Thursday, September 24, 2009


Bet y'all thought I had died huh? Nope, just hibernating. I won't try to make excuses for my lack of posting. Guess my job has just been kicking my ass. I've barely knit a thing in the last year. I'm working on finishing a silly blanket for myself. I started it months ago to use as a summer throw. Yeah that worked well. heh

So, what have I been up to? I've been firmly sucked into Ravelry. I have to admit I haven't been as verbose on there lately though. For a while there I was on Twitter a lot playing 140mafia. I've pretty much stopped playing that game. It got kind of boring when I had a couple people constantly keeping me dead just for shits and giggles. I check my Twitter feeds every few days but not obsessively.

I've also been sucked into DeviantART. Oh how I love that place. I haven't been posting there though or doing any art. I had to build a new pc and I still don't have all my things within easy reach to do any art. Not that my art is very good to begin with.

My biggest time suck is Facebook lately. There are a few games on there that I really like to play. I've met a few interesting people through the games. I shall not be linking my FB to the blog though. Made the error of allowing my mom to friend me. heh She does not get to see the blog. :P

My folks just recently gifted us with a dish after being without for about 7 years or so. Unfortunately, I can't watch it in my room which is where my pc is. Which is why I'm back to knitting. lol I can not sit and watch tv without doing something else.

I'm still dealing with my health issues. It seems like I've always got a cold lately. I'm continuously injuring myself at work. Nothing super major but I've got lots of new scars on my arms and legs. It's just enough to keep me sore and not up to doing much of anything.

The kid is still trying to drive me crazy. We have been dealing with some outbursts at school the last two weeks. I'm not sure if it has to do with his recent stomach troubles or not. He just started on some meds to try and fix the tummy troubles. Hopefully his mood will improve too. He did finally learn how to ride his bike this summer. Of course now his bike is a bit too small for him. heh He will probably be inheriting his papa's bike next summer.

Well, my lovelies, I'm going to go and watch some GhostHunters and knit on my blankie. I swears I'll be back again soon. Nothing really to show you pictures of yet, but maybe soon.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Welcome to the complaint blog


I complain way too much. It's much easier to find things that annoy me though. Like the freaking error message that just popped up AGAIN!! My isp software is somehow corrupted. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it more times than I can count. I've even uninstalled some other programs that I have installed in the last couple weeks.

Basically the photo compression software keeps shutting down. I can not surf the web unless it is running. The isp software will not let me do anything unless the compression software is running. So ever two minutes or so, when it is acting up, I have to disconnect from the internet and reconnect. Then I have to quickly advance pages before the damn error code pops up again.

It's driving me up the wall!!!!

So, I'll be scarce for a bit. Yeah, I know I disappear all the time, but this time I'm giving y'all warning. :P As soon as I can get all my files moved off onto one of my other hard drives, I'm going to reformat. I swear this time I will NOT install every damn game in the world that looks halfway interesting. hehe

If reformatting doesn't work, I'm going to have to switch my isp. this is a bit freaky for me because I've used this one for a long time. It does mean that I'll be looking into getting wireless high speed internet. It is going to cost more than twice as much as i"m paying now. But it will hopefully be light years faster. But seeing as I connect at 28.2k, how could it not be? lol But it's going to be at least a week or two before I can switch over and only if they don't charge me an arm and a leg for hardware. If that happens, I'll have to go back to msn or aol. barf Cross yer fingers for me.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I'm finally over my cold!!! Yeah me!!

But I've had a backache for a week and a half. I finally went to see a doctor yesterday. She says it is a strained muscle and gave me lots of wonderful drugs to take. mmmmmmmmm drugs I go back to see her next Monday if I'm not back to 100%. The drugs are helping but I'm still sore as hell.

I broke down and bought a Wii yesterday along with the newest Raving Rabbids game. I justified it as a weight loss tool for me and a reward to hold over the kid's head. So long as he behaves at school he gets an hour of play before homework. Then when homework is done and helping around the house he gets to play again. Might be a good way to get him to eat too. heh And anything that gets my butt up and moving is a good thing. I'm having fun boxing and playing tennis. The Raving Rabbids game has some dancing and music games and they really get you moving. I'll be taking it slow because the doc told me that she has been seeing a lot of people playing on the Wii and coming in with back problems. heh

dohh it posted on me before I was done!!

I've been working on some art stuff over on deviantART. I'm almost done with my portrait of Alan Rickman. I just have to figure out how to do his hair. Most of the brushes I've downloaded won't work in my versions of PSP and Photoshop. sigh Anyways, I'll be uploading a progress picture in a few mins.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ok, so I've been real sick the last 2 weeks. I was really starting to think I had pneumonia for a minute. But I'm feeling better. I even actually knit today. *faints* hehe I've spent the last 2 weeks sleeping as much as possible and surfing on DA, so I don't have much of anything to say. So, I'll distract you with cute kitties.

more animals

more animals

more animals

more animals

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Not a kitty!!!
funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

I have lots more but I don't want to overwhelmed ya. Or run out of material. lol Btw, I've uploaded some new stuff on deviantart if you want to check it out.

Laters! *waves*

Monday, January 26, 2009


Been meaning to post these for awhile. Enjoy :)

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more puppies

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more puppies

see more puppies

see more puppies

see more puppies

see more puppies

see more puppies

funny dog pictures with captions
see more puppies

see more puppies

Ok, that is enough for right now. I lost count on how many that is. hehe

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yarn Knitting by ~IllusionEvenstar on deviantART

ehehehehe Finally combining my two loves. hehe Now if only Snape was in there too. He would probably be lurking in the shadows with a pair of scissors. lmao

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm an artist!!

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Yeah ok, I suck. But here are my latest drawings I added to deviantArt.

Harry Potter sketch by *Froddopsycho on deviantART

sketch by *Froddopsycho on deviantART

colored sketch by *Froddopsycho on deviantART

I do not claim to be any good at this. But I guess it takes lots and lots of practice to get good at it. I have a long, long, long way to go.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I swear to Bob I had something to post earlier. It was really funny. But I lost it. heh I think the cold has ruined my brain. It's not supposed to get over 0 degrees again until after Friday. Yeahhh!!! 0_o

Little did I know that the kid had an in-service day today. I got up on time only to see that school was cancelled. Then the notification came that it was the in-service day that was cancelled due to the extreme cold. So not even the teachers could make it to school.

So let's see. Monday they got out 2 hours early due to snow. Tuesday they had a 2 hour delay due to the same snow. No school Wednesday due to a cancelled in-service day. Oh and tomorrow there is a 2 hour delay due to extreme cold. Final decision on if they have school will be announce at 6am. *grrr* The child is drivin me nuts with all this togetherness. He comes in here every 5 minutes or so and hugs me for no reason. He won't do anything with me, but he will come in and interrupt me. *sigh*

Today I've been playing over at I made a bunch of avatars to use over on Ravelry. I think I might upload one here for my avatar cause my hair so does not look like my picture any more. I colored it yesterday and it is actually sort of strawberry blonde even though I was aiming for dark ash blonde. lol All those years trying for red hair and I get it the one time I wasn't trying for it. hehe

I've also been scouring around on deviantArt. I've got lots of Harry Potter art and other stuff in my favorites there. I tell ya, I love that place. You can find art of just about any subject you might find interesting. You do have to join in order to see the naughty stuff though. Otherwise it just shows the dA logo in it's place. I'm thinking about buying a subscription too. It will make browsing so much easier and it isn't all that horribly expensive.

Still no real knitting going on here. I have been playing with my grey thread and some size 4 needles. It may end up developing into a shawl but it will take forever and a damn day to knit it because when I say thread, I mean thread. It's easy, easy to break this stuff. I think it was meant for weaving. I got it real cheap off of ebay a long time ago.

Ok, I'm gonna go watch me some Alan in Quigley Down Under. mmmmm Alan!!!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

crap! a new year??

I swear life is just whizzing right by. This last year went by way too fast. I don't feel like I got much done last year at all.

This year has started off a bit bumpy. I've been a bit under the weather. I was completely accident prone this weekend at work. Nearly got creamed by a very large, very heavy pipe that thankfully missed me. I dropped another very heavy pipe on my left foot. It was stiff for a day but isn't even bruised. My right foot, however, is very sore. wtf? I didn't do anything to it but I can barely walk. Oh and my boss nearly dropped some pipe on me yesterday. heh I gave her tons of shit for that one.

I really wanted to work on getting the house cleaned up today but that is gonna be hard with my foot acting up. I should be working on trying to get the driveway cleared of ice but again I can't walk hardly. I did spread some more salt and it is really sunny out so hopefully the ice will break up. I think I'm just going to let myself be lazy today. Not that that is all that unusual for me on a Monday. Or any day for that matter. :P I actually kind of need a nap. No chicken and fries so early in the day anymore.

I've got a couple fanfictions going. I really need to work on the Draco story as it is about 1/3 of the way finished. The Stacia story is kind of stalled because I haven't worked on it in almost 2 months thanks to the computer being an ass. I actually have it working again fairly well. I can run all my hard drives and my dvd drives are working. Ok so I haven't tried to burn a dvd yet but my pc can actually see it now. I need to make up a list of all the works-in-progress that I'm reading. I prefer the ones on as you can get email notifications when they are updated. I can't find anything like that on adultfanfiction. I so need to get organized. heh

I'm really having a blast over on I've been browsing at work and saving favorites to go back later and check out the rest of the artists work. The site loads a bit slow for me because of my connection. At work I'm like a kid in a candy store though. :) If you are a fan of Alan Rickman, like I am, you should check out Jacksl and Cyntilla. They both have some great images of him in their galleries. Most of the art in my collections is Harry Potter or Alan Rickman related. I'm a bit obsessed. heh

Ok, I'm gonna go get some pain pills and get a little nap. I'll try and get some work done laters.