Monday, October 31, 2005


I'm soooooo sleepy. I'm gonna be a zombie by Christmas time thanks to these long days. The pink bag is done and very very tiny. I just wish I knew a little girl to give it to. The only one I know is like 4 months old. hehe Maybe I'll just use it to keep female essentials in my locker. It isn't quite as bright pink as it started out. Turns out my new jeans still had a bit of extra dye in them. The purse just has kind of a blue tint to it. I'm hoping that my power supply will be here tomorrow. Once I've got it, I'll download the pics off of my camera and show y'all. I don't think I'm quite ready to show y'all my hair. I've kind of outgrown my need to show myself on the net. Long story, don't ask.

Shower time and then sleep.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


I actually finished another project. hehehe The little pink felted bag is now in the washer. I've never felted anything before. Well not intentionally anyway. :OP I ordered a power supply this morning, so hopefully it will be here by Wednesday or so. I'll have pics of the shawl and the bag then.

Friday, October 28, 2005

I look funky

I got my hair cut today. It used to be about 5 inches past my shoulders. It's now chin length. I guess it is kind of a bob haircut. I'm just so sick of either having to wear my hair in a pony tail or using a headband to keep my hair out of my face. Plus having my hair down was getting hot when I'm at work. I've been working my butt off and get overheated easily.

Speaking of working my butt off, I realized something last night. I have been focusing on the fact that I've only lost 10 lbs in the last 2 months since I've been back to work. I never stopped to realize that in the last 10 months or so I've lost a total of 27 lbs. It shocked the shit out of me that I hadn't realized it. I had just gone to bed when I realized it and had to sign back online and tell Ally and Sue. I would have told my mom but I doubt she would appreciate getting a call at 10:40 pm unless Nick or I was dying. hehehe My clothes aren't feeling any looser and that is tickin me off, but I'm thrilled to realize I've lost so much weight. I've still got about 50 lbs to go to make me ok with my weight. My doctor prolly won't be happy until I've lost another 90 though, but he is a butt. hehe

I bet poor Jon is ticked that I'm still not showing pics of what I'm talking about. :OP Well, if Best Buy didn't suck donkey dick, I would be using my own computer right now and uploading a picture of the shawl. I called like 2 weeks ago and asked them if they carried a 300 watt power supply and how much it would be. I was quoted a price and they said they had some. I went over this afternoon and they don't carry anything under 350 watts. I'm going to order one at tonight. I'm too pooped right now to go through the whole ordeal. I should be able to order a 350 watt power supply for less than the 300 watt price that BB quoted and way less than they want for the 350 they have. I'm also going to order Nick an optical mouse for his computer. I can't believe how annoying using an old style mouse is. I've cleaned it over and over but it still jumps like mad.

Anyways, I'm pooped and would love to take a nap but I've got to go pick Nick up from school in a few mins. Told Mom that I would pick him up since I got off of work so early. I think I'm gonna end up taking a snooze on the couch in the family room when we get to the folk's house.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Well Jon, the finished object is the mystery shawl. I posted the link to it like a week ago I think. I'm too tired to go searching for it right now. :OP I took some pics of the kid wearing the shawl tonight. Unfortunately I can't find the software disk for my camera. That means no pictures for y'all until I get my pc fixed. I get my first paycheck from the hardware store on Friday. If it is big enough, I'll get the power supply this weekend. Otherwise, it will be another 2 weeks before my pc will be running.

My dad is totally pissed that I'm using the kid's computer. He doesn't think I keep the house clean enough and that if I have the energy to be on the computer that I should have the energy to clean the house. I'm sorry but it takes way more energy to clean the bathroom than it does to sit on my ass and type. hehehe

I'm not actively knitting on anything right now. I have the pink felted purse sitting on the table at the point of being ready to shape for the handles, but I haven't picked it up in awhile. Today I crocheted on a doily for my mom. I'm going to have to bleach the poor thing as it was in my knitting bag with the shawl. Man oh man alpaca sheds. roflmao

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Il est fait

Pictures? Nope, not yet. I'm tired and it is kinda dark right now. If I'm awake enough tomorrow, I'll take a pic before blocking it. Well to be honest, it won't get blocked tomorrow. I still have to weave in the ends. I used almost 4 1/2 skeins of the alpaca. Not sure what I will do with the remainder.

Sill workin on it

I'm able to get 2 repeats of the edging done during lunch breaks. I've got about 10 inches or so left to go. I'm thinking I'm gonna go work on it in a bit. My feet are killing me and I'm going to soak them which means sitting in the living room. I don't think it would be a good idea to put the foot soaker under my desk. hehe My hands are hurting tonight too but I don't think that knitting is going to cause me too much trouble.

Monday, October 24, 2005

gettin there

Just a couple inches left to go. Working my ass off at work. Who woulda thunk it. lol I would have gotten more done on the shawl during lunch but I went and got my new glasses. I'm really liking them. It is going to take a bit to get used to them though. The lenses are a little bit bigger than my old ones and they fit different. I'm loving not having a frame get in the way. I don't feel like I'm looking at the edge of the frames all the dang time.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

click click

Around the point and moving up the side.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Yarn Sources

Well, All my links and stuff are on my pc which is kind of dead right now. I haven't been able to browse for yarn lately cause I'm too lazy to go searching for it. LOL If any of y'all find a good sale, let me know.

Current List of Yarn Sources

Bartlett Yarns
Beehive Wool
Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill <-- Really nice shawl patterns here. drool
Bo Peep's Woolshop <-- Go Iowa!!!
Busy Hands Yarn <-- Super fast shipping. Great store.
Caryll Designs
CatNip Yarns <-- Great prices on Henry's Attic yarns. Yummy stuff!!
Cedarville Landing Yarns
Charlotte's Web Yarns
Chester Farms
Dream Weaver Yarns
Ewe Knit Kits & Yarn
Ewe Need Yarn <-- Another Iowa store owned by a cool chickie
Glory-ous Knits
Grand River Yarns
Halcyon Yarn
Holly Spring Homespun
Kaleidescope Yarns
Kirtland's Yarn Barn
Knit Happens
Knit Picks
Knitting Today
Knot Another Hat
Little Knits


I just realized that my scanner isn't installed on this pc. My camera software isn't either. This of course means, no picture tonight. I'm too damn tired to go through the trouble of installing either software.

I'm almost halway done with the edging. It is going super fast. The edge is only 12 stitches wide at the widest. That includes the extra stitch I'm using to attach it to the body of the shawl. I'm hoping that with blocking the join will flatten out some. Yes I'm knitting it on but it is still making a little bump. I'll install software tomorrow to show y'all what I mean.

shawlin along

I know I said I hadn't been knitting much, but I have worked on the mystery shawl. Don't faint. Yes that is finally the link for the shawl-a-long. I'm actually done with the main shawl and am adding an edging. The edging I'm using is the Diamond Edging by Oma Englund. It can be found on I think. I couldn't save the actual web page, so I copied the pattern and picture into an e-mail and forgot to add the address. duhhhh Normally I save the actual web page so that I know exactly where a pattern comes from. I'll be heading to Mom's in a bit to do some visiting. I will prolly be working on the shawl so maybe I'll post a picture of my progress when I get home.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I think I'm getting a dang cold. I just don't need this crap right now. Starting on Monday I'm not allowed to miss any work unless either I'm dying or someone in my family is dead already. I'm cold, achy and cranky ass hell. Yeah I'm always cranky but right now I'm a total grump. I'm also feeling like I could start crying at any moment. Even my mom could hear it in my voice on the phone. I just told her I was tired.

No knitting progress to report. I've only been working half days this week so no lunch breaks. Once I get home I just don't feel like doing much. Today all I wanted to do is lay down and take a nap. Man I'm such a whiner. hehe

Think I'll go eat my soup and take a nice hot shower. Maybe that will make me feel better.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

We interrupt

your regular blogging schedule to report that our hardware is experiencing some technical difficulties. Do not panic. A replacement system is being set up until the main system can be repaired. I repeat, do not panic.

Yup, we have system meltdown in froddo land. The fan on my power supply is DOA. Thankfully, my PC wasn't on when it died. I shut down my system before heading to work and when I got home it wouldn't start up. It took me awhile to figure out the problem since my troubleshooting guide is a piece of shit. hehe It is going to take me at least 2 weeks before I can get a replacement. I'll be getting a check from the sub shop on Thursday but I doubt it is going to be very much. It will be 2 weeks before I get a check from the hardware store. I'm not sure if it will be for one week or two though. So, it may be a month before I can get a power supply. whaaaa

I've got Nick's PC in here and I'm trying to install my ISP and messengers. I've temporarily installed AOL so I can download this stuff. It totally sucks for page loading but the download speed it pretty good for programs. I'm so glad my folks gave him this PC cause I don't think I could deal with a month of no computer at all. hehe I'm every so slightly addicted. Big surprise. hehe

Y'all are going to have to wait to see pics of the kid's bald spot. I don't think this hard drive is going to be big enough to install the software for my camera on it. Nick has tons of games on here. Relax, 95% of them are educational programs. They have really helped him with his reading and math. I'm amazed at the words he can read cause I know some of them I didn't teach him.

Cross your fingers that I can find $40 bucks in my budget to fix my hunk of crap PC. :OP

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I'm an idiot

Please, someone take away my clippers before I scar my child for life. hehe I cut the kids hair last night and boy oh boy did I screw up. The blade has a tendency to stick when I first turn it on. Well I loosened the screws and oiled it, tightened the screws again and adjusted it again. I had it purring along, grabbed the kids head and began cutting right in the front of his hair. There was only one little problem. I forgot to put the 1/2 inch guard on the clippers.


As soon as the clippers started cutting his hair I said 'What the fuck?!?'. I was a little too late to save him though. He has a nice square bald spot on the front of his head now. I used the 1/4 inch guard to cut the rest of his hair so the bald spot wouldn't stand out too bad. I'm hoping that in a week or so I'll be able to trim his hair again and the bald spot won't be as noticeable.

I called my mom right after I put Nick in the tub and she was not happy one bit. She is convinced he is going to get a cold now. I tried explaining to her that it is a virus that gives people a cold and not getting your head cold. I told her she was just lucky I didn't decide to shave his whole head. hehehe She said she wouldn't have let him out of the house until it grew out if I did that. hehe I just can't wait for my dad to let into me. He is super protective of my son since his father isn't in the picture. It's only hair though and it will grow back. It isn't like I did it on purpose. I just got ahead of myself. I guess I was a bit more tired than I thought. hehe

I'll take a pic of the kids head when I get home from work and post it. I keep calling him my poor bald baby and kissing the bald spot. grin I think it is starting to annoy him.

On the knitting front, I'm going to take the pink bag to work to work on during lunch. I figure I can get more done on it than the shawl in an hours time. Plus, it is easier to stop in the middle of the row since there are only 4 stitch markers and I'm not using any to keep track on the shawl right now. There are like 20 repeats per row and I don't feel like finding that many markers. :P

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Thanks for all the nice comments y'all left about the whole ex best friend thing. Honestly I don't obsess about her. It's just that when she walks past me like I don't exist it pisses me off. I don't normally bitch about it to anyone because well I don't have many people to bitch about it too. hehe I've got 3 good friends that already know the whole story and I'll just mention in passing that I ran into her or something. I am glad that I ran into her and her sister at my folk's garage sale though. I hadn't seen her nephew since he was maybe 4 or 5 and he was with them. I had always wondered if he looked like his half brothers or if he looked like our side of the family. Thankfully, he is just as cute as his brothers. hehe

The only think I'm upset about is that nobody commented on my damn shawl!! Ya boogers. Jon is always after me for pictures and I post some and I get squat. So, pppppppbbbbbbbllllllttttttttt Well, Sue did say she liked it when we were talking on messenger, but nobody has left me a comment on it. I did manage to get a row done on it during my lunch break today. I spent a half hour of my break at freakin Wal-mart waiting for my meds. I was so ticked. I thought it would take 10 mins tops to get my meds and grab a sandwich and get back to the parking lot. But noooooooo. The twinkie behind the counter was so damn slow it wasn't funny. She even put like 3 big prescription boxes into one of the small bags and tried to give it to the lady in front of me. Took her 5 mins to find a bigger one when the lady complained. There were at least 4 people behind me in line too.

I had a good day at work today. They stuck us up front on the cash registers for a couple hours. I only managed to piss one person. hehe After lunch I learned how to drive a forklift. Oh boy it's going to take awhile to get used to the way it steers. At least it is better than going up 20 feet on the order picker. That scared the crap out of me. It is really wobbly.

Ok, enough yabber. I've got mail to do and I need an update on how my buddy Sheri is doing. Poor thing had stents put in yesterday because she had another heart attack. I just pray she gets the other surgery she needs soon so she will start to feeling better.

Monday, October 10, 2005

A little bitching, a little knitting

Why is it that some people can piss you off just by their mear presence? I ran into someone today that just totally pisses me off every time I see her. I'll give you some background info in as few words as I can muster. It is a long messy story though. During junior high and high school I had a best friend. She and I are cousins ( her dad and my grandpa were half brothers). We stayed best friends until the December after we turned 21. My other best friend was her 17 year old neice. In December, we were in a horrible car accident. I was driving. The neice died and both my best friend and I were each in the hospital for a couple weeks and off work for months. Mare didn't call me for like 6 months and when I tried to call her, her family hung up on me. Well about a year after that she stopped talking to me too. She has never met the kid and I haven't had an actual conversation with her in 5 years now. Every time we cross paths in she acts like I'm not there. Last month the folks had a garage sale and she and her sister showed up. When they saw me they turned around and walked out. It just totally pisses me off that she can ignore the fact that we were best friends for 13 years and shared absolutely everything. I don't remember the actual car accident, but the cops didn't find me at fault. She won't tell anyone what happened that night. I just don't get how people can turn their backs on someone they claimed to care about like a sister.

Ok, bitching over. On to the knitting.

I've got a few pictures for y'all. yeah they totally suck ass. I've got a crappy camera. Sue me. Better yet, buy me a camera. :OP Once I get some bills caught up and paid ahead I'll get a new one. This time, I'll pay more than $50. hehe

Here is an update on the shawl. I'm in the middle of the last chart. The bottom edge you see is actually the top of the shawl. I'm going to see if I can find an edging that I like in my stitch book. Not sure if I want points or curves. The charts just leave the edge striaght.

Here is a closeup. Yeah I know, still blurry as hell.

So here is a scan of the area near the center top. This is closer to the real color.

And here is the minibag that I'm knitting. It will be felted when I get it done. It's made with the Cascade 220 that my SP5 partner sent me.

Here is a scan of the skein so you can see just how bright pink it is.

Well, I hope y'all are happy with the update photos. If I was sure that I would be able to save pictures off of my mom's pc and actually have them show up on my pc, I would take pics with her camera. Much much better quality. I've had very little sucess transfering files and Mom hasn't got a photo editing program. Anyways, I'll have more updates laters. I've got an hour lunch break at work and I intend to work on the shawl to keep myself from spending tons of money at Wal-Mart. It is just way too close and tempting. hehe

Saturday, October 08, 2005

knitting a long

Yup I'm still working on the shawl. Nope I don't have a picture for you. :P Maybe I'll dust off the camera and take a picture in the morning. I was thinking about taking a pic while I was at Mom's house but as luck would have it, the damn thing fell off the needles part way and I had to tink back almost 3 rows to fix it. I was in no mood at all to take a picture of it when all I wanted to do was toss it in the garbage disposal. I'm just about back to where I was at when it threw up on me. I've gotta search around and find my dang point protectors. I know I've got a ton of em but I can only find one.

Yes, I'm one of the most disorganized people you will ever meet. I've got to get my butt organized because fall inspections are being made soon. I just got the notice in the mail today. I know my landlord will have a fit if I don't get my room organized some. I bet she will have a fit that I put a dresser under my window. Tough shit. I can still get out of it and the kid had no trouble climbing into my room from outside. hehe I locked us out of the house the other day and I jimmied my screen open and sent the kid through the window. Yes, my window is now locked. I'm blonde not dumb.

Well, on Monday I'm starting yet another new job. This will be the 4th place I've worked in less than 2 months. Ok, so 2 of the places were through a temp agency. I got offered this new job the same day I started working at the sub shop. I was afraid to jinx it by actually quitting the sub shop. I have to go tell the manager in the morning. I'm sure she will understand cause she knows I have a kid to raise on my own and the new job is full time with better pay. Hell if the HR guy was telling the truth, I could retire from this place someday. I'm going to be helping reorganize a home improvement store and I've been earmarked for a position in the electrical department after that. I have to admit that I never even entertained the idea of being in any sort of sales job. Cross your fingers that I don't just die of fright when I have to actually start selling stuff. hehe I only applied for a cashier position but I guess the HR guy was desperate for help and he liked my answers. I managed to fool the personality tests too. hehe

Actually, I'm fairly honest and pretty trustworthy. Yeah I tell a fib or two, but not about anything major. When I was in 3rd grade I was damn near kicked out of school because they said I was stealing lunches and stuff from the library. That really freaked me out. I was so not stealing. It all started cause I ate a damn Pop-Tart on the way to school cause I woke up late. Mom insisted that I had to eat something. Well I lived close to school and wasn't done eating it when I got to the playground. It kind of scared me emotionally I think. If I even get in a situation where someone might think I'm going to take something I break out in a sweat and freak. I would so not make a good bank robber.

Anyways, I've got tons of e-mail to read and then I want to work on the shawl a bit before I hit the sack. Take care y'all.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Check this out

Turn up your speakers. It's quite funny. hehe

No witty topic

Finally got myself a ball winder. :O) I love your idea of using a lampshade as a swift, Jon. Very cool. Tomorrow I'm going to head to St. Vincent's and look for a lamp. I only have one here at the house and it's shade isn't very big. There is that and it is a glass one. My folks and my aunt bought it for me for Christmas a few years back and I really don't want to damage it. Each glass panel has wolves on them. I'm a big wolf fanatic. I'm turning into a sheep fanatic now too. hehe

I'm cranking away on the mystery shawl. I didn't have to tink back quite as far as I thought I was going to have to. I've got about 4 rows before I'm finished with this chart. Only 2 more to go after that. There was a knot in the skein I added the other day. grrrrr I'm so not liking how it looks where I added in the new end. I'll go back and unweave one of the ends a bit and move it I guess. Maybe I'll get a picture of it when I go to Mom's today. Don't go holding your breath though. hehe