Monday, July 31, 2006

Oh for joy

Mandatory overtime the rest of the week for all the temps. We were told less than an hour before quiting time today. Of course, I'm the only temp that actually stayed over. Yeah, just call me sucker. I already told the bossman that I can't work late Friday or work on Saturday. He seemed ok with that.

Why is it that grown men and women can act like little children when they get together on mailing lists? I don't like what you are saying so I'm leaving!!! Don't tell me that I can't express my opinion. Sheesh!

Work continues on the shrug. I'm working on it during breaks at work. Even one of the guys commented on it and asked what I was knitting.

I cleared most of my block list on Yahoo and low and behold, the guy I split with 3 years ago sent me an offline message on Sunday. Ummmmmm get a freakin life ya jackass!!

Ok time for food and knitting. Christ I need to hire someone to sleep for me. hehehe I'm so freakin tired and I'm sure that most of this post makes zero sense to most people. Oh well.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Snap shot

Proof of the shrugs existence.

More stitch markers.

The finished blue set. The middle bead actually has a lot of gray in it.

The beginnings of a turban made with Esprit yarn from

Thank you Emmie for the cool ass web cam. I just have to get an extension USB cord so I can get it onto the desktop. hehehe

And yes, I messed with the pictures in psp, so most of the junk artifacts in the pictures is from me messing around and getting the file size down enough to upload the pictures. Have I whined lately about how much dial-up just FUCKING SUCKS!?!?!?!?!?!?

I just gotta hang on to this job. I'm working more overtime tomorrow. Oh for joy.... Little brother is definitely getting a check for a wedding present thanks to OT and my inability to crochet faster than a damn snail at this point.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another day

with no knitting pictures. hehe I'm just too damn pooped to hook up the webcam that Emmie sent me and try to get a picture of the shrug.

I do have a picture for ya.


I got some jewelry making pliers and tonight I've been playing. I'm not so good at figuring out how much wire to leave before creating the loop. They are on a size 6 needle. There is another marker that I made first, but it will only fit on a 3. I'm working on another one right now but I can't get that little piece that is left over to fold over or cut off. grrr

Jon asked if I've maybe got tinitus. Why yes I do as luck would have it. I've had it for years. Very very annoying but not much ya can do about it. I always have the tv on for background noise and I sleep with a very loud box fan on so that when the ringing starts it isn't quite as annoying as it is in a quiet space.

The dizzy spells have no relation to the tinitus. This is not a ringing in my ears or that annoying high pitched whine that makes me want to poke my eardrums out. (Not that that would help any. lol) This is a buzzing sort of swoshing sound and feeling right behind my eyes. I don't have to move my head at all in order for it to happen. All I have to do is simply move my dang eyeballs in order for it to happen. It almost feels like someone has put an electrode into my brain and is giving me a shock.

It sort of reminds me of when I was dealing with a neck injury years ago. When I would tilt my head forward I would get an electrical shock feeling at the base of my skull and man was that literally a pain in the neck. The doc said that it was the nerves regenerating themselves. It was almost as annoying as the constant itchy feeling I had on the right side of my neck. I couldn't wear anything with a tight neck on it for over a year. It was like having a bad case of the hives with nothing to show for it and no matter how much I scratched at it, it didn't ease. Major PITA.

hehehe Before hitting publish, I ran spellcheck and I had typed workign instead of working. Blogger suggested I replace it with orgasm. hehe Who the hell wouldn't replace the one with the other??? hehehehehe

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Confession Time

As some of my friends know, I've been battling depression for quite some time now. I've been on medication since 2002. Most of the meds I've taken haven't done a whole hell of a lot of good.

I've also been on a lot of medications for other physical problems. I've suffered from nasty headaches for as long as I can remember. The neurologist put me on some meds that help pain meds work better. Ya see, I have a high resistance to pain meds. Most people can take a couple Advil and experience relief quite fast. Not so much where I'm concerned. Which is why I've had scripts for some pretty powerful pain meds for quite some time. They take the edge off but don't completely ease it.

Off and on I've been on anti-seizure meds to counteract spacisity in my right side. I sustained major nerve damage 12 years ago in a bad car accident. When I'm tired or overheated or even over excited, my right arm and leg can start shaking and bouncing. Quite annoying, but it's been under control for some time and I went off those meds.

Anyways, that is a big of the background on my medical problems. Lately though, my situation has been getting worse. At the beginning of the month, I lost my medical coverage. I've had to go off of all my anti-depressants. That has not been easy. Add to that the fact that I'm PMSing. My temper has gotten even shorter than normal and I'm ready to fall apart crying at the drop of a hat. Any time that a strong emotion pops it's head up, I start crying. I bawled while watching America's Got Talent. Ummmm yeah I'm wacked out.

The other thing that is driving me batty are dizzy spells. They started up a couple months ago. I went to the doc and he said it was calcium deposits in my inner ear or some such shit. He sent me to physical therapy to try and deal with it. Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce one of the attacks for the therapist. He did manage to give me some help with some back problems.

These attacks are very hard to explain. It's not like I feel as though I'm going to faint or even really fall over. Ya know how it feels when your foot falls asleep? Not the pain part, the buzzing feeling. Now imagine that when you turn your eyes or your whole head that you feel a short buzz feeling in the middle of your brain. It's more annoying than painful. But after awhile it does lead to a nasty headache. The buzzing isn't the only annoying part of it. I actually hear a noise when it happens. It's a sort of electrical sound. Like a schzzzuuuuu sound.

The noise and the buzzing lasts for only a fraction of a moment. It may only happen a couple times a day or it can happen several times a minute. It has been getting steadily worse. I can get very disoriented when it is really acting up. This is very frustrating and isn't helping my emotional state at all.

So basically, I'm a mess. I'm stressed out about the whole insurance deal, not working regularly and trying to get the damn shrug knit in time for my bro's wedding. Physically, I'm falling apart now that I'm off of all my meds. I used to take a pharmacy worth of meds each day.

I'm just wrung out and tired as all hell. This is partly why I haven't been posting much lately. I just don't feel like I've got much interesting to say most of the time. If only I had some writing talent. I could share the wacked out surreal dreams I've been having the last few weeks. They are very vivid and very strange.

Anyways, Mom has given me the number and address for a free clinic in town. Unfortunately, as a temp, I can't take time off for anything or risk being let go. I just am going to have to wait and see if I can get the time to run into town from where I'm working. It's at least a 45 min drive cause I work a couple towns away. So, we shall see.

Well, I'm pooped. I'm going to finish reading the news and get my butt to bed. I worked overtime today loading a semi and boy did that kick my ass. lol

Time is short

I can't believe that I only have like 2 weeks before my bro gets married.

Is that making me work faster at the shrug and the doily. Ummmm not really. hehe

It's hard to concentrate on the projects when I'm this freakin tired. The job isn't a hard one but I'm still pooped as all hell when I get home. I worked 2 hours extra today. I'm going to work all the OT that I can cause I can use the money. I'm thinking that the happy couple is going to be getting a check and the doily will be a Christmas present.

Cause y'all I really really really don't want to have to buy a new outfit to wear to the wedding. That is just more money spent of shit that ain't gonna be used again. I'm a jeans and tshirt type of gal and I just don't get dressed up often enough to warrant buying a new outfit. I would rather just give the money to Joe and call it even.

So, I'll be working my ass off on the shrug and getting some money together for the wedding.

And now I'm off to take a shower. Even though I've cleaned up twice since being home, I feel like I only took off the top layer of grime.


Monday, July 24, 2006

Frustration and Tears

I thought I was doing such a great job on the I Do shrug. I actually did one repeat too much and had to rip back a little bit.

So then I started seaming the two sleeves together. I was amazed that it was hard to see where the seam was. I was doing it from the reverse side because I find knit stitches easier to kirtchner than purl stitches.

About 3/4 of the way across, I realized there was a problem. It would seem that I increased an extra pattern repeat on the first sleeve.

So guess who gets to make a very painful visit to the frog pond after work tonight.

I was sooo tempted to just toss the whole damn thing into the trash last night. The wedding is in 3 weeks. whaaaaaaa

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Woke up with heartburn, so I decided to read some blogs.

Thanks to Elizabeth, I learned I'm a damn nerd.

I am nerdier than 70% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Great, just great.

Yes, I built my pc and I can tear it down and rebuild it in about half an hour if the need arises. Yes, I can build a website with only notepad and a browser for previewing. (Isn't that the way it is supposed to be done? lol) But, no I don't remember how to program in C++. Although if I get out my programming book, I probably could build a simple program in a day or two.

Shit, I'm a nerd. hehehe

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Finally good news

I got hired on to a temp job. After 500 hours, they have to hire me on. It's more money than I've been making and once I get hired full time there is insurance.

I've got to go out in a few mins and fill out paperwork and take a pee test.

Should I tell her that all she has to do is make me real mad and I'll pee anyway? hehehe

I start work tomorrow, so cross your fingers that this job works out.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I can't remember the last time I was as angry as I've been today.

I made Nick a plate of pancakes and came into my room to knit on a turban and watch some TV. I decided that I really needed to get my butt moving on a doily for my brother and his lady for their wedding.

As I walked into the kitchen area to get the pattern pages I had printed off yesterday, I saw what I thought was soda spilled on the floor.

I yelled at the kid to get his butt out there and clean it up.

Then I noticed that it wasn't soda but pancake syrup all over the dining area floor and into the kitchen.

He emptied about 1/4 of a bottle of syrup onto the floor. So I really started letting loose. I asked him what in the blue blazes gave him the idea that it was a good idea to pour syrup on the damn floor. I grabbed a wet towel and told him to get his butt working on cleaning it up.

Then I went to clean my feet off in the bathroom.

There I found the toilet stopped up with tons of toilet paper. The sink had toilet paper in it too.

In the process of unclogging the sink, the bathroom got half flooded.

I was so mad that I literally pissed my pants when I started yelling.

I guess there was a real reason being saying you are pissed when you are really mad. heheee

Never before in my life have I been that damn angry. Ok, so I did have to pee already when I started yelling. But damn, to actually pee your pants from yelling.

Part of the problem may have been the fact that I had a kidney stone that was buggin the hell out of me the last two days. That sort of messes with a persons ability to go and or hold it. Thankfully, the sob seems to have passed.

Wonder if it ended up on the bathroom floor. roflmao

It took me quite awhile to get all the water in the bathroom cleaned up and then all the syrup on the tiles.

I don't think the kid is going to be watching any TV for at least a week.

If it wasn't my mom's birthday today, he wouldn't be leaving his damn bedroom the whole week either.

Well I guess I should get my pissypants self over to my mom's house. She is going out to dinner with her best friend and then out to listen to her brother's band play.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Lazy Friday

I didn't work today. Nobody seems to want me. sniff sniff


That's ok. I'm one tired ass chicky.

Call me old, but getting up at 2 and 3 in the morning to go to work just kills me.

Right now I'm super tired cause I'm stuffed. I made tuna and noodles for supper tonight. It's been ages since I've made it. I added some cheese to try and entice Nick into eating it. No such luck. The cheese made it so heavy and I feel like I'm going to explode.

My brain hasn't been working too well lately thanks to the lack of sleep.

Someone wrote to me at my MSN e-mail asking about SchussPlus DK wool. Frankly, I thought it was a spam mail or that it was sent to the wrong person. I didn't think my MSN addy was mentioned on here at all. I couldn't even remember having any SchussPlus DK wool.

I checked out my stats and found the page that the person found the SchussPlus on. Turns out it was something I got off of eBay. To answer the person's questions: Yes, the yarn is next to skin soft. Looking at the yarn, it look heavier than dk weight. Then again, I've gotten used to using laceweight and thread lately. hehehe

Someday I'll get around to making a sweater out of the yarn. Maybe I'll swatch for one of the Delta Burke patterns I've got. Lord knows I want to make them all.

Go check out trek casts on. She just posted some cute toddler socks. I so wish I had a little one to make them for.

Also take a look at the new free patterns on The Daily Knitter. Lots of neat goodies on there.

Monday, July 10, 2006

broke again

Sometimes it just sucks to be so freakin poor. I swear I need to find me a real job where I have set hours and a set freakin wage.

Working temp jobs just doesn't cut it any more. Well, I suppose if I hadn't of gotten a flat tire Thursday night I would be ok. That was $124 though could have been spent a little better.

I was less than 2 miles from home Thursday when I got the shit scared out of me. Thankfully, I'm not as bad of a driver as my dad likes to make out. I kept the car on the road and managed to pull onto the shoulder without destroying the rim. This time. I've totally trashed a very expensive rim before.

In a surprise show that there are nice people out there, 3 people stopped to help with the flat tire. The first was a nice lady offering her cell phone. I had already called Dad to come and help with the jack, so I said thanks and sent her on her way. Less than a minute later, 2 guys in a truck stopped and changed the tire for me. They didn't seem to care that I had someone on his way to help me.

Before you call me a whimp, I did manage to get the spare out of the trunk and I loosened the lug nuts. I had just never used the piece of crap jack that came with my car before. It didn't work the way I had expected it to.

I ended up replacing the 2 front tires. The guys that changed the flat said the rear tires should be ok for awhile yet. Dad had wanted me to replace all the tires but I just don't have the money for it.

Frankly, I had to borrow $25 from my mom. If I hadn't, I would have had to pay a $22 overdraft fee. I dunno why they charge you for bouncing a check. Obviously you don't have the money to begin with or you wouldn't have bounced in the first place. Right?? hehe

I can't wait for the kid to go back to school. Paying for a babysitter 5 days a week just freaking sucks. I pay about half my paycheck to the babysitter. And she is cheap for around here too.

Oh well. I need some sleep. Maybe I'll get some knitting done tomorrow.