Saturday, March 31, 2007

Man I suck

I'm horrible at coming up with snappy titles for my posts. lol I guess I'm only entertaining in person. And you are just going to take my word on that one. hehe

I did a little shopping last week. I finally managed to pick up some sock yarn from Perchance to Knit on Etsy. Susie has a great sense of color and I've been drooling over her yarn for months.

I tried to take a close up of the card and the lovely stitch marker attached with it, but the picture was washed out. It's called City Shadows and is superwash merino sock yarn. I'm not sure if I'll make some socks with it or a scarf with some beautiful dark glass beads. Not sure yet.

Next up are 2 skeins of sock yarn from Knitivity.

They are both 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon. Top skein is Milk & Honey and bottom one is Leather Sofa. Tasty stuff at a very reasonable price.

I did a little bit of work on a couple scarves today. Nothing worth taking pictures of. The next 2 weeks will be spent getting ready for a garage sale. Fun! Fun! NOT!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Wow! Pictures!!

hehe I took the camera outside cause I wanted to get some pictures of my latest WIP.

That pic is with the flash on. The color is a little light but I think the detail is pretty good.

This one is without the flash. The color is a little more true. To me, it looks like the color of well worn jeans. This is the latest mystery shawl from formerly Bo Peep's Wool Shop. It is going to be a triangular shetland. I'm liking how this one is looking. The pile of merino that pretends to be the 2nd mystery shawl is still sitting in it's bag waiting to be frogged.

I've been a bit distracted the last couple days though.

Man has it been just gorgeous here in Iowa. I do believe I'm going to be leaving the kitchen window open open tonight. :)

Dad had me distracted yesterday too.

He gave me this stupid frog painted plain green and a couple cans of spray paint. I painted it the way that he wanted. I think it is ugly as sin. I'm going to take a black sharpie and give it some irises before I take it over tomorrow. It was kind of tacky when I got it home, so I let it sit until yesterday. It is still a little tacky. In more ways that one. LOL

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Finally feeling a little better here. For a few days there I just felt like hell. And I've been busy.

I went ahead and bought myself a domain name and got some hosting.


Tags By Frod!

I've been making tags for several years now and I already had several web sites all cobbled together. It was impossible to put all of my tags in the same place because I've just got too many. lol But now that is no longer a problem.

I've still got lots more tags to add to the site. There are already 3 more pages of tags uploaded and I just need to adjust some html before revealing them.

I have been doing a little bit of knitting and I've been going back through my stash. Y'all I can NOT believe how many UFOs I have hidden away in my closet and under my bed. LOL There was one scarf that I found that I had no clue what the pattern was. I could picture the site it came off of, but I had no clue the name of it and no clue where my copy of the pattern went to. Thanks to Knitting Pattern Central I was able to find the pattern again.

Recognize it?

How bout now?

Yup it's the Irish Hiking scarf. Unfortunately, I decided to make the scarf from Jack Frost Wintuk. Umm yeah, acrylic. Old acrylic. And it is on flexible plastic needles. Can we say ick? lmao I'm going to dig into the needle stash and see if I can't find a set of metal needles. Nick can have the scarf for next winter. Lord knows any scarf of his is going to have to be washed numerous times. Maybe I'll make it again in wool later. But not until I finish some other UFOs.

I know of one UFO that is probably going to end up being ripped out completely. Off and on I've been working on one of the old mystery shawls that Renee put out. Well day before yesterday I realized that I just hate the way it is looking. You can see it here and here. The thing is just too small. I've added repeats to it but it wasn't enough. And I really don't like the way the color changes go in different directions. Maybe some day, I'll make it using a nearly solid sport weight yarn. Maybe then it will be a bit bigger and the way the color changes are won't bother me so much. The part that makes this hard is that I'm almost done with the edge on the first side. So, it's like a whisker from being done. But, I just don't like it. :O(

I'm going to let it sit for a while longer. I can't bring myself to rip it out just yet. But I also can't bring myself to finish it. sigh

Ok, I'm off to work on the tag site for a bit.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


It's 4:30 in the morning. I haven't slept at all.

No matter which way I laid, I couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep. Not that I was in pain. I just couldn't shut down. Nothing major on my mind. I just couldn't shut it off.

Finally at 4, I got up because I had to go to the bathroom yet again. And now, I'm throwing up. Unfortunately, there isn't anything in my stomach to throw up. Just flem and blood. Not good.

Now I'm sitting here with a horrible stomach ache. And I've got to work today. It's not worry about the job that has me upset or anything. It's a job I've done before and I enjoy the people I work with at it. All I know is that if my stomach doesn't settle down soon I'm not going to be able to go in. I'm not going to be dry heaving all over the place at some poor unsuspecting person's house all day. But, I really could use the money. The longer I'm sitting here, the less likely going to work feels. Usually when I go ahead and throw up, my stomach settles down almost immediately. I'm thinking this isn't the IBS acting up though.

I do not need this right now.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

She Knits!!

Yes, I do. :OP

First up is the bright green scarf.

OK, so it isn't really as bright as I thought it was going to turn out to be.

I'm really liking it though. I'm so glad I didn't go with adding in the yellow/orange/pink sock yarn too. I'm using a pattern that was giving away a few weeks ago. It's not available any more or I would link to it. It's really just a simple feather and fan though I do believe. I know I have the same stitch pattern in reference books.

The yarn is just so soft and squishy. I love it. I'm not sure what I'll do with the yellow yarn. Another scarf even though it is going to be getting warmer? Socks? lol That is what the yarn was meant for, but well I'm slow with socks. Ok, so I'm slow with all knitting. :OP

I've been working on enlarging Nick's nap blanket.

It's done in tunisian crochet with huge wooden hooks called MoEZ hooks. They are just awesome. I've had a couple for a few years now.

Believe it or not, the "white" in the main body of the blanket used to be the same color as the white on the border. lol It spent a whole year at school and it never got washed. Not sure why they never sent their blankies home for washing. I've washed it a few times since then, but it won't become white again. Oh well, he still loves it.

Didn't do much of anything today. I took a nap, but it wasn't a restful one. I have these weird terror dreams sometimes. Years ago I was attacked while I was asleep. So now, I have dreams about someone attacking me and I can't move or say anything. Well, I know why I have the paralysis thing going on. When you dream, your body is supposed to not move around and all. I know some people do, but as far as I know, I don't. Today I had one of the dreams and it lasted for quite a while. I couldn't move or scream. All I could do was kind of groan and try to force myself to wake up. It took me awhile to realize that I was dreaming. It does not make for a restful nap.

Nothing else interesting to report. I work tomorrow at the clinic. Hopefully it will go by real fast. I do really enjoy the job, but when it gets slow it can be very very boring.

Anyways, I'm off to bed.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sigh :O)

Man it was nice here today.

It was in the high 50s to low 60s all day. I had all the windows and doors open. It was so nice to have the breeze blowing through the house. I live out in the boonies on top of a slight rise. It is always windy here. We have very few trees around to block the wind and the buildings are fairly far apart.

For most of the day, I had to fight to stay awake. I always get so damn tired when I get lots of fresh air. Right now I'm bout to pass out. lol I managed to get some cleaning done here on the blog and at the house. I've still got lots more to do around the house but it looks like I'm off tomorrow, so I've got plenty of time.

I spent quite a bit of time today downloading file recovery programs. I accidentally deleted a bunch of stuff off the new flash drive yesterday morning. This is stuff I wouldn't be likely to be able to download again. Lots of old crochet patterns I got off of Pando. I've got to say, that most of the recovery programs I downloaded just sucked 10 kinds of ass. The free to try programs only let you recover files below maybe 100k without buying the program. Ummmmm yeah ok whatever. Most of the free ones I found didn't find the damn files at all. I knew they were still there cause of the free to try programs. I just wasn't in the mood to pay at least $30 for these programs. The one I finally used came from a dang online game web site of all things. I didn't really take a close look at the web site, but most of what I saw was games. Not programs. Weird if ya ask me.

But anyways, I was able to save all my files and from now on, I will not be deleting any files off of the flash drive until they have all been copied to my hard drive. I swear I was just trying to delete one little folder and ended up deleting the main folder with everything in it. I was in the middle of getting ready for work too. So, I had no real time to try and fiddle with it. I had checked at Mom's to see if the files were still on her pc, but she ran a cleanup program that emptied the trash bin. I was not in a very good mood for the last day, I tell ya.

But, all is well on the pc front. Well mostly anyways. I've got a wonderful solitaire program on my other hard drive that I'm just addicted to. It's called Solitaires4Free, or something like that. It's by Tepui. Well I no longer have the install file for it and it would seem that they no longer offer the free version. So, I'm on the look out for a free solitaire program that has lots of different types and has pretty good graphics. I don't care if it has music. I usually don't have my sound on anyway.

Anyways, I'm gonna go put some lotion on my poor fingers. Long story made short: Do not try to turn over a hot crumb cake with bare hands. No blisters but it hurts and my frozen burrito cold pack is gettin warm. hehe

I'm outta here. I need me some zzzzzz Hope y'all like my new digs.


Ok, let's give this one a try.

Not real sure if I like all the pics up top. Might just go with the one.

We shall see.

Not sure who the artist is. I just really like it and messed with it a bit in PSP.

I'm also still wanting a 3rd column maybe. Maybe not.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


I hate XML!

Maybe it's because I've had a headache for the last 2 days, but I can't make head nor tails of XML. And with the way my head feels, I just don't have the patience to fudge with it.

So, I'm killing all the XML crap on here even though I really like the way the archive is with the new template. I'm just not gonna keep messin with it.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Under Construckshion

OK, I'm going to be playing with the template for awhile. No guarantees that it will be presentable any time soon. The kid is sick and I'm pooped. The new job isn't hard but my gosh when it gets slow boy does it get boring.

Go back to my last post and give me some ideas. Pwwwweeeeaaaassssssseeeeee

Thursday, March 08, 2007


So, I'm looking for a place to host a web site. Not the blog. Not enough people read the blog to justify spending any money on it. lol I make tags for a group of guys and gals. I've got them spread out between 2 different free sites, and I've still got another 5 sites worth of tags that need to be uploaded. Plus, I do the whole poetry thing and I like to save it online.

I'm looking for something I can pay monthly. I don't want to spend a mint on it either. I need lots of room to store the tags. I make roughly 130 tags each time and they add up to about 5mb of space needed. Bandwidth isn't much of an issue as I don't make tags all that often. Well at least not right now. I go in spurts.

I would like a host that gives you some cool toys to play with. I really like web site design. I mean sheesh, I do almost have a degree in it and all. If it wasn't for that damn marketing class, I would have my degree. Not that I would probably put it to much use. lol

Anyways, I have a few of the free Geocities sites. Are the pay sites worth it? I've also got a couple free Bravenet sites. That is where the tags are at now. Should I just upgrade and pay it every 3 months? I'm not ready to drop the full amount for a year at one time.

So, where are the good web hosting sites?

On an only slightly related note, I'm thinking of switching up the blog design again. I'll save off the current template first so I don't loose my links and such. I just really miss the 3 column layout I used to have. I just got tired of the posts knocking the right column down to the bottom of the blog. I'm thinking about maybe doing something with frames. I've got to admit though that I used to absolutely hate frames. Well I still kind of do. Maybe I'll do some funky stuff with css instead. But then again, I hear that css doesn't always play real well with IE7. Which frankly, I think is a POS. Mom installed it and promptly switched back to IE6.

And now, I'm gonna go get some rest. The new job isn't real hard, but it makes for a long day. Plus, the kid is sick. He is spending the night at my folk's house so that my dad can watch him tomorrow. Cross your fingers that he behaves and my mom doesn't have to kill him.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I am a ditz

I finished off the hat and booties for my cousin's baby last night. I tried to put the ribbon in them like my mom wanted. It just didn't work. The ribbon was just to wide. I would show them to you, but ya see, I didn't take any pictures. Cause, well, I'm a ditz. hehe

Mom and I had a nice time at the shower. We both won candles playing bingo. Sara made out big time. She is not going to have to buy the baby any clothes for at least the first year. hehe Everyone loved the hat and booties. Turns out one of my other cousins just taught herself how to knit, so I got to talk yarn with someone. Mom forbade me to knit during the baby shower though. She is mean that way. hehe

I'm about half a skein away from finishing the blue alpaca scarf. Well, I've got about half of the second skein left anyway. I'm not liking the length so far. I may have to start a 3rd one. I really just like long scarves. Right now, this is my main knitting. I really want to get some of my UFOs finished. I have way too many projects going right now.

I'm also working on the blue and white striped sweater for Nick. I ripped out the original and I've got about 3 inches of sleeve done so far. This is after ripping the same amount out once. My gauge was way off and it was skin tight. Not good. So far, the new sleeve is working much better. I'm really liking the yarn, Bernat Softee Baby. I don't care that it is 100% acrylic. This is some soft soft yarn. If the gauge wasn't so small, I would make myself a sweater out of it too.

I start the patient aid job tomorrow. Cross your fingers that it is just boring and not anything too difficult. Also cross your fingers that there is school tomorrow. lol The had half a day on Wednesday and then the rest of the week off because of the weather. Talk about cabin fever here folks. It is supposed to be nice this next week though.

Well, it's time to hit the sack. I got up way too damn early today. I just couldn't sleep for nothing last night. Hopefully, I'll be comatose 5 minutes after my head hits the pillow.