Sunday, December 31, 2006

The year is done

And I feel like I haven't done a damn thing I don't think I've finished anything other than a few hats. I've got a couple socks on the needles that are nearly done. At least 3 sweaters are on the needles and only one is even halfway close to being done.

I suppose I did knit the kid a sweater. It sits in my room though. I'm not sure why I haven't given it to him. Not like he can do much damage to it seeing as it is made of ack.

I finally took a really bad scan of the alpaca scarf I'm working on.

I used the main repeat from the Sun Ray Shawl on I started with 5 rows of seed stitch. The next row is 5 stitches of seed stitch, 5 repeats of the sun ray and then 5 more stitches in seed stitch. It's going to be kind of wide and I'm not sure how long I'll make it. Blocked, I think it will end up being about 10 inches wide. I'm at 16 inches long right now. I have quite a bit to go yet.

There has been a lot of talk about Wendy's yarn diet on the various knitting and crochet lists I'm on. While I'm not going to be jumping on the bandwagon per se, I won't be buying much yarn in the near future. That has more to do with my being broke than anything else. :OP Plus, I do have an awful lot of yarn that I could use up. Plus, I just got a gorgeous hank of sock yarn in the mail from Mystical Creations Yarn. I can't find the colorway on their website, but it is called Arrowhead. It's yummy yummy stuff. I think the Eagles Flight socks might just be the ticket for this yarn. We shall see.

I have no plans for tonight. I may have a few drinks. Then again, I may be asleep by 9pm like most nights lately. hehe I really should just sit and knit on something.

I won't be making any new years resolutions. I never keep them, so why make them? I do still need to work on loosing some more weight. Eating breakfast at work every day is NOT helping with this. I can't seem to pass up the scrambled eggs and toast though.

I'm thinking I need to get back on some of my medications too. It's very hard to keep up with the house when you're depressed. Mom thinks I'm depressed cause the house is a mess. Ummmm no. The house is a mess because I'm depressed. heh Sort of like when I argued with the psychologist about my being tired all the time. She insisted I was tired because I was depressed. Wrong, I was depressed cause I was tired all the damn time. Right now I'm depressed cause I hate being broke and I hate this time of year. And there is that nasty lonely part. But, when one is broke, it is hard to go anywhere and be sociable. Not that I've ever been the social butterfly. Attending 10 schools before graduating high school tends to turn one inward. blahhhhhh

I think it's time to go watch Queen of the Damned again. I so love the music from that movie. I think I'm going to have to pick up a copy of the soundtrack. I think in a past life I must have been a vampire. hehe

Anyways, Happy New Year y'all!! Hope you party hearty to make up for us party poopers at home.

Friday, December 22, 2006

No, I'm not dead

Yet... heh

Actually, I'm feeling much better. The cold is finally gone. I just have a slight cough but I think I'll live.

I'm dead ass tired though. Getting up at 4:20 AM just sucks ass. I've been in bed before 9:30 the last couple of days. Hell it's only 8:30 now and I'm ready to go to bed. The kid is at my folk's house since I have to work tomorrow. I do believe I'll be in bed by 9. hehe

The doily for my bro will not be done by Christmas. Oh well, he didn't know about it in the first place. It will get done eventually. This way at least, I'll have time to get the money together to put it in a frame for him.

All the Christmas shopping is done. All that is left is to wrap stuff. I really should wrap up a present for Nick, but well, I'm beat. I'll just wait until he is asleep tomorrow night. Well that is assuming that I will be awake when he is asleep. :OP

Hope y'all have a safe and happy holiday weekend. Eat some sweets for me.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Damn it's cold

It's finally getting cold again here in Iowa. I still don't think we will have any snow by Christmas though.

I had intended to spend yesterday afternoon working on my brother's doily. One small problem. There was a rather loud woofing noise waiting for us when we got to my folk's house. My lil doggie/niece Dakota greeted my son at the door and damn near knocked him on his ass. Dakota is a 6 month old Labradoodle. Just imagine Chewbacka on all fours. She is a damn moose.

Well miss Dakota doesn't visit unless she is with her parents. Seeing as I want the doily to be a surprise, I didn't work on it. To make matters worse, I didn't have another project with me. Thankfully, I had a skein of alpaca with me and some dpns. I downloaded a chart off of and cast on for a scarf. It's actually kind of cute. Pictures? hahahahaha You're funny!

The day actually went fairly well. I finally got to watch Clerks2. Very freakin funny. The kid actually sat and had dinner with the rest of the family. He had spaghetti o's, but at least he was at the table with us. hehe Trust it to my mother to make sure I was grumpy by the time I left though. She got all over my ass about applying for the job at the hospital that I now have through the temp agency. But now that I have it, she is pissed. Last night she kept telling me how hard of a job it was. That I probably wouldn't be able to keep up with it. I was in a traumatic car accident 13 yrs ago. I have loads of nerve damage from it, but I am far from totally disabled. She was acting like I have one foot in the grave.

Cut to this afternoon. Mom immed me a little bit ago asking how work was. What did I do, did I keep up, am I tired. Swear she acted pissed when I said I was fine. It isn't any harder a job than I've had before. The only sucky part was the chill from the steel door I was standing near. lol I was sweating cause I was trying to keep working fast and I was freezing thanks to the door. Such is life.

Anyways, time to go make some dinner. Then I better get my ass in gear on the doily. How the HELL did it get to be a week before Christmas??????

Friday, December 15, 2006


Is it me, or do these guys look totally stoned??? They are so damned ugly that they are cuter than hell. I swear, some day, I'm gonna have a couple of these ugly buggers.


OK, so maybe my life isn't quite as shitty as I thought it was.

After many, many phone calls yesterday, I found a babysitter a block from me. She has 3 boys at my son's school, so hopefully he will actually go outside and play once in awhile now. hehe Nick takes after his homebody momma. My mom isn't real thrilled about my choice of sitter and she has warned me not to tell my dad who will be watching Nick.

What's the hub bub about? She is black. Mom didn't get upset with me but immediately made it clear I better not tell dad cause he would have a fit. I told her that it was his problem not mine. I didn't go into it more because I didn't want to argue with her in front of Nick. Not that he was paying attention to what we were talking about. He was staring at the game that Mom was playing on the computer.

Frankly, I couldn't care less what color my son's sitter is. I've been to her house and it is neat and clean. Much more organized than my house. hehe I've met her 3 boys. They were well dressed and displayed way more manners than my son usually displays. Of course that is the advantage of having more than one child. They have to learn to share not only their belongings but their mother's attention. Nick has never had to share me with anyone.

On to other things. I've been working on the doily. I really need to spend more time on it though and get the hell away from the pc. Is it wrong that I can put SimCity 3000 in the pc and spend 4 hours staring at the screen?? Don't answer that. hehe

I'm already planning projects for next year. Yes, I know I have loads of projects to work on right now, but I didn't say I was casting on for anything new did I??

Berroco has some really cute felted Christmas tree ornaments that were just released. I do have some crocheted angels that normally go on the tree, but I really think I need more. I could really go for the instant gratification of making some mini socks and scarves for the tree. Lord knows I have tons of patterns saved on disk. I really need to finish one of my sweaters before I start a new project.

Well, I'm off to rest for a little before heading to the hospital. I need to get the results of my TB test confirmed and take the paper to the temp agency. I'm really hoping that I won't have to buy a uniform to work at the hospital. I really doubt I'll get out of the laundry room and I really can't afford to buy new clothes right now. sigh

edit: Test was fine and I start on Monday. More good news, I don't have to buy a uniform or anything. Yeahhh!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

More proof

that my life must remain one big steaming pile of shit.

It never fails that when things are starting to look up, someone decides to shit on me.

I got a call the other day that there was an opening for a temp position at a local hospital in the laundry. The hours are 6am until 2. OK, first problem, daycare at school doesn't start until 6:30. So I talk to my mom. She isn't able to watch Nick because she has to be to work early. Dad has to be to work at 6 some mornings.

Mom calls a lady she works with who just so happens to be a friend of my brother. She has two little girls that go to my son's school and she lives like 2 blocks away from it. She was all cool about it and said sure no problem. I was just to let her know when I would be starting so she could meet Nick before hand.

I gave the temp agency the go ahead and the hospital said OK but first a TB test needs to be done. I spent an hour yesterday at the hospital getting the stupid test done. The results will be read sometime after 11am tomorrow. I should pass no problem so I would be able to start work on Monday. I tried calling the babysitter yesterday morning to let her know but her phone isn't working. As of last night she was telling my mom that she would get a hold of me this morning about meeting Nick.

An hour ago, I got a call from her that she can't watch him. She has enough stress dealing with her own kids. (THEN WHY THE FUCK SAY YOU WILL DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE?????) She gave me the number of another lady in town that does before school daycare. With a sinking feeling in my gut, I called the number. She has no openings at all. She gave me the number of a child care referral service. So I call that number. No answer but they give an 800 number to call if it is an emergency. So I call yet another number. No answer but you can leave a message. I'm sure they will be able to tell that I was tearing up and fighting back a full blown crying fit when I left the message.

So pretty much I'm once again screwed. The warehouse I was working at is slowing down and I doubt that the supervisor will call me back cause I called in sick yesterday after telling him I would be all right to work. I woke up with a temp of 103 and I couldn't swallow. I wasn't up to doing anything yesterday. Just going to the hospital kicked my ass.

I would like very much to lay down right now. I'm beat, but I keep breaking down crying and frankly I need something to distract me and not let me think about how my life freakin sucks.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More of me????
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?
Frankly I'm not that surprised. I know of at least 3 other people while my same full name within 20 miles of me. In fact, I share a dentist with 2 of them and work for the same temp agency as another. hehe


Don't ask me how, but it is possible to pass biological viruses through blogs.

For the last couple of days I've been reading the blogs of some really nice knitterly ladies with colds and/or the flu. They are in all parts of the country and in various states of sickness.

And now, damn it, I've got a freakin cold!!!! I am so dang sore and chilled it isn't funny. I don't think it is the flu cause I did get a flu shot last month. Oh God, please tell me it isn't the flu. heh

I'm gettin in bed. I need to be able to go to work tomorrow. sigh

Monday, December 11, 2006

Oh so tired

I damn near fell asleep watching tv at Mom's house tonight. Hell I was having a conversation with my dad and almost fell asleep on him too.

I'll be going to bed very very soon. God, I'm a whimp. hehe

We finally got the tree up last night. I managed not to yell at Nick while we were actually putting it up. I was a screaming lunatic while putting the plastic up on the patio doors though. I thought the distress would continue during the assembly of the tree, but I think I only sniped at him once. He was hold ing up a branch and as I went to grab it he was moving it away frome me.

If it wasn't for Nick, the tree wouldn't have gone up or been decorated. I am anal about putting the tree away in the right order so that all I have to do it work from the top of the box and start putting it together the next time. So basically, Nick just took out a branch and handed it to me and I didn't have to think about where it went.

I usually put strings of beads on the tree but this year I didn't feel like it. There are strings of multi colored lights around the "trunk" of the tree that dance. The tree itself has white lights. I only put the lights and decorations on the front and sides of the tree since it sits in a corner. Yeah I'm lazy. :OP The deocrations are red, cream and gold bulbs with gold glitter on them. Plus some plain red and green bulbs. The of course there are the Avon collector decorations. Most of them are Disney types. The Avon ones all came from my mom when she decided to go with all santa decorations and red bows.

Nick put all of the bulbs on the tree. I moved some up higher where he couldn't reach. But he did the rest of it himself. He put 2 or 3 bulbs per branch in some areas. He used enough bulbs to deocrate the whole tree on just one side. hehehe It looks really pretty though. I've told him a couple times that he did a really good job.

The only bad part about putting up the tree was the question I got at bed time. "Is it Christmas tomorrow?" sigh

It's soon enough dang it. I still have to buy for the rest of the family. I so hate shopping for anything other than yarn. Somehow I don't think yarn will cut it though. hehehe

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Well as luck would have it, the post office is open from 9am until 4:30pm. I had to work today from 9am until 5pm. Guess who didn't get to go to the post office today. I don't work tomorrow, so my one eBay package and the hats for Rabbitch will be mailed out sometime after the kid goes to school.

Got some cool news from Mom today. She is getting cable internet real soon. I shall be bogarting her connection as often as possible. hehehe It will be nice to slap my tags onto a disk and upload them in like 5 minutes instead of over a half hour. Plus, I might actually get all my mail downloaded for once. hehehe

I'm not feeling real great. Think I'll go work on the doily and watch Medium before heading to bed.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Go check out JenLa. I dang near peed my pants laughing.

Monday, December 04, 2006


I'm feelin a little grumpy. We got sent home about 2 hours early today. They are only calling back 10 temps tomorrow. Thankfully, I'm one of the 10.

It did give me the time to head to the dollar tree. I picked up some coloring books, colors and puzzles for the kid. I also got him a couple of those guns that shoot plastic balls. Yes I'm one of those weird parents that likes to play shoot em up games with her kid. hehe

I'm also grumpy cause it doesn't look like anyone is interested in buying my knitting needles. There is someone watching two of them, but no bids. It sucks.

I kept having the idea about getting Nick some books off of Amazon and having them here in time. Well I'm a dumbass. We have a Borders here in town. You can search for books online and have them reserve them for you. Ya see I had been avoiding actually going in to Borders so I wouldn't be tempted to look for knitting magazines or books. hehehe

So last night I did a search and put 4 books on reserve for Nick. This way I can go in after work tomorrow and just go to the counter and get them. Cross your fingers that I can resist the temptation to go all the way in to the store. hehehe

Hopefully the kid will like these books. Maybe I'll even be able to get a discount on them with my Borders Rewards card. hehe

I've been working on my brother's doily again. I've got the second letter about half done. I should be working on it now but I'm a lil tired. I woke up a lil too early this morning. Maybe I'll work on it for a lil while before going to bed.

Well I'm off to search for my box of disks from my mom's old computer and for the address to send these damn hats to Rabbitch.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I'm on eBay

Well ok, not me but my crap stuff. hehe

Take pity on my poor broke ass and buy some of my extra knitting needles.

I haven't gone through my crochet and cross stitch stuff yet.

Anything I make this month on eBay will be going towards buying the kid some books off of Amazon for Christmas.

If you have a kid in your life, you really should buy them books for Christmas. Expand those minds. Don't rot them with video games. (Sorry Snow) hehehehe

Nick loves the Junie B. First Grader books. I think I'll order him a few later. I've got too much of a headache right now to do a proper search for the right ones.