Monday, January 29, 2007

Yeah baby!!

I found the light blue alpaca!!

Now I can actually work on my scarf again.

I also found some baby yarn hiding in a few spots I hadn't looked in in a while. hehe More hats and booties on the way. wheeeee!!


What does an 84 yr old need with 254 million??? Hope he intends to share with his kids.

Wonder if he wants to adopt a daughter? hehehe

Sunday, January 28, 2007


No pictures yet. No, I didn't ask Mom to borrow the camera. Frankly, I think she is mad at me about something or other. I'm not really sure what though.

She just seems annoyed with me whenever I'm around her. When I try to talk to her, she cuts me off. If I make small talk, she tells me she isn't interested. Tonight we were watching Funny Home Videos and I made a comment about a clip. Her response was to tell me that she wasn't watching the show. Hard to do when you are sitting on a couch that faces the tv and you are turned towards the tv itself. shrug

I did see a camera on sale in the KMart ad. Once I get the bills paid, I'll see if I have enough left over to pick it up. I'm sure that as cheap as it is, it won't take great pictures, but anything is better than that pos I have. I won't even bother to try and take pictures with it any more. They just aren't clear enough to bother with.

I did rip out the utilitarian shawl and started over again. I'm almost back to where I was. It's worsted weight acrylic worked up on size 10 needles. I'm sure that if I sat down and worked on it for any length of time that I could finish it quickly. I usually just work on it while sitting at the pc waiting for pages to load. Have I mentioned lately how much dial-up sucks? I did? Oh, ok. But seriously, it does suck. A lot.

Ok, I'm off to read more e-mail. Since I can't download any of it, I have to try and keep the darn volume down a little bit. The new hard drive is formatted, but my brother didn't bring it home this weekend. So, it will be next weekend before I can install it. Oh joy.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

My life is a mess

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I HATE getting up at 4am for work. It is just wearing on me. Every night I fall asleep during the 5:30 news. I'm almost always asleep by 9pm. I swear I feel like I'm 85 yrs old lately.

Ok, work rant is over. Now it is time for the child rant.

He is trying to kill me. He wants my head to explode. I swear it is true.

Last Friday he came home with a huge scrape under his right eye. When he got in the car he refused to let me look at him. He wouldn't tell me what happened cause he said I would laugh at him. Turns out his chair fell off of his desk and hit him in the head and the leg smacked his cheek. By the next morning, he looked like someone beat him up.

Flash ahead to Thursday night. We had only gotten home from my folk's house a half hour before hand. I was tired as hell because it was about 8pm. Nick came running into my room screaming and there was blood in his left eye. Once again, he refused to tell me what happened to him. He said I would be mad and spank him. He was playing with the attachment tubes for the vacume cleaner and smacked himself in the eye. So, he has a black eye and a nice sized scab on his eyelid. He didn't need stitches but he scared the living shit out of me.

No doubt about it, he is my child. He has inherited my total lack of coordination. sigh

To make things even more fun, my step mother found me having lunch at work on Thursday. I haven't spoken to the woman in over a year. I liked it that way. hehe She did manage to give me a bunch of cute pics of my niece and nephew.

This is Bree. Isn't she just the cutest?
Or is Isaiah cuter? hehe I can't tell.
I do know they look more like brother and sister than cousins.

Bree is my brother Nick's daughter and Isaiah is my sister's lil boy. They both just make me grin ear to ear when I see pictures of them.

Speaking of something to make you grin. Or outright laugh. Did you see the new LionBrand newsletter? OMG too funny!!!

Lion coat

Ruffle coat

Mink coat

I feel so darn sorry for this dog. He looks so sad. It's like he is begging for someone to come and save him. hehehe

Ok, I am feeling a little better now. :OP BTW, I finished the green socks. I need to borrow Mom's camera and get some shot of them. I've been working on the red and blue sweater, but after about one row, I'm sound asleep. I just have no energy. I'm also working on a utility shawl to wear around the house. I do believe I'm going to frog it all and start over. I'm not liking the rate of increases. Oh well, we shall see.
Time to go make some dinner. The kid made some popcorn and now I'm starving. hehe

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Christ in heaven!!

I swear every day my child does something to make me wonder if I dropped him on his head one too many times.

He came in here about a half hour ago complaining that his hair was sticking up and it wouldn't lay down flat.

Ummmmmm, Helloooooo??? It's after 10 pm. What the hell are you still doing awake in the first place?

So I did that disgusting mom thing. I licked my hand real good and slapped his hair down. It still didn't lay flat. So being the dip shit weirdo I am, I took a piece of scotch tape and taped it down. After giggling and saying I was just kidding, I took the tape off. I told him that he would be taking a shower in the morning and all would be fine.

Couple minutes later he came back in whining. He had taken another piece of tape with a bit more grip and put it on his hair. When he tried to remove the tape, it wouldn't come right off like the scotch tape did. So I held onto his hair and pulled the tape off.

That's when I noticed what else he did.

He freaking took the scissors to his hair and cut off the part that was sticking up!!!!!

He got a good swat for that one.

He is 7 1/2 yrs old. Why the hell is he so concerned about if his hair is sticking up??? And who the hell is going to be sneaking in his room to see said hair sticking up??? You would think he would be old enough to know better than to just hack off a bunch of hair because it was sticking up. Especially since last year I accidentally gave him a nice bald spot on the front of his head when I forgot to put the comb back on the clippers one time. ooooppss!

I'm just so damned peeved with him. He just got a haircut about 2 weeks ago, but I'm going to have to cut it again tomorrow. And it is too damn cold here to be running around with real short hair. sigh

Friday, January 19, 2007

So tired

Oh so so tired I can barely keep my eyes open and it is not yet 5:30. sigh

For a little bit today, I thought that this job was done. Not so much. I have no clue when this job will be finished and I can get up at a more normal hour.

There is a lady that works in the laundry that I've worked with before. She was the reason that I was asked to leave a former employer. Today she got me so upset I was shaking. I thought my head was going to clean fly off my shoulders. I went to our boss and asked her to please please do something. I figured that since I'm only a temp, I would be told not to come back next week because this lady makes all drama out to be the problem of her victim and not herself. When I left today my boss said she would see me next week. Damn, I thought I would get to sleep in. hehe

Knitting is being done when I can keep my eyes open. Last night I was working on my sweater and fell asleep in front of the tv. I got one round done at least. The green socks are ready to be bound off. I just have to figure out which bind off I want to use. Not sure if I want to do the sewn bind off or maybe the crocheted one.

I'm in no hurry. I have too much on my plate for the weekend ahead to worry about the socks. It would seem that my pc has decided to be a complete pain in my ass yet again. I must have gotten a virus or trojan or something. None of the programs that used to sit in my system tray will show up. I can't get IncrediMail to start or Yahoo messenger. So, I can't download my email and I can't chat on YM with my friends. grrrrr

My bro will be home this weekend. I'm gonna give him the new hard drive and see if he can format it for me. I need to burn off all my saved patterns and psp tubes. Along with all the install files for my games and stuff. Yes I do save the install files for programs I download. Never know if you are gonna have to reinstall them at some point and with my connection is sucks to have to download them again. Hopefully, I'll be able to save all the emails I have sitting in IncrediMail. There are loads of psp tubes in there. Thankfully, I had emptied most of the emails out last week. There were around 2000 and I think it is down to about 200. Can't be sure as I can't freaking open up the program to see.

I have no clue how long it will take me to save off all my crap. I've got SimCity 3000 and The Sims stuff saved on here. Can't lose that stuff. I love those games. hehe

God I need a vacation.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Road Rage!!

OK, it was more like a road hissy fit. But man I woulda loved to smack that bitch upside the head once.

How do you get road rage on a rural highway in freakin Iowa???

I swear with only one other car on the damn road this lady cut in front of me as I was going to pass her. She then slammed on her breaks when I got close to her. As I passed her on the left, she freakin has the balls to flip ME off.

She is the one who cut me off. She is the one that slammed on her breaks trying to make me hit her. And I'm the one getting flipped off????

And she wasn't even getting over into the right lane to get off on the overpass. She passed it right up. I was needing to be in the right lane to get off the highway. I just didn't feel like slamming on my breaks and following a moron.

GAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone pass the beer.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I feel so old

My son is getting way way too grown up.

His class is planning to go to see Charlotte's Web on the 17th. The permission slip, along with the $9 fee, was due today. I had sent a check yesterday along with the slip, but I didn't mention it to Nick. Today I got a note from his teacher. Turns out that Mr. Nick emptied out his piggy bank and took nine one dollar bills to school today. He gave the money to his teacher and said it was for the movie. He never said one word to me about whether his fee had been paid. He just took it upon himself to pay for it himself.

How many 7 yr olds out there think about that sort of thing. He wanted to go to the movie so badly, he decided to pay for it himself. I had a nice long conversation with him tonight. I let him know that I would pay for anything that has to do with school. He doesn't have to worry about any of it. I made him put his money all back in his piggy bank. I also told him that we would see what other movies are playing this weekend and maybe we would go see one. I have no clue what is playing right now. I haven't been to the movies in a couple months.

On a completely different note, I went looking for the light blue alpaca because I'm just about to run out and the scarf is far from finished. I still have no clue where it is at. I have an underbed storage tote full of yarn and thought maybe I had stashed it in there. I was just a tad bit shocked when I opened it up. Y'all, I have some really nice yarn in there. I tell ya, I forgot how much yarn I've bought in the last year. I really need to borrow mom's camera and do a little inventorying. I'm not even sure what all of it is other than to say that it is most likely wool sock yarn for the most part. hehe Maybe I should buy into this stash knitting deal. Or maybe I should get busy and actually knit a little more and stay off the pc so much. That way more yarn would be used up so I could buy even more yarn. hehe

And now, I'm off to bed. I swear I need to win the lottery so that I can stop getting up at 4am. hehe

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Knitting content

Yup, I've actually been knitting. I found a cute little preemie hat pattern yesterday. I probably would have had it done last night, but it isn't easy to knit and type at the same time. hehe

Since I no longer have the excuse of not having time to get to the hospital to drop off baby thing, I figured I might as well make some things up with all the baby yarn I have laying around. The hat is made with Red Heart Baby Soft sport weight yarn. The color is 8001 White Twinkle. In person it has a kind of pink tinge to it. I figure they will use it for a girl. I think I have some blueish baby yarn somewhere.

I'm very close to finishing the first skein of the blue alpaca on the scarf. I would have finished the skein today, but I had to frog about 5 rows. I forgot a decrease and didn't notice the extra stitch for a while. I figure I'll need to use at least one more skein. That will leave me enough for a shawl. No clue which one I'll do. Lord knows I have tons of shawl patterns saved. hehe

I really need to do a rectangular shawl that I can wear around. Something kind of plain in a dk weight yarn. I want something warm but not heavy. I can always crochet on a nice lacy edge on a plain garter stitch rectangle. Not sure what yarn I would use though. I do have some light yellow yarn I got from Goodwill. I'm thinking it might be cotton. I'm not sure really what weight it is.

The whole shawl thing is just contemplation of course. I still have a shawl sitting in a bag with the edge not even half done yet. It is way too bright and lacy for every day wear. Plus there is the matter of the 3 sweaters I'm still trying to work on. hehe I have been working on Alishar. I think I got 5 or 6 rows done today. I'm not sure if I've posted a picture of it yet. I'll have to take a scan of it one of these days.

Anyways, it's about time for me to get to bed. I so hate getting up at 4am. sigh

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Y'all need to go over and visit with JenLa, they are both such hoots. They know how to make a girl feel better about not being able to write clearly. hehe

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I am so not in a good mood

After work, Nick and I stopped over to my folk's house this afternoon. I figured a short visit would hold them over until at least Sunday.

While we were there my mom got a disturbing phone call. My dad's cousin Jimmy died of a massive heart attack today. He was the same age as my dad. I went through a few years of school with Jimmy's oldest daughter. The two families actually spent a lot of time together when I was growing up.

I feel really bad for his kids. Their family is a really close one. My dad isn't taking the news very well. I'm sure he is feeling very mortal right now. sigh

I'm just too tired to deal right now. I will not be sad when this job is over and I can actually sleep past 5am.

Monday, January 01, 2007


In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Getting myself admitted to a mental institution.

Get your resolution here.

Damn it Elizabeth, I spent a good part of the end of 1993 trying to stay out of one of those. lmao I sure could use a vacation though and they get to wear such comfy looking jammies all day.