Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Still alive

I'm just too damn tired to do much of anything lately.

I've discovered that I can't do fair isle work in bits and pieces. I need to be able to sit and knit for longer periods if I want it to look halfway decent. All the work that I did on my breaks at work is bunched up. I did quite a few rows tonight at Mom's. I'm actually one row away from finishing the second repeat and starting the bottom of the bag. The work I did tonight is actually fairly smooth when you take into count that the foreground color is a lighter weight yarn than the background. I think that when I start work on Nick's fair isle sweater, it will be smoother. All of the yarn is of the same brand and I don't intend to work on it at work.

I've got to work on a few baby things real soon though. My lil sister is having a baby in like 2 months and I just found out one of my brothers is having a baby this fall. Oh, I also kind of forgot that another of my brothers is getting married in September. Or is it August? hehe I still don't know what to make for the wedding. I kind of wanted to make them a chenille throw. But I gave them a blanket for Christmas. I suppose I could make them a cross stitch sampler. I haven't done any cross stitch in years though. sigh

Thursday, February 23, 2006


I've been too damn tired to do much knitting lately. I've been working on the fair isle bag during breaks at work. I'm about 3/4 of the way through the second repeat of the chart. Once that part is done, I'll be doing the bottom in red only. The strap will also bein in red only. Frankly, I'm running low on the pink. hehe

I had to rip out and restart the 2nd mystery shawl. Links? Ummmmm maybe tomorrow. hehe Somehow I lost 2 stitches when I switched charts. I think I was just too dang tired to mess with it.

I've got 5 skeins of light blue alpaca/wool fingering weight yarn coming for the 3rd mystery shawl. Who knows when I will actually start that one. Not until the 2nd one is done for sure. I've also got 18 or so skeins of different colors of the same yarn on it's way for a sweater for me. It will be combined with the heathered grey I've already got. It will be a light sweater, but I think the stranding will help make it more substantial.


Time for supper and some sleep. I'll ask Mom about borrowing the camera when I take the kid over tomorrow. He is sleeping over again cause I'll be working on Saturday. Oh joy...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

What a weekend

Working on a Saturday just makes life suck. Having to call your mommy at 6:30am on a Saturday and ask for a ride to work is even worse. hehe It was so damn cold here that my steering column froze. I couldn't get the steering wheel in the right spot so I couldn't even try to start the truck. It was too cold for the remote start to get it going either. Mom was a trooper and gave me a ride home too. She gave it a try after work and it popped right off, so no big repair bill this time.

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on the shawl. I showed it to Mom yesterday and her first comment was "Now there is something you could get some money from." She is always trying to get me to sell my crafts. She doesn't realize that most people devalue crocheted items and knitting takes me too damn long to be profitable. I swear I'll ask to borrow the camera soon to get a better shot of the shawl. I just so hate to ask Mom for stuff cause she already helps me out so much.

The Ella shawl that I started the other night is no more. I just did not like the way it was looking. I was using some fingering weight Mystical Creations Yarn in wool and size 10 circs. Maybe if I had used an 8 I might have liked it better. I just couldn't deal with the huge holes in the pattern. So instead, I started the Mystery Shawl 2 with the MCY and size 8s. I'm really liking it. I've only got about 20 rows done, so no pics yet. The green shawl was the first Mystery Shawl and was worked from the neck out. This one is from the point up. I also paid for membership in the Mystery Shawl3 group. That one is a square shawl. There are pics up at Bo Peep's website. Too tired to look for the link right now. :OP Kinda sucks that you have to pay for a membership, but it was only $3.

Anyways, I'm pooped and am gonna end up with keyboard marks on my face if I don't hit the sheets. Btw, what the hell was up with Tony today??? Don't know who Tony is? Then you probably don't want to or would laugh at me if you did. hehehe

Friday, February 17, 2006


Why do guys think their exs want to hear from them at 1am? And don't you think after 2 1/2 years, said ex, should freakin move on with his life?????

He is finally feeling sorry for screwing around on me and then jerking me around. He pestered the shit out of me for 6 months after I told him to take a flying leap. Now he wants to make amends. Nah, don't think so.

I don't know how you could make up for screwing around on your fiancee on her birthday and then after trying to work things out leaving her for the other woman ( I use that term losely). He then for the next 6 months would call me at 2 or 3 am every week or so drunk on his ass whining about how the new chick was crazy and he was sorry. It slowed down but I was still getting calls after a year had gone by. And now this.

The kicker was when he called me sweetheart. I couldn't help but snort with laughter. Told him goodbye and don't call again. But of course he called 2 more times. I didn't answer. The only reason I answered in the first place is because I was still asleep and didn't look at the caller ID.

I have two words for my ex. GO AWAY!!!

In other news, I ripped out a scarf I was making and have now started Ella. Yeah, I know I have other projects planned or half finished. But after looking at my blocked shawl and feeling it's softness, I couldn't help but start a new shawl. hehe I've got a few other projects sitting around that are just going to be ripped out. Not because there is something wrong with it, but I start making things up as I go along and then get bored with the project. It's hard to pick it back up later and recapture the inspiration. Hell half the time I can't figure out where the pattern stitch came from to begin with. hehe

Ok, time to go shovel my way out from the shitload of snow that fell here yesterday.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


That would be me to alpaca yarn. hehe I just ordered 5 skeins of sky blue alpaca yarn just like the stuff I made my shawl with. I've got 5 skeins of a heathered grey, but I want to make a light colored shawl first. Plus, the grey may end up being part of a sweater. hehe I also bid on a lot of 17 skeins of different colors. Heck, this may end up being my fair isle sweater. 20+ skeins of alpaca at 50g each when 5 skeins is approx 900 yards should be plenty for even my fat ass. heh

I unpinned my shawl last night and tried it on. It is huge!!! The point falls well below my butt and the ends are past my fingertips. To hell with it, I'm gonna measure it. It's 46" from the neck to the point and 86" along the long edge. WOW!!! I chickened out on asking Mom for the camera last night. I'm going to show her the shawl tomorrow and I'm gonna ask to borrow the camera so I can show some friends.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Holy Crap!!!! Two posts in one night again.
(don't get used to it :OP)

So there is the blocked shawl. Did I finish cleaning first? Hell no!!

Blocking this baby was a pain in the ass. I still think the left side looks bigger than the right. Tough shit. When I got to the far side man was it weird. There was a huge curve and I had to tug like hell in order to get the edges straight. I may venture to ask Mom to borrow her "crappy" camera which is 100 times better than my pos camera. Maybe then it will actually look like the right color. The shawl is actually a dark teal green. AlpacaWare calls it Petrolium Blue though. Ok so looking at the skein I have left it is more blue than green, but it still has a green tint to it. I used about 4 skeins of fingering weight superfine alpaca that weigh in at 50 grams each.

I've got 5 skeins of a dark heather grey in the same yarn somewhere in my stash. I have no damn clue where I hid it. hehe Eventually, I'll get some jewel tone alpaca and make myself a twin set maybe something in fair isle. hmmmm Damn I like that idea. hehe

Time to go feed my face. I forgot to eat dinner. The kid didn't want anything until about 5 mins ago. He was supposed to be asleep 45 mins ago. groan

Thank you

Thanks for the nice comments on my scarf. I used 3 skeins of KnitPicks Andean Silk in Bluebell. My secret pal sent them to me last year. I was a bit worried that it wouldn't be enough yardage to make a scarf, but I think it is long enough.

I would definitely use this yarn again. hmmmm Maybe Mom and Kelly will each get hat and scarf sets for Christmas this year. hehe I just have to remember that Kelly has a small melon. I think Mom does too cause she has put Nick's hats on and didn't stretch them out too horribly.

Once I get the housework done tonight, I'm going to block my poor shawl. It is from the Mystery Shawl 1 group on yahoo. I've worn it a few times around the house when it was real cold out. I just haven't gotten around to blocking it. First the living room was too messy and then the tree was right where I plan on blocking stuff. hehe Well, the house is as clean as it has ever been. I just have to straighten up my room and finish the wash. HUD inspections are on Wednesday. AAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Hope they don't notice that one of the lightfixtures is missing it's globe. Damn thing scared the shit out of me when it fell and shattered a foot behind me.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

scarf blocking

I've got the cable scarf blocking right now. It didn't turn out as wide as I thought it might. It is about 7 1/2". I think I added about an inch in length. I used a ton of needles. Hopefully the edge will not be wavy from stretching. The color in the pics isn't very accurate. It is a cornflower blue.

I really like this celtic knot pattern. It might be interesting to add it to a sweater sometime. Sometime way way in the future. hehe I've got way too many WIMS already.

Work continues on the fair isle bag. I measured it today and it is about 24" in circumference. I'm nearing the end of the first repeat of the chart. I guess I'm going to have to do more than one repeat so the bag isn't too squat. hehe

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Well I did it

I ordered the Lana Grossa Lino.

Lana Grossa Lino Yarn

• Light weight yarn is great for any project.
• Soft, 70% cotton/30% flax yarn blend.
• 1.75 oz/50 gr/136 yd ball.
• Machine wash and dry. Imported.
• Crochet gauge in single crochet, size E-4 hook/Knit gauge in stockinette stitch, size 3 needles: 23 stitches and 10 rows = 4".

Suggested Retail Price:
Sale Price:
61% Savings

The colors that I ordered are:

Grey (#0002)
3 skeins

Ecru (#0016)
3 skeins

Green Khaki (#0018)
3 skeins

Tan (#0004)
3 skeins

Storm Grey (#0019)
3 skeins

Brown (#0006)
3 skeins

Yellow (#0008)
3 skeins

I'm thinking that the colors will go well together. The yellow will be an accent color. I didn't want to start out with anything too bright and jarring. My son can be very picky. Although, he says he loves his new sweater even though I think it looks like crap. hehe

So, what do y'all think? Price? Colors? Number of skeins? Nick is 6 and only weighs a lil over 50lbs. He is tall and thin.


for all your nice comments about my fair isle bag.

Jon asked if I was stranding or weaving. I guess I'm stranding. I did start out trying to weave when there were more than 5 skipped stitches. I gave that up when I realized there were never more than 6 skipped stitches. Plus, I'm sure I'll be lining the bag.

I'm really having fun with this bag. I'm using it as practice for doing a sweater for Nick and then for me. I've found some Lana Grossa Lino yarn on clearance in 7 colors. I'm like one step from ordering a bunch to make a sweater for Nick. I'm hoping the flax content will counter act the fact that it is cotton and keep it from stretching like hell. hehe Also I am pretty sure it is fingering or sport weight.

If I can't find a sweater pattern that I like, I'll do a bunch of messing around with colors in PSP with some fair isle patterns I have saved. When I find a combo I like, I'll do some swatching and use the sweater program to make a pattern.

I'll be doing the red sweater first though. I will have to figure out what weight it is before I can chose the pattern. But the yarn is in the closet and I got shit to finish before I dig it out. hehe I need to go through stuff and find all my wips and determine what is gonna get shitcanned and what I'm going to finish. I've got a bad case of startitis and not enough finish power.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Well Said!!

Her Blog: The 8 Track Knitting Diva

I just read this entry and all I can say is: Bravo!!


I finally finished my Celtic Knot scarf. Pictures? Ummm no. hehe

Tomorrow after work, I'll block the scarf on the living room floor. I'll see if I can get a half decent picture of it. Unblocked it is about 64" long and about 6" wide. I doubt it will get any longer but I'm thinking it will get much wider.

I really want to finish up some of my UFOs before casting on anything new. I have narrowed down my search for a another sweater for Nick. It's down to a gansey and a fisherman sweater. I really want to do womething with a lot of texture to it. I'm going to use the red wool I got off of eBay last summer. I forget what weight it is though. I'm trying to keep myself from digging it out and swatching with it until I get a few more things done. hehe Who knows, maybe I'll finish my green sweater. snort I'm sure I'll start on my wool/hemp sweater way before I finish the green thing. hehe

Monday, February 06, 2006

no real topic

Nothin real interesting happening. I'm too damn tired to do too much of anything. I didn't touch Nick's sweater today other than to take it out of the bag cause it was in the way. hehe I forget if I posted that I finished the neck and button bands or not. I just have some ends to weave in and buttons to put on. I haven't bought any buttons yet though. I still have to count the buttonholes to figure out how many I need. hehehe

I did knit on the fair isle bag that I'm practicing on. I've got half of the first repeat done. I may just do 1 1/2 repeats. Who knows. Here is a pic of my progress.

The color is a lil off. I had to tweak them a bit but I did a crappy job. hehe It is actually bright red and a pale pink. I'm working the bag on 16" size 2 circs.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Well, I got Nick's sweater all seamed up. The result? Total crap. The sleeves are poofier that all hell. And no, I can't really do anything to fix it. Cause I'm a dipshit and I already weaved in all the ends. I'm in the middle of picking up stitches for the neck and front edge. Maybe once I wash the damn thing it will look a little better. Doubt it though. Oh well.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

whoa boy

I'm back to work finally!!!

And boy is it kicking my ass. hehe I have to get up at 5am cause the job is way the heck on the other side of the next town. So far I'm ok with the job. There is lots of opportunity for overtime. Unfortunately I don't get to spend the extra money on yarn. hehehe I so need a new car. The truck uses way too much gas and the heater died. Thank God it hasn't been too horribly cold. No freakin clue what I'm going to do when we get some snow or ice.