitting next to my house with his stereo full blast. Another thing that I find very annoying is the fact that they have 3 children under the age of 4 in that house. You can't tell me that he isn't doing damage to their hearing. He sure as hell better turn it down by 10. I'll tell him once to turn it down. If he doesn't or turns it up again, I'm callin the sheriff's office again. I'll make sure they know how long it has been on and how many young children are living in the house. sigh

In fiber news, I got a huge ass skein of wool yarn from an eBay seller today. It is sooooo soft. I think there is like 800 yards in the skein too. The colors are way too bright, but maybe I'll make a weak dye bath of blue dye and darken it some. That will get rid of the bright pink parts. hehe I went over to Jo-Anne's to get some more Wool-Ease for my dad's hat. I got 2 skeins of variegated yarn in Wood and Pines. I also got a skein of Oxford Grey. I already had a skein of this, so I'll combine the grey with the other two colors and make him a green/grey hat and a brown/grey hat. I picked up a copy of knit.1. I hadn't heard great things about the magazine but there are some hat patterns in there. Out of all the magazines I have and the saved free patterns, I only found one hat pattern I liked. LOL This will allow me to do 2 different hats. I've also cast on for a knit baseball/visor hat for my mom. She is very sun sensitive, and hopefully this will help her out next summer.

Almost forgot. They had a bunch of stuff on clearance over at Jo-Anne's. I got a bunch of plastic circular knitting needles for like 1.99. Yeah, plastic needles are not so great, but I got some sizes that I didn't have before.

A study in boredom

The power was out for 3 hours this morning. It got damn chilly in the house. They furnace is gas but ya need electricity to run the blower.

I spent the time knitting on one of the scarves I'm making for my mom and looking for a hat pattern for my dad. I may end up using Jon's pattern, Hack. Link to Jon's site is over there <----, look for Colorado Knits. Basically I'm looking for a hat I can do using 2 colors of Wool-Ease.

I think I'm gonna head to the home improvement store (no not the one that fired me) and get some wood to make a small book shelf. I've got so many knitting books and magazines and no place to really have them handy. The shelves I've got on my desk aren't tall enough to have 2 shelves of books. And anyway, they are full of movies and computer stuff. hehe I was thinking of putting the book case on my dresser, but I'm thinking that putting it on top of the one side of my desk would be better. I can make it a bit wider. I just have to clear a bunch of junk off the top of the hutch. Yeah my room is cluttered. Deal with it. :OP I've got a cluttered mind so my room reflects it. hehe Yup yup I do believe I'll put the shelf on top of the hutch. Hell then I don't have to go leaning over the piles of junk in the corner of the room. roflmao

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Update on me

Well, I didn't end up calling the sheriff again. I figured the music wasn't half as loud as it was before and I really wasn't interested in pissin this guy off more than he probably was when the sheriff knocked on his door the first time. hehe

I got my new AERO needles in the mail on Saturday. Just kind of slipped my mind. What mind?? She sent me 9 sets of dpns and 8 circs. So I ended up with 4 extra sets all together. Pretty sweet if ya ask me. The pouches them came in don't reflect the sizes of the needles though. I do know there is everything from size 2 to size 10. I just have to measure em and mark the pouches.

I started my brother's scarf tonight. I'm too lazy to scan it right now. Basically it has 2 repeats of the mosaic pattern with k2p2k2 on each side. Each side switches on each row though. I guess it is kind of a wide moss stitch. I'm too lazy to look in my stitch library and see if it has a name. :OP

I took a cute quiz a bit ago. I think I got it off of Wendy's site. Link for Wendy is over <----. I'm a total wolf fanatic. Hell, my son's middle name is Christopher-Wolf. He acts more like a tasmanian devil though. hehe Nah, he isn't mean. He is just real stubborn, messy and whiney. Hmmm Sounds like me. hehe Well, I try not to be too whiney. I do complain a lot. I need more joy in my life. That might help. Hell just give me some damn sex and I'll be happy. hehehe

Alpha female
You're an alpha female. You're second best.
Basically, you make babies. And there's no
shame in that. You are almost as strong as your
mate. You keep the rest of the women in line.
Anyone who comes near your pups is mince meat.

What kind of wolf are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Onward the madness

SOB turned the stereo again at 1:40 a.m. I figure give him 5 minutes to be an asshole. Once I realize he isn't turning it off and in fact has turned up the volume, I called the sheriff's office. Ain't nothing like a pissed off fat chick. I may be fat, but I can always (and am) lose weight. He will always be a freakin moron. I could hear the bass in my living room.

A couple minutes ago, I was looking out the kitchen window and saw a trooper walking down our driveway. I have no clue where he parked cause I can't see his car from the house. So far no more music. I will not hesitate to call the sheriff's office again.

Now, let's see if my truck makes it through the night unscathed. hehehe It's a piece of shit 1990 Bravada, but it still runs good and the heat and air work.

update: Just as I was about to post this, the freak turned the stereo back on. What a damn moron.

omg I'm sooooo pissed

Here it is freakin midnight and the asshole next door had his stereo blasting. Our bedrooms are on opposite sides of the main wall of our duplex and all I could freakin hear in my room is thumping. No I wasn't anywhere near ready to go to bed but it's freakin midnight. They have 2 babies over there and he has the stereo blasting in the middle of the night. Then again I think his wife may not be home with the kids cause he has some chick over there. When I told him to turn the stereo down he said to take my fat ass home. He is so lucky he wasn't standing on the porch and there was a door between us. If I hear one more thump, no matter how loud, I'm calling the cops. I'll also be warning the police to be on the lookout for drugs over there. I have never been anything but nice to them over there and he freakin insults me after disturbing my damn evening!!! I'm so pissed the muscles in my neck are freakin hurting like hell.

I'll be relaying this little episode to my dad. Yeah he is an ass himself but he is one super over protective ass. He isn't above harassing someone for being mean to me. Of course that doesn't stop him from being a royal shit. hehe

He did drive the 10 miles here tonight on bad roads to bring me a can of gas for my snow blower. I was going to go out there and get a can cause I don't have one, but Mom was worried about me driving on the snowy roads. Yeah, I'm spoiled. BITE ME!! hehe Sometimes having overbearing parents comes in handy. :OP I just really wanted to play with use the snow blower cause shoveling hurts my back. I'm really starting to take the idea of a breast reduction seriously. That's a different story though. hehe

Well, I'm feeling better now. I still want to hurt the guy, but my neck is feeling better.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

yeah i'm alive

I've been workin my poor fingers to the bone at work. Yesterday was actually a pretty good day right up until the point when they laid off all the temp workers. sigh

I'm currently working of a lacey scarf for my mom. Actually there are two of them. I'm not sure which one I like better but I'm leaning towards the Mystical Yarn Creations fingering weight scarf. It is in shades of purple and blue. I forget the name of the colorway. The other scarf is in Twinkletoes sock yarn that I just got. The Twinkletoes is a thicker yarn by far and it just isn't as lacey looking as I want it to be. Mom got a new black leather coat and I want the scarf to be something special to wear with it.

I still have to work on the scarves for my brother and his lady. I'll have to do them on circs or change needle size because last night I discovered that one of my dpns was snapped clean in half. sniff sniff I was using plastic dpns so I wasn't afraid of them breaking. In fact the one was all bent from being half melted. hehe I had run hot water over it and used a hairdryer to get it flexible enough to straighten it. Oh well. I'm sure I'll be getting my AERO needles in the mail pretty soon. I've got some yarn coming from eBay too. I swear I didn't think I would win the auction. I just put in the minimum bid figuring that someone else would bid on it and win. hehe

Well, I'm off to work on Mom's scarf. I think I'll go across the street and get lunch. I need to go grocery shopping though. uggghhhhh I don't really need to pick up much but I really need to get some milk. Any volunteers to go pick some up for me? hehe

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Well I couldn't snag Mom's old camera cause my brother was still at her house when I left. He was the one who bought it for her and I don't wanna piss him off by snaggin it. hehe I figured I had better share some more of my current knitting projects with y'all though.

This is my Celtic Cable scarf. I'm using the Knit Picks Andean Silk that my SP5 partner sent me. The color is Bluebell. I've just started the second skein and it is about 19" long. Once I've got the 3rd skein finished I'll decide if I need to order another one. Hopefully it will stop curling so bad when I get it blocked. The reverse stocking stitch and garter stitch border are rolling in big time. I had to smush it pretty bad when I scanned it to get it to lay flat. hehe

I'm tryin like hell to keep myself away from eBay. In the last 2 weeks I've ordered 2 skeins of Twinkletoes fingering wt wool to make scarves with. One skein is in autumn colors and the other is blue and purples. I also won 2 auctions for AERO knitting needles. I just love those things. I won one auction for 8 sets of dpns and one auction for 5 circs. The seller is so awesome. I paid as soon as she sent me an invoice cause I wasn't sure of the shipping from Canada and I included a note about how much I love AERO needles and hooks. She wrote back that she found a couple more pairs and tossed them in as a bonus. I'm so tickled. I just love the enamel finish on the needles and hooks. I'm always looking for them on eBay but I usually lose out in the end. sigh

Well time to get some mail done and then get my happy ass to bed. It's back to school for the kid and back to work for me tomorrow. blahh

Friday, November 25, 2005

still alive...

but barely. I woke up this morning with a horrible horrible headache and it just will not go away. I think part of it was being pissed off at my brother yesterday. I was really upset that he didn't call me when he was in town at his girlfriend's grandma's for Thanksgiving dinner. Turns out he did know that my folks went to Michigan and he thought my son and I went along with. I guess I'll just have to wait to kill him. hehe

I finished the blue and fisherman mosaic hat today. I prolly would have had it done last night if I hadn't of had to rip it back so many damn times last night. I didn't have any stitch markers with me and I kept messing up the first row of the mosaic.

Here is a scan of the green hat too. The two different sizes look so different. I'm assuming that the blue hat, which is the small size, is supposed to be longer so it can be rolled up. The green/large hat fits my big ole fat head pretty good. hehe

I may get to take pics once in awhile now. My pain in the butt parents bought themselves another digital camera. They wanted to get a photo printer and it only cost another $70 for the camera too. It is a very nice camera. I would so love to snitch it from them. hehehe Mom has said I can borrow the old camera. Man I so want to get a good camera.

Well, time to get a shower and lay down. It is going to be so wonderful to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Turkey Day!!

I hope all of y'all are having yourselves a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Make sure that you give special thanks for your family and friends. Also say a special prayer for our brothers and sisters in arms this holiday season.

I'm off to watch a movie and try to restrain myself from making nasty phone calls. hehehehe

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Oh the agony

Did you know that using a palm sander for 6 hours a day can cause severe pain? My hands and arms are so sore I could scream. I know on the drive home from work people must have thought I was insane. I was driving one handed while flexing my other arm and hand. It sort of looked like I was trying to vogue. hehehe

Well, here is a crappy pic of the hat I made for my brother for Christmas. It's the Make It Mosaic Hat from the Nov 2005 issue of Creative Knitting. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Forest Green Heather and Fisherman. I had it mostly done in 2 days. I was being a moron and didn't follow directions and had to rip out quite a bit. I'm going to do the smaller version in Blue Mist and Fisherman for my bro's girlfriend. I was going to do a burgundy color but Joanne's only had one skein and I needed 2 at least. I'm also going to see if I can figure out how to make a scarf to match.

Well, I'm off to pack up some clothes and lots of yarn. Nick and I are going to go stay the night at my folk's house. They are visiting my great aunt in Michigan and I usually house sit while they are gone. They don't really need a housesitter now that they have moved, but they have cable and a big screen tv. hehehe I'm going to sit my big ole butt on a nice soft recliner and knit away my Thanksgiving. I'm thinking I'll have pizza for dinner tomorrow. We are going to have the big turkey dinner on Sunday.

Happy turkey day y'all.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Well, I finally hooked my piece of shit camera up tonight. I had every intention of uploading the pictures of the shawl and of the kid. You can barely tell there is a shawl or anything else in the pics. I just give up with that damn thing. After Christmas I'll save up and get myself a halfway decent camera. I'm pretty sure the folks will be taking their camera to Michigan with them tomorrow, so it will be at least a week before I can get ahold of it.

I went to get myself a tracphone for emergencies tonight. I'll be doing lots of highway driving back and forth to the new job. I'm a bit nervous about driving in the dark on potentially icy roads when the houses are few and far between. I haven't put a car in the ditch in over 5 years, but I don't want to get stuck in a snow bank with the kid in the truck. I was at the checkout when I realized I didn't have my wallet on me. hehehe I only had $15 in my pocket. I had to pick up my Pepsi and pizza though. Got the kid some chicken nuggets and he actually ate the damn things. It's been months since he has actually eaten em.

Maybe tomorrow I'll scan my latest WIPS. I've got a hat I'm working on for my brother. I have to rip it back some cause boy howdy is it too big. hehe I've got a baby blue scarf in the works for myself too along with the blue and boa scarf. I've got to add on to the green hat that I made for Nick. My mom has decided that it doesn't cover his ears enough. I'm going to add on some garter stitch to the bottom to create more to fold back. I was going to do that before I sewed it up but silly me, I thought it was already big enough. :OP

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I'm back. New power supply and double the memory I had before. I think I still have a fan that needs to be replaced. Still, the pc is running great. I'm too pooped to get pics off my camera tonight. I'll try tomorrow after work. Oh btw, I was no where near the tornados that hit the other day here in Iowa. It was windy here but nothing dangerous. Now we are dealing with snow!!! hehehe Can't wait to play with my new snowblower.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


I'm gonna be scarce for a bit. I guess my dad has flipped his damn lid. I just got an e-mail from my mom that if I don't bring my son's pc (which they bought) over to their house tomorrow the shit is going to hit the fan. In the mood I'm in right now I would throw the damn computer at my dad if he was here right now. The man needs medication. Lots of it. Hell as stupid as he is he would probably overdose on it. *BEG*

Can ya tell that I was already in a shitty mood? Last week my stepmom called and invited me to dinner this weekend. Well I put it off until today to call and tell her no. Actually I kind of blanked on it and kept forgetting to call. I called the house today and guess who picked up the phone. My biological dad. He is as big an asshole as the one my mom is married to now. Just talking to him pissed me off and I told him off and hung up on him. I'm debating on if I'm going to call and try to talk to my stepmom. I don't really like her much either.

I did cast on for the acrylic wonder scarf. I can't knit with the plush and boa at the same time. The boa gets totally hidden. Basically, I'm going to do stripes of the boa every once in awhile. I ordered the last part I need to fix my pc and hopefully I'll have it by Tuesday or Wednesday. Didn't work on the knitting bag at all today. My head hurts to much to think about listening to the sewing machine going. I woke up with a nasty headache and it has yet to go away. At least my back is feeling better finally.

Well, I'm gonna sign off and go to bed. I'm gonna burn all my shit off the computer in the morning and clear it all off here. Nothing incriminating on here. My life is too damn boring for that. :OP I just hate the idea of my dad going through my things. I know he was in my room on Thursday. I wish like hell I had someone around here that could babysit for me regularly so I didn't have to rely on the asshole to get my son on the bus in the morning. I would be just peachy about never seeing either of my so called fathers again. Men are just fucking assholes. The kid is a pain in the ass but he doesn't mean to be. Is just a fact of his gender and his age. hehe All 6 year olds are pains and doubly so when they are boys. :OP He is just lucky I love him or he would be dead by now. J/K Don't no one go calling DHS on me. I don't even spank the brat.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Boy was I scratchin my head earlier. After work, I saw a guy walking that I've seen a few times before. Before he was always sitting, so what I saw was a tad unusual. At first I thought he had shorts on and had his jacket tied around his waist. It is still pretty nice around here and lots of people are still wearing shorts. It took me a good 30 seconds to realize he was wearing a kilt. Other than at weddings or on tv, I've never seen a guy wearing a kilt. This guy was coming out of his workplace. He works in a warehouse. I sure as heck hope he wasn't being too traditional. hehehehe It just struck me as odd to see a man wearing a kilt to work in buttcrack Iowa. Yes, I'm sure it was a kilt and not a skirt. He had all the regalia that goes with a kilt on it. Yes I do know of at least one guy that goes to work in a skirt, but it's because he is not traditional at all. When he went to his work's Christmas party dressed fully as a woman, he really freaked everyone out. hehe He doesn't wear makeup to work or falsies.

I got a bit creative last night. I've got a few pairs of jeans that have too many holes in them to wear or the whole is in a bad spot. I have no clue at all why the area around the left back pocket wears out in my jeans. Anyways, I cut the legs off of one pair and trimmed them a bit and opened them up flat. Then I cut a leg off of another pair and cut two long strips from it and sewed them in between the other legs the long way. I sewed up the bottom and holy crap, I'm halfway to making a knitting bag. hehehe I took another long strip and made a tube out of it and did some decorative stitches on it and it is going to become the strap. This weekend, I'm going to measure what I have and cut out the lining from the sheep fabric that I bought ions ago. I really had fun playing with the sewing machine. It can do all sorts of fancy stitches and I'm sure the more I mess with it, the more I'll discover.

I've also cast on for a cabled scarf. It is using a Celtic cable that I found in a book I just got. I don't think I'll have enough yarn to make a scarf long enough. I think I'll just make it as long as I can and then order enough yarn from KnitPicks to make it the right length. I may just end up letting the messed up part at the beginning bug the shit out of me and rip the whole thing out. hehehe I used the wrong cable cross over so there are purl stitches on the cable instead of the regular knit stitches. I've got another scarf idea in my head. I've got a scarf that I started using Red Heart Plush in Navy. Yeah, I know it is acrylic but it is nice and soft. What I started was in the afghan stitch but lord only knows what size hook I was using or where it may be now. I'm going to rip it out and start over. I did the unthinkable and bought a skein of Bernat Boa in Parrot. hehehehe This is the only skein of novelty yarn I've actually bought. I'm going to use it as an accent with the Plush. They didn't have a darker blue mix, so I got the dark purple mix. This is the yarn snobs nightmare. lol I think it will be kinda cool though.

Well my back is starting to hurt, so I'm gonna go watch a movie in my recliner. I may end up falling asleep though. hehehe I got up at 4:30 this morning. Dumb idea. hehe

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The 80s are alive...

and well in the Midwest. I thought mall hair was a thing of the past. Unfortunately it isn't. Over the last few days I've seen at least 3 women that look like they are stuck in a Whitesnake video. The teasing and highlights are insane. I'm even seeing women wearing bright blue eyeshadow. OMG!!! Talk about yuck. Yesterday while I was out shopping I saw two women that were together and had the exact same haircut. Short and spikey with the exact same highlights. Even some of the clothes I've seen lately have been so 80s. We are talking super tight pants with the black leather belt with silver studs on it.

I'm having trouble with today's fashions too. Why the hell do perfectly normal sized women insist on wearing hip hugger jeans??? They have to be worn so damn tight in order to keep them up that even thin women end up having fat hanging over them. I was standing behind this one chick that had her love handles hanging over her pants, the crack of her ass showing and when she turned around her stomach was hanging over the waistband too. I can't even imagine trying to move while wearing these jeans. The moment you bend over your crack is there for the world to see. God forbid you actually sit down. It would be different if they wore longer shirts but nooooo they wear short shirts that don't hardly come to their belly buttons. About a month ago I saw a woman putting her kid into his car seat and literally 2/3 of her ass was hangin out there for the whole parking lot to see. And let me tell you, this was no small ass either. hehehehe

I went to the doctor this afternoon. I've been having lots of pain in my lower back on the left side. I didn't do anything to cause it to hurt. Hell I don't have very much feeling in that side of my body to begin with. For the last 5 days I've been having sharp pains when I turn to the left. I was worried that my kidney might have been infected. The doc says my back is having spasms. Because of all the meds I'm on he wouldn't even give me anything for it. He told me to take some Tylenol. Ummmmm yeah right. That crap doesn't do anything for me at all. Well if I take like 8 of them they start to help. I'm going to have to stay off the computer as much as possible. I guess I'll get some more knitting done this way. hehe

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


The more fancy clothes I see the more I love my jeans and t-shirts. hehehe I have no clue why someone would want to spend over $150 for an outfit. I think my whole outfit I wore today cost about $60. That includes my shoes and glasses. hehehe

I was working away today when I got a bit of a start. First I see a fireman and a paramedic go by and then I see 3 more paramedics. Next thing I know 3 more came along with a stretcher. I guess one of the ladies in our department was having trouble breathing. This wasn't long before it was time to go, so I don't know if she is alright. I'm hoping it was an asthma attack and not a heart attack. Yeah I know asthma attacks can be nasty and even deadly. My son has asthma that is triggered by allergies. There are times when I think he is going to cough his poor head off his shoulders or his head is going to explode. He turns bright red and starts crying. He has the sort where he can't get the air out of his lungs. It doesn't scare him as much as it used to. He knows that his inhaler will help.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Was back at the department store warehouse handing clothes up. I gotta tell you, there are people out there with too damn much money and they need to send me some. Just in suits alone, I hung up $63,000 worth of clothes. For the price of one of these suits, I would want at least 4 if not 5 suits. I also was hanging up sweaters that ran for over $150. Yeah they were cashmere but damn. I want to find the woman that will buy the 24" waist jeans that ran almost $70 and ram a few cheeseburgers down her throat. I think I might steal her purse too cause she has too much money in the damn thing. hehehe

I went to St. Vinnies after work. Nothing like going from super expensive clothes to super inexpensive ones. hehe I really wanted to buy a few things but I have too many clothes as it is. I was really looking for some baggy shorts to wear around the house. No luck there. I did pick up 12 magazines full of cross stitch and knitting patterns. There were some funky ass books from the way early 70s. One was supposedly unisex sweaters for both guys and girls, but at least 3 of the designs were lace. Ummmmm I don't think so.

I saw some outfits today that would completely give Jon fits. :OP One lady had green and tan striped pants on with a blue and white checked shirt over a blue t-shirt. I think she got dressed in the dark. I also saw some sweaters made out of the ribbon/ladder type yarn. At first I thought they were ponchos and I wanted to puke. They were bright colors and some had either lace or black velvet trim on them. I think I'll stick with my jeans and t-shirts tyvm.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

OK everyone raise your hand

that knew that most power supplies made the last couple years have 24 pins but motherboards made earlier only have 20 pins. I obviously didn't know this. None of the computer shops in town carry the adapters of course. I mean that would be too easy. So once again, I have to put an order in at The damn shipping is almost twice what the adapter costs. I'll have to order a mouse for the kid to make it even halfway worth paying $7 for shipping. grumble

Saturday, November 05, 2005

when it rains it pours

I got a message tonight from my stepmother asking me over for a Thanksgiving dinner at their place next weekend. I haven't spoken to my biological father in about 5 years unless you ount the 2 times he called. A couple years ago he called on Christmas Eve asking me out for a family get together. They ignored me for 18 years and when I finally made contact I really tried to get along with them. I really did. I asked them for a place to stay for a couple months to save for an apartment because I couldn't live where I was any more. I lived with someone that was beating the crap out of me. They told me no. I found out a few years later that they let my half brother's girlfriend move in with them because she was living in a bad situation. He wouldn't do for his blood but he let someone else move in. After that I said fuck it. I'm the oldest of his kids. The next oldest got married about 2 years ago. I wasn't invited. A year ago this same half brother had a baby. Again I read about it in the paper. I really want nothing to do with those 3. If the youngest of the kids wants to get together, that is fine. I adore them but I guess it upset them that I didn't visit my father in the hospital after his motercycle accident. I might have visited if I thought he was dying or something. The youngest is having a baby next spring. It would be nice to have something to do with a niece or nephew. The brother I grew up with doesn't have kids. Doubt he ever will. He and his lady are not the parent types. I have one fucked up family. No wonder I'm a total mess.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Into the Abyss

Well, I don't know how much I'll be posting in the near future. I lost my job at the hardware store. For some reason my supervisor decided that I was too slow and wasn't trying. She never gave me a chance to do anything other than jobs that are detailed and take a long time to do. She was told by other people that the one job was very tedious, but I guess he just didn't want to listen. I guess I also trusted the wrong people to talk to at work too. I only complained to a couple people about how my supervisor wasn't giving me a chance to do any of the big jobs in the reorganization of the store. The store manager brought it up. He wouldn't even listen to any of my explanations.

Anyways, suffice it to say I can feel myself slipping into depression here. It always seems that just when things are looking up and I might get a little ahead, my life blows up in my face. I was forced into leaving the job I held for 9 years one month before paying off my car and finally being able to put money away. Here I finally found a job I kinda liked that had benefits again and it is taken away. I'm just so sick of trying. There always seems to be someone there that decides they don't like me and does their level best to get rid of me. I guess the call from my ex was just life's way of warning me that the shit was about to hit the fan again.

Either tonight or tomorrow I'll get the power supply installed and post the pictures I've got waiting on the camera. I just have to wait until I can spend more than 5 minutes without bawling my head off. I just feel so lost right now and like such a failure. I don't think I'll ever get my life straightened around so my son can have a good upbringing. I'm to the point where I almost want to tell my parents to just raise him so I can just go curl up somewhere and hide. I just don't feel like I'm doing any favors for him by forcing him to put up with me. I'm afraid that I'm going to ruin his life like I've ruined mine.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Man I'm lazy

LOL Ok maybe not so much lazy as freakin tired. I had a bit of trouble sleeping last night cause a guy I broke up with 2 1/2 years ago called up last night and left a message asking me to call him back. Ummmmm not on your damn life. I'm not gonna give him the pleasure of responding. I just have no damn clue why he won't leave me alone. He even thinks I'm married. sigh

I managed to stay away from Hobby Lobby today. I bought all the books that I wanted. hehe I realized this morning that it wasn't really my fault that I was in a car accident on Tuesday. Yeah I started to pull out into the intersection, but I never did pull past the curb. The road on the left has a turning lane onto the road I was on but on the right it goes back to two lanes. I was still technically on the side street. When the guy hit the breaks he swerved towards me. There wasn't any real damage done to either vehicle but it shook me up and I was almost late for work.

Oh well, I'm gonna finish watching Orlando Bloom on tv and head to bed. That boy is just too cute. hehe

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Man I'm tired

Another long day at work down. One more to go. We only work a couple hours on Friday. I ended up going out to Mom's for pizza and to get the kid, so the power supply hasn't been installed yet.

I went back to Hobby Lobby again today. I picked up 2 more books. I'm officially on a book diet. hehehehe

The Knitters Bible
by Claire Crompton

Beautiful Knitting Patterns
by Gisela Klopper

They only cost me $23. Not too bad. I'm done though. I need to finish up some projects and use some yarn before I buy anything else. I've got 10 skeins of Hemp Wool blend coming in the next couple weeks. I've got enough yarn to see me through a few sweaters and shawls. Hell, I don't have room for more yarn right now. I don't have anywhere to put my new books yet. hehe

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tuesday update

Well, the power supply has arrived. Have I put it in yet? No. Suprised? You shouldn't be. hehe I'm just pooped today. That and my dang fingers hurt. I've been ripping down tape and messing with labels at work and my fingers are paying the price. A piece of tape under the fingernail can be just as painful as a damn knife. I'll get the power supply installed tomorrow.

I went shopping at Hobby Lobby today during my lunch break. They are having a 50% off sale on their knitting and crochet books. I picked up 3 books for $24.

Design & Knit the Sweater of Your Dreams
by Melissa Leapman

The Ultimate Book of Knit Socks

I have a bad feeling that I will end up at Hobby Lobby again tomorrow. hehe They have 2 more books that I would really like to have. One is the Knitter's Bible and then a stitch collection. It is just so hard to pass up a 50% off sale.

Oh and btw, I'm not linking to the pictures on the web sites. I stole em and uploaded em to my geocities site. :OP Easier to do than scan the covers cause then I would have to either install the software on this pc or the power supply on my pc. Nah, not happening tonight. I haven't even eaten supper yet. The smell of pizza is makin me drool though. Guess I'm off to slice it up and gobble some down. Later gators.

Monday, October 31, 2005


I'm soooooo sleepy. I'm gonna be a zombie by Christmas time thanks to these long days. The pink bag is done and very very tiny. I just wish I knew a little girl to give it to. The only one I know is like 4 months old. hehe Maybe I'll just use it to keep female essentials in my locker. It isn't quite as bright pink as it started out. Turns out my new jeans still had a bit of extra dye in them. The purse just has kind of a blue tint to it. I'm hoping that my power supply will be here tomorrow. Once I've got it, I'll download the pics off of my camera and show y'all. I don't think I'm quite ready to show y'all my hair. I've kind of outgrown my need to show myself on the net. Long story, don't ask.

Shower time and then sleep.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


I actually finished another project. hehehe The little pink felted bag is now in the washer. I've never felted anything before. Well not intentionally anyway. :OP I ordered a power supply this morning, so hopefully it will be here by Wednesday or so. I'll have pics of the shawl and the bag then.

Friday, October 28, 2005

I look funky

I got my hair cut today. It used to be about 5 inches past my shoulders. It's now chin length. I guess it is kind of a bob haircut. I'm just so sick of either having to wear my hair in a pony tail or using a headband to keep my hair out of my face. Plus having my hair down was getting hot when I'm at work. I've been working my butt off and get overheated easily.

Speaking of working my butt off, I realized something last night. I have been focusing on the fact that I've only lost 10 lbs in the last 2 months since I've been back to work. I never stopped to realize that in the last 10 months or so I've lost a total of 27 lbs. It shocked the shit out of me that I hadn't realized it. I had just gone to bed when I realized it and had to sign back online and tell Ally and Sue. I would have told my mom but I doubt she would appreciate getting a call at 10:40 pm unless Nick or I was dying. hehehe My clothes aren't feeling any looser and that is tickin me off, but I'm thrilled to realize I've lost so much weight. I've still got about 50 lbs to go to make me ok with my weight. My doctor prolly won't be happy until I've lost another 90 though, but he is a butt. hehe

I bet poor Jon is ticked that I'm still not showing pics of what I'm talking about. :OP Well, if Best Buy didn't suck donkey dick, I would be using my own computer right now and uploading a picture of the shawl. I called like 2 weeks ago and asked them if they carried a 300 watt power supply and how much it would be. I was quoted a price and they said they had some. I went over this afternoon and they don't carry anything under 350 watts. I'm going to order one at tonight. I'm too pooped right now to go through the whole ordeal. I should be able to order a 350 watt power supply for less than the 300 watt price that BB quoted and way less than they want for the 350 they have. I'm also going to order Nick an optical mouse for his computer. I can't believe how annoying using an old style mouse is. I've cleaned it over and over but it still jumps like mad.

Anyways, I'm pooped and would love to take a nap but I've got to go pick Nick up from school in a few mins. Told Mom that I would pick him up since I got off of work so early. I think I'm gonna end up taking a snooze on the couch in the family room when we get to the folk's house.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Well Jon, the finished object is the mystery shawl. I posted the link to it like a week ago I think. I'm too tired to go searching for it right now. :OP I took some pics of the kid wearing the shawl tonight. Unfortunately I can't find the software disk for my camera. That means no pictures for y'all until I get my pc fixed. I get my first paycheck from the hardware store on Friday. If it is big enough, I'll get the power supply this weekend. Otherwise, it will be another 2 weeks before my pc will be running.

My dad is totally pissed that I'm using the kid's computer. He doesn't think I keep the house clean enough and that if I have the energy to be on the computer that I should have the energy to clean the house. I'm sorry but it takes way more energy to clean the bathroom than it does to sit on my ass and type. hehehe

I'm not actively knitting on anything right now. I have the pink felted purse sitting on the table at the point of being ready to shape for the handles, but I haven't picked it up in awhile. Today I crocheted on a doily for my mom. I'm going to have to bleach the poor thing as it was in my knitting bag with the shawl. Man oh man alpaca sheds. roflmao

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Il est fait

Pictures? Nope, not yet. I'm tired and it is kinda dark right now. If I'm awake enough tomorrow, I'll take a pic before blocking it. Well to be honest, it won't get blocked tomorrow. I still have to weave in the ends. I used almost 4 1/2 skeins of the alpaca. Not sure what I will do with the remainder.

Sill workin on it

I'm able to get 2 repeats of the edging done during lunch breaks. I've got about 10 inches or so left to go. I'm thinking I'm gonna go work on it in a bit. My feet are killing me and I'm going to soak them which means sitting in the living room. I don't think it would be a good idea to put the foot soaker under my desk. hehe My hands are hurting tonight too but I don't think that knitting is going to cause me too much trouble.

Monday, October 24, 2005

gettin there

Just a couple inches left to go. Working my ass off at work. Who woulda thunk it. lol I would have gotten more done on the shawl during lunch but I went and got my new glasses. I'm really liking them. It is going to take a bit to get used to them though. The lenses are a little bit bigger than my old ones and they fit different. I'm loving not having a frame get in the way. I don't feel like I'm looking at the edge of the frames all the dang time.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

click click

Around the point and moving up the side.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Yarn Sources

Well, All my links and stuff are on my pc which is kind of dead right now. I haven't been able to browse for yarn lately cause I'm too lazy to go searching for it. LOL If any of y'all find a good sale, let me know.

Current List of Yarn Sources

Bartlett Yarns
Beehive Wool
Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill <-- Really nice shawl patterns here. drool
Bo Peep's Woolshop <-- Go Iowa!!!
Busy Hands Yarn <-- Super fast shipping. Great store.
Caryll Designs
CatNip Yarns <-- Great prices on Henry's Attic yarns. Yummy stuff!!
Cedarville Landing Yarns
Charlotte's Web Yarns
Chester Farms
Dream Weaver Yarns
Ewe Knit Kits & Yarn
Ewe Need Yarn <-- Another Iowa store owned by a cool chickie
Glory-ous Knits
Grand River Yarns
Halcyon Yarn
Holly Spring Homespun
Kaleidescope Yarns
Kirtland's Yarn Barn
Knit Happens
Knit Picks
Knitting Today
Knot Another Hat
Little Knits


I just realized that my scanner isn't installed on this pc. My camera software isn't either. This of course means, no picture tonight. I'm too damn tired to go through the trouble of installing either software.

I'm almost halway done with the edging. It is going super fast. The edge is only 12 stitches wide at the widest. That includes the extra stitch I'm using to attach it to the body of the shawl. I'm hoping that with blocking the join will flatten out some. Yes I'm knitting it on but it is still making a little bump. I'll install software tomorrow to show y'all what I mean.

shawlin along

I know I said I hadn't been knitting much, but I have worked on the mystery shawl. Don't faint. Yes that is finally the link for the shawl-a-long. I'm actually done with the main shawl and am adding an edging. The edging I'm using is the Diamond Edging by Oma Englund. It can be found on I think. I couldn't save the actual web page, so I copied the pattern and picture into an e-mail and forgot to add the address. duhhhh Normally I save the actual web page so that I know exactly where a pattern comes from. I'll be heading to Mom's in a bit to do some visiting. I will prolly be working on the shawl so maybe I'll post a picture of my progress when I get home.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I think I'm getting a dang cold. I just don't need this crap right now. Starting on Monday I'm not allowed to miss any work unless either I'm dying or someone in my family is dead already. I'm cold, achy and cranky ass hell. Yeah I'm always cranky but right now I'm a total grump. I'm also feeling like I could start crying at any moment. Even my mom could hear it in my voice on the phone. I just told her I was tired.

No knitting progress to report. I've only been working half days this week so no lunch breaks. Once I get home I just don't feel like doing much. Today all I wanted to do is lay down and take a nap. Man I'm such a whiner. hehe

Think I'll go eat my soup and take a nice hot shower. Maybe that will make me feel better.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

We interrupt

your regular blogging schedule to report that our hardware is experiencing some technical difficulties. Do not panic. A replacement system is being set up until the main system can be repaired. I repeat, do not panic.

Yup, we have system meltdown in froddo land. The fan on my power supply is DOA. Thankfully, my PC wasn't on when it died. I shut down my system before heading to work and when I got home it wouldn't start up. It took me awhile to figure out the problem since my troubleshooting guide is a piece of shit. hehe It is going to take me at least 2 weeks before I can get a replacement. I'll be getting a check from the sub shop on Thursday but I doubt it is going to be very much. It will be 2 weeks before I get a check from the hardware store. I'm not sure if it will be for one week or two though. So, it may be a month before I can get a power supply. whaaaa

I've got Nick's PC in here and I'm trying to install my ISP and messengers. I've temporarily installed AOL so I can download this stuff. It totally sucks for page loading but the download speed it pretty good for programs. I'm so glad my folks gave him this PC cause I don't think I could deal with a month of no computer at all. hehe I'm every so slightly addicted. Big surprise. hehe

Y'all are going to have to wait to see pics of the kid's bald spot. I don't think this hard drive is going to be big enough to install the software for my camera on it. Nick has tons of games on here. Relax, 95% of them are educational programs. They have really helped him with his reading and math. I'm amazed at the words he can read cause I know some of them I didn't teach him.

Cross your fingers that I can find $40 bucks in my budget to fix my hunk of crap PC. :OP

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I'm an idiot

Please, someone take away my clippers before I scar my child for life. hehe I cut the kids hair last night and boy oh boy did I screw up. The blade has a tendency to stick when I first turn it on. Well I loosened the screws and oiled it, tightened the screws again and adjusted it again. I had it purring along, grabbed the kids head and began cutting right in the front of his hair. There was only one little problem. I forgot to put the 1/2 inch guard on the clippers.


As soon as the clippers started cutting his hair I said 'What the fuck?!?'. I was a little too late to save him though. He has a nice square bald spot on the front of his head now. I used the 1/4 inch guard to cut the rest of his hair so the bald spot wouldn't stand out too bad. I'm hoping that in a week or so I'll be able to trim his hair again and the bald spot won't be as noticeable.

I called my mom right after I put Nick in the tub and she was not happy one bit. She is convinced he is going to get a cold now. I tried explaining to her that it is a virus that gives people a cold and not getting your head cold. I told her she was just lucky I didn't decide to shave his whole head. hehehe She said she wouldn't have let him out of the house until it grew out if I did that. hehe I just can't wait for my dad to let into me. He is super protective of my son since his father isn't in the picture. It's only hair though and it will grow back. It isn't like I did it on purpose. I just got ahead of myself. I guess I was a bit more tired than I thought. hehe

I'll take a pic of the kids head when I get home from work and post it. I keep calling him my poor bald baby and kissing the bald spot. grin I think it is starting to annoy him.

On the knitting front, I'm going to take the pink bag to work to work on during lunch. I figure I can get more done on it than the shawl in an hours time. Plus, it is easier to stop in the middle of the row since there are only 4 stitch markers and I'm not using any to keep track on the shawl right now. There are like 20 repeats per row and I don't feel like finding that many markers. :P

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Thanks for all the nice comments y'all left about the whole ex best friend thing. Honestly I don't obsess about her. It's just that when she walks past me like I don't exist it pisses me off. I don't normally bitch about it to anyone because well I don't have many people to bitch about it too. hehe I've got 3 good friends that already know the whole story and I'll just mention in passing that I ran into her or something. I am glad that I ran into her and her sister at my folk's garage sale though. I hadn't seen her nephew since he was maybe 4 or 5 and he was with them. I had always wondered if he looked like his half brothers or if he looked like our side of the family. Thankfully, he is just as cute as his brothers. hehe

The only think I'm upset about is that nobody commented on my damn shawl!! Ya boogers. Jon is always after me for pictures and I post some and I get squat. So, pppppppbbbbbbbllllllttttttttt Well, Sue did say she liked it when we were talking on messenger, but nobody has left me a comment on it. I did manage to get a row done on it during my lunch break today. I spent a half hour of my break at freakin Wal-mart waiting for my meds. I was so ticked. I thought it would take 10 mins tops to get my meds and grab a sandwich and get back to the parking lot. But noooooooo. The twinkie behind the counter was so damn slow it wasn't funny. She even put like 3 big prescription boxes into one of the small bags and tried to give it to the lady in front of me. Took her 5 mins to find a bigger one when the lady complained. There were at least 4 people behind me in line too.

I had a good day at work today. They stuck us up front on the cash registers for a couple hours. I only managed to piss one person. hehe After lunch I learned how to drive a forklift. Oh boy it's going to take awhile to get used to the way it steers. At least it is better than going up 20 feet on the order picker. That scared the crap out of me. It is really wobbly.

Ok, enough yabber. I've got mail to do and I need an update on how my buddy Sheri is doing. Poor thing had stents put in yesterday because she had another heart attack. I just pray she gets the other surgery she needs soon so she will start to feeling better.

Monday, October 10, 2005

A little bitching, a little knitting

Why is it that some people can piss you off just by their mear presence? I ran into someone today that just totally pisses me off every time I see her. I'll give you some background info in as few words as I can muster. It is a long messy story though. During junior high and high school I had a best friend. She and I are cousins ( her dad and my grandpa were half brothers). We stayed best friends until the December after we turned 21. My other best friend was her 17 year old neice. In December, we were in a horrible car accident. I was driving. The neice died and both my best friend and I were each in the hospital for a couple weeks and off work for months. Mare didn't call me for like 6 months and when I tried to call her, her family hung up on me. Well about a year after that she stopped talking to me too. She has never met the kid and I haven't had an actual conversation with her in 5 years now. Every time we cross paths in she acts like I'm not there. Last month the folks had a garage sale and she and her sister showed up. When they saw me they turned around and walked out. It just totally pisses me off that she can ignore the fact that we were best friends for 13 years and shared absolutely everything. I don't remember the actual car accident, but the cops didn't find me at fault. She won't tell anyone what happened that night. I just don't get how people can turn their backs on someone they claimed to care about like a sister.

Ok, bitching over. On to the knitting.

I've got a few pictures for y'all. yeah they totally suck ass. I've got a crappy camera. Sue me. Better yet, buy me a camera. :OP Once I get some bills caught up and paid ahead I'll get a new one. This time, I'll pay more than $50. hehe

Here is an update on the shawl. I'm in the middle of the last chart. The bottom edge you see is actually the top of the shawl. I'm going to see if I can find an edging that I like in my stitch book. Not sure if I want points or curves. The charts just leave the edge striaght.

Here is a closeup. Yeah I know, still blurry as hell.

So here is a scan of the area near the center top. This is closer to the real color.

And here is the minibag that I'm knitting. It will be felted when I get it done. It's made with the Cascade 220 that my SP5 partner sent me.

Here is a scan of the skein so you can see just how bright pink it is.

Well, I hope y'all are happy with the update photos. If I was sure that I would be able to save pictures off of my mom's pc and actually have them show up on my pc, I would take pics with her camera. Much much better quality. I've had very little sucess transfering files and Mom hasn't got a photo editing program. Anyways, I'll have more updates laters. I've got an hour lunch break at work and I intend to work on the shawl to keep myself from spending tons of money at Wal-Mart. It is just way too close and tempting. hehe

Saturday, October 08, 2005

knitting a long

Yup I'm still working on the shawl. Nope I don't have a picture for you. :P Maybe I'll dust off the camera and take a picture in the morning. I was thinking about taking a pic while I was at Mom's house but as luck would have it, the damn thing fell off the needles part way and I had to tink back almost 3 rows to fix it. I was in no mood at all to take a picture of it when all I wanted to do was toss it in the garbage disposal. I'm just about back to where I was at when it threw up on me. I've gotta search around and find my dang point protectors. I know I've got a ton of em but I can only find one.

Yes, I'm one of the most disorganized people you will ever meet. I've got to get my butt organized because fall inspections are being made soon. I just got the notice in the mail today. I know my landlord will have a fit if I don't get my room organized some. I bet she will have a fit that I put a dresser under my window. Tough shit. I can still get out of it and the kid had no trouble climbing into my room from outside. hehe I locked us out of the house the other day and I jimmied my screen open and sent the kid through the window. Yes, my window is now locked. I'm blonde not dumb.

Well, on Monday I'm starting yet another new job. This will be the 4th place I've worked in less than 2 months. Ok, so 2 of the places were through a temp agency. I got offered this new job the same day I started working at the sub shop. I was afraid to jinx it by actually quitting the sub shop. I have to go tell the manager in the morning. I'm sure she will understand cause she knows I have a kid to raise on my own and the new job is full time with better pay. Hell if the HR guy was telling the truth, I could retire from this place someday. I'm going to be helping reorganize a home improvement store and I've been earmarked for a position in the electrical department after that. I have to admit that I never even entertained the idea of being in any sort of sales job. Cross your fingers that I don't just die of fright when I have to actually start selling stuff. hehe I only applied for a cashier position but I guess the HR guy was desperate for help and he liked my answers. I managed to fool the personality tests too. hehe

Actually, I'm fairly honest and pretty trustworthy. Yeah I tell a fib or two, but not about anything major. When I was in 3rd grade I was damn near kicked out of school because they said I was stealing lunches and stuff from the library. That really freaked me out. I was so not stealing. It all started cause I ate a damn Pop-Tart on the way to school cause I woke up late. Mom insisted that I had to eat something. Well I lived close to school and wasn't done eating it when I got to the playground. It kind of scared me emotionally I think. If I even get in a situation where someone might think I'm going to take something I break out in a sweat and freak. I would so not make a good bank robber.

Anyways, I've got tons of e-mail to read and then I want to work on the shawl a bit before I hit the sack. Take care y'all.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Check this out

Turn up your speakers. It's quite funny. hehe

No witty topic

Finally got myself a ball winder. :O) I love your idea of using a lampshade as a swift, Jon. Very cool. Tomorrow I'm going to head to St. Vincent's and look for a lamp. I only have one here at the house and it's shade isn't very big. There is that and it is a glass one. My folks and my aunt bought it for me for Christmas a few years back and I really don't want to damage it. Each glass panel has wolves on them. I'm a big wolf fanatic. I'm turning into a sheep fanatic now too. hehe

I'm cranking away on the mystery shawl. I didn't have to tink back quite as far as I thought I was going to have to. I've got about 4 rows before I'm finished with this chart. Only 2 more to go after that. There was a knot in the skein I added the other day. grrrrr I'm so not liking how it looks where I added in the new end. I'll go back and unweave one of the ends a bit and move it I guess. Maybe I'll get a picture of it when I go to Mom's today. Don't go holding your breath though. hehe

Friday, September 30, 2005


Well no word this week at all from the temp agency. I got about half the job searches done that I need for Promise Jobs. Got hired at a sub shop part time. The manager is a friend of my mom's. Mom has been telling me for the last couple months to apply there. I'm just a chickenshit and I'm not too hip to work with food. I mean come on, I'm trying to loose weight not gain it. :OP

I finally got my SP5 package mailed out. Hi Beth!! Yep it is officially in the mail finally. I'm sooooo sorry. I promise a surprise just as soon as I get working regularly. Cross your fingers that the warehouse calls me again. I hate to be a brat to Rose the sub shop manager but hell I'm not gonna pass up a full time job that is gonna pay about $10 an hour.

Now back to the whole SP5 thing. I got the final package from my partner last week. Yeah I know, I've been off work all week and had plenty of time to post about it. I'm lazy. Deal with it. hehehe Actually, I'm very absent minded. I get busy doing something and forget about stuff super easy. I'll remind myself to do something on the pc but I'll sit down and something will come up and poof. Bye Bye Brain. To probe how big of a bonehead I am, I'm sitting here trying to find the damn card she sent with her info in it. hehe

Ahhhh found it. My secret pal was Amanda from TwoChicksKnit and Knitsnpieces. I've visited her site a few times in the past. She sent me some yummy yarn. But the cutest part was the car and stickers for the kid. :O) He was just tickled to pieces to get something. He loves getting mail. She sent me 3 skeins of Andean Silk from Knit Picks in Bluebell. Talk about some soft yarn. I think I'll make myself a scarf with it. Not sure which pattern I'll use though. She sent some Cascade 220 in hot pink color #7805. I'm going to have to make a felted mini purse to carry. hehe She also sent some cocoanut lotion that smells divine and a Frodo bookmark. It is way too cool. It has a ring on the tassel and a cool pic of Frodo on it. Gee, I wonder how she knew he is my favorite character in LOTR? lol

Ok, now off to tackle my mounds and mounds of e-mail. I've been staying off-line as much as possible just on the off chance that someone would call with a job. If only I had been sitting here on my fat butt reading when the warehouse called the other day. I would have the job already. sniff sniff I was actually doing dishes and didn't get to the phone fast enough and she was already on the phone with someone else when I called her back.

Silly Quiz

You are Merino Wool.
You are Merino Wool.
You are very easygoing and sweet. People like to
keep you close because you are so softhearted.
You love to be comfortable and warm from your
head to your toes.

What kind of yarn are you?
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Monday, September 26, 2005


I don't really want to know why someone did a search for 'Becky gets fucked'. I'm not even sure I really want to know why that someone chose to click on my blog twice. What I want to know is how the hell I ended up on page 2 of the search results. Ummmmm do I swear that damn bad or often???? I didn't make the list because there is any sex going on in this house. That is for damn sure. Maybe I should do a search on how Becky can get ....... hehehehehehehehe Ok, if I was that damn desperate for it, I could find it without all that much difficulty. I've gotten picky though. Gone are the days when I was ok with just picking up a guy and messin around. sigh Havin a kid sure messes up the ole sex life.

I was hoping to post an update shot of the mystery shawl. Not gonna happen. Ya see, I have to tink back like 5 rows. wwwhhhhaaaaaaaaaa I dropped 2 dang stitches and while I was able to pick the one up, I can't get the other one the right way. I was one repeat of the pattern away from finishing clue 4 of 6. Talk about megasuckdom. I feel like making up words and spellings so bit me. oooo Do it again. hehehehe

I forget if I posted that I ordered 10 skeins of a sage green hemp/wool yarn through the yarn coop I joined. I'm thinking I may order a few skeins of the blue to make a sweater for the kid too. We need to have a certain number of skeins ordered to get the best price and the main order won't be sent until we have the minimum met. So, I haven't actually paid for it yet. Does that count as buying yarn?? lol I just ordered and paid for a ball winder from the same coop. $26 bucks didn't seem like too bad of a price. Not sure how much the shipping is going to come to. Sure wish I could order a swift too. I think the small one is only like $40. I just can't bring myself to spend the money right now. Holy crap!! When did I get all responsible? hehe

Ok, time to go pretend to be comatose for a bit. Hmm maybe I should go check my powerball numbers. Who knows, maybe I'm rich now. Yeah whatever. :OP

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I am sooooooo tired

As if I wasn't already super tired for no freakin reason, now I'm tired as hell from being on my feet all dang day. The first day I worked it was for a department store's distribution center. I figure I'll end up back there as soon as the job I'm doing is done. I'm indirectly working for a major fast food chain. No, I'm not flipping burgers. I sooooooo do not want to go back there again. hehe Suffice it to say that I am working for a place that is providing something that the fast food joint needs. It should only be lasting for another week though. I'm waiting on a job doing quality control for a catalog distributor warehouse. The job pays $10 an hour. It is a temp job, but then again, all the jobs there are temp jobs. You could work there a week or 10 years. It all depends on if you can keep up the pace and how good of a job you do. For $10 an hour, I'll give it my best shot. hehe

Can you tell that I read hehehe Lots of words but not a lot of information in that paragraph. I don't want to screw myself out of a job. My rent is determined by my earnings, so as long as I make enough to pay my utilities and stuff, I'm cool. I would love to work here in town though. I don't want to drive to the next town over even though there are a shitload more jobs there. sigh

On the knitting front, I've been working on my shawl as much as I can. I even work on it during breaks at work. I don't always take lunch with me, so I have extra time. I'm about halfway through the 3rd chart of 5. Do I have progress pictures?? No Jon, I don't. :OP One of these days I'll snag Mom's camera and take a picture of my progress.

I've got more I could say, but I'm tired as hell and my hands are getting damn sore from typing. I'll try to update more often. Oh btw. I've got a few more leaflets up on eBay. I sold 10 out of the first bunch. I've got a stack of leaflets waiting to be scanned and listed. Maybe this weekend.

Later y'all

Friday, September 09, 2005


I'm sure I'll be even more quiet than usual for a bit. I went back to work on Tuesday for the first time in 4 years. I've been battling excessive fatigue for the last year but omg I've been so freakin tired the last few days. I'm sore as hell too. I've worked in two different facilities and had to stand the whole time each day. Today I tripped coming back from first break, twisted my ankle and fell down on the stair landing. Of course it was the ankle that I sprained this spring. ooowwwwwwwyyyyyyy It wasn't as bad as when I sprained it but oh does it still hurt. I can't find the other cushion for my splint, so my ankle isn't wrapped or anything. I could have worked this weekend but I think I need the time to recuperate from the fall and just from working. LOL

I've been too tired to crochet or knit much. I did work on the pineapple doily I'm working on for Mom. I had to immediately rip out a round but I've gotten back that round and another one, so I'm ahead. I had an interview right after work yesterday. I know someone that works at the facility and she told my dad I would get hired right away. Yeah, right. They are keeping me in mind for a QC job. It could be a week or a month before I hear anything though. sob I so want this job. It would mean being able to have an actual savings account for the first time in so darn long.

Ok enough whining. I have tons of mail to go through. Cross your fingers for me.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Just for Jon

Yes Jon, I'm finally giving in. Here is a pic of the mystery shawl I've been working on.

I joined a Yahoo group called appropriately MysteryShawlAlong. Most of the members have moved on to the second shawl in another group, but I thought I should start out with the first one. The shawl is a bit more open than it looks in the pic cause well I smushed it on the scanner since my camera is a pos. I'm using Alpaca Ware Superfine Alpaca Yarn in petroleum blue. It is a fingering yarn and very soft. I'm working the shawl on size 8s cause I want it to be nice and open. In the pic you can see the stitch markers that I made up. I'm thinking I might try using monofiliment to string the beads next time. Maybe I made the markers too long but they sometimes get in the way. Then again I'm used to just using a jumpring. lol

Ok, got lots of stuff to do. I have to have my happy ass in bed early tonight. I have to be to work at 6:45am. bleck Don't forget to check on eBay. I've got like 26 crochet and cross stitch books up under the name froddo123. Someone buy my junk!!!! lol Actually most are nice patterns.