Saturday, October 27, 2012

So yeah

I know it's been forever and a day since I've posted to this blog. I'm sure most of the blame can be put on Ravelry. It's just so easy to post the little things over there and not mess with the blog. I've been thinking about starting back up over there though.

So, lots of things have been happening around here. Some more recent than others but life is a bit different.

Red never did get her supervisor position back from SG. There was lots of tension between those two for a long time. And then suddenly, SG decided to switch shifts. Not two weeks later, we get informed that the weekend shift is no more. The few remaining people on our shift all went to the day shift. So now I work four 10 hour shifts on Monday thru Thursday. I really don't enjoy getting up before 3:30 AM but I am home by 4 PM. And I still have a 3 day weekend, if I'm not working overtime that is. SG is working 2nd shift and has pretty much cut himself off from the people that had been on the weekend shift. Red and I are the only ones that are left after 3 months on days. And oh jeez has her attitude gone way down hill. She is convinced that everyone is out to get her. She is super jealous that I get along with the new supervisor and she doesn't. She is constantly shooting herself in the foot. After a few rough spots at the very beginning, I'm getting along fine with the people on days. I'm mostly used to the new schedule but there are days when I really miss having 4 days off.

Homewise, we are still living in the crappy little duplex. I still haven't gotten a new bed. But, I'm like inches away from paying off my car and my other outstanding bills. I swear on all that is holy, that I WILL get a new bed in the spring. I really have no choice because it's getting harder and harder to get a good night's sleep on the old one. lol Mostly my health has really improved. I get occasional sinus infections but my IBS has been behaving 90% of the time. And the hive attacks have gotten very infrequent. The only big problem I have right now is a torn tendon in my left foot. Even though it's the foot that I can barely feel, it sure as hell hurts most of the time. I've got a brace that I wear out of the house and I've been babying it at home as much as possible. I've got to do some major cleaning up in the next few days though, so it's going to be pretty sore. We are FINALLY getting cable internet next Friday!!!! I can NOT wait. I have no clue why the city council finally gave in and let the cable company move into town. It's been a long 13 year wait. lol Oh and as far as the major cleaning, that is only because I'm trying to stay off my foot as much as possible. I've actually been keeping the house mostly clean for quite a while now. I would say that 90% of the time I'm ok with letting someone in the house now. I just need to get caught back up on the dishes and clean up around my computer before they come install everything next week.

Nick is doing really well. There have been some med changes and bumps along the way. We have found a good med combination though and he has nearly straight As this semester. He is in therapy to try and help him deal with some of his roadblocks. I'm hoping that it will finally get him to a place where he can try and expand his diet. I swear I don't know how he grows at all on how little he eats. I'm only about an inch taller than he is now but he is still a skinny lil shit. He is still doing karate two nights a week. It can be a bit of a trial to get him out the door for class, but once he is there, he really has fun.He still doesn't have many friends but he doesn't seem to mind much. He would rather play with his video games and mess with Legos than go out and play.

So, yeah, things here are mostly good. The whole schedule change is really the only big change. I'm still mostly hiding out in the house being a hermit and the kid is still being a pita boy. lol

I'm going to try and post some of the more interesting things that have been going on around here. There have been some work stories and ghost stories lately. I just haven't quite made it here to post about them. Maybe I will soon.

The weirdness in my brain

I swear my brain comes up with the weirdest stories. I get bored easily, so I make up long involved stories in my head while I do the mundane things during the day. The latest story has taken a very weird turn.

It started out as your basic romance story. Young man (D) and woman (L) meet up and kind of circle each other but never quite get together. Finally he talks her into working with him on a project. So for like 3 years or so they work closely on this project which includes traveling a lot with a small group of people. One guy in the group harasses her to the point that she and D end up having to share a bed to keep the creeper away from her. They never once move into a romantic relationship at all. After a bit, they get back to their home base town and D tells L that he has lost his apartment and has nowhere to live. L only has a very tiny apartment but invites him to live with her and they share the bed for a whole year with nothing happening. Finally, L ends up buying a larger condo where D can have his own room. Only, neither one of them can sleep without the other one in bed with them. So they go back to sharing a bed. This whole time they are both in denial about their feelings for one another. They are both convinced that the other one could never love them.

At one point D decides to move on and date someone. He moves out and L goes a bit nuts. She ends up taking off for 2 months without telling D where she is going and no one else will tell him. She ends up in a mental hospital to figure out how to live without D being there. During this time D is obsessed with finding her even though he is now living with his girlfriend K. L comes back and tries to keep her emotions under control and stay away from D as much as possible. But he still is trying to find out where she went.

Some bad things happen between D and K. And rather than D being supportive of K, he obsesses over the fact that L is not supporting him. The consider each other best friends but L can't be around D and K without wigging out. So finally, K kicks out D and he goes to live with another member of the project group. L still can't see D without wigging out and it's making D nuts. Finally the guy that D is living with sits him down to explain what is going on. It takes him and his wife about 3 hours to convince D that the reason L is acting so weird is because she is in love with him but is convinced that D could never love her. D is totally floored. They also pretty much slap him upside the head and make him admit he is in love with L. D runs off to L and kisses her and they start a happy relationship with the help of lots of therapy cause they are both so damn dumb. lol

So, fast forward years later. D has gone out of town to close their vacation home up for the season because they aren't going to use it again for months because the oldest child is in school and just no time. A woman that D and L had met through the project 3 years earlier but hadn't seen again shows up at the vacation home. She starts talking to D as though they have been having a relationship. Talking about getting a lawyer so D can divorce L. He freaks out and calls the cops. He immediately calls L and tells her about what happened.

A few days later, D is back at home and is having breakfast with L and their kids. A knock comes to the door and L answers to find the woman there. She goes on and on about how she and D had been having an affair for the last 3 years and how he wants to leave her. She claims that D is tired of how L insinuated herself into his life and the project and he wants her gone. In fact, it was D that did everything he could to keep L in his life and talked her into joining the project. D gets pissed and throws the woman out. D and L totally freak and call the cops.

As the detectives are there and taking a statement, the woman shows up again. This time D answers the door and she keeps talking like the affair was real and now they can be together and all they need to do is get rid of L. The cops hear everything she has said and take her in for questioning. By the time they get her to the police station, she is claiming to be L and that she and D are married. And she has no clue who the woman at the house is. So, she ends up in a hospital claiming to be L and totally convinced she has lived L's life. Only, the name she uses and says is her birth name is just a nickname that L uses and L's name is something completely different. So basically, the woman is claiming to be someone that doesn't actually exist in the strictest sense. But suddenly, things shift and the woman in the hospital is actually L and the other woman is living in her house. No one seems to realize that they have switched places. Even the kids are calling the woman mommy while L is in the hospital proclaiming that she is really L and the woman is crazy. Even D says the woman is really his wife.

So, I went from this nice little love story that kind of turned into a bit of a fatal attraction thing. And Wham! It's now practically a horror story where this woman, after years of fighting to have a life with the man of her dreams has lost her very identity and is in a mental ward being told she isn't who she thinks she is and someone else is living her life.

It's all just so damn weird and feels like an episode of Twilight Zone. And I'm struggling to back up in the story to get rid of the life swap thing and just have the crazy stalker being locked up and D and L live happily ever after. But my brain keeps bringing me back to the weird. lol