Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New mystery shawl

Closer look
Originally uploaded by froddopsycho.
Finished clue 1 of the newest mystery shawl by Renee at This is my first attempt at posting from Flickr. Not too shabby. Plus, if you click on the picture, you can see the other pictures I took of the shawl and the yarn. Loads of details about the yarn over at Flickr.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

*sniff* *sniff*

When it comes to being sick, I become the biggest fucking baby around. I feel so damn horrible today. My hole body aches and the skin below my nose is raw.

I let the kid stay home from school today. He was coughing real rough this morning. I figured it would be better to have him stay home than have him disrupt class. He pretty much stayed in his room and left me alone. Except when he came running in to tell me something and smacked his knee on my door. I swear he started whining about not wanting to die. hehehe He must have hit a nerve or something cause he bawled for awhile.

I spent most of my day surfing the web. I spent quite a while over at Kevin Smith's blog, My Boring Ass Life. Yeah, sometimes he goes for awhile without posting, but sometimes he posts quite a bit. Found a series of stores he told last year about trying to get Jason Mewes off drugs and that led me to the story about when his dad died. I bawled my own head off a couple times today. I'm thinking I'm a lil hormonal besides being sicker than shit. LOL He really is an awesome writer when he isn't busy off promoting a movie. That is when the posts get real sparse and sometimes just turn into him listing off appearances.

The yarn was dry this afternoon, so I balled it and started the new mystery shawl. I did take the swift outside and take pics of the yarn before I wound it up. I just haven't felt like getting the pics onto the puter and uploading em. I've got about 6 rows left in clue 1. I'll take pics when it is done and upload em. I really like the way the colors turned out. I had been shooting for something a lil bit darker but I think it looks real cool. It's sort of like a tye-dyed shirt really. I forgot to use some eucalan in the water when i rinsed it, so the colors might fade some more. We shall see when the shawl is done and I wash it before blocking.

Ok, off to drug myself up and pass out. Maybe I'll be able to breath tomorrow.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Can't sleep

I can't sleep because I so can not breath. My sinuses are totally blocked. Turned on the humidifier and put some vaporizer stuff in it. Yeah I know it don't go in there but I'm not waking the kid to dig the vaporizer out of his closet.

I saw that AmpuTeeHee had a post up, which led me to this.

Froddopsycho --


A hermit living in the big city

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at
Way way too accurate. If not for my son, I could spend weeks without going out in the real world. I swear, if I had insurance, I could make some psychiatrist very very rich.
Leno is a repeat tonight, so I was flipping channels. Doesn't take very long. I get CBS in real fuzzy, NBC, ABC, PBS and the CW. I actually have the same PBS station on 2 channels. If one is real fuzzy, the other usually comes in better. The CW comes in really fuzzy, but there was some sort of music awards show on. Turns out it was the World Music Awards. I would link to the site, but it really sucks. (google it if you really wanna see) Anyways they gave the Diamond Award to Michael Jackson. I swear to God when he was saying his thanks that he did actually call his youngest child Blanket. Now I thought that is just what the press called the child. I know the man is nuts as can be, but to actually call your child blanket is just too much.
I'm pretty sure that this award show really happened much earlier in the year, cause I think I remember hearing someone complain about the fact that when MJ was supposed to be singing, he just let the child chorus behind him sing and he just stood there. Which is pretty much what happened. Sheesh. All the people in the place yellin for him and prolly peeing in their pants cause they are so excited to see the freak and he can't sing a lil for them.
This is part of the reason that I don't do concerts. Well ok most of it is me being cheap. If someone wanted to take me to a concert and pay for it, I would go. Well if it was someone cool and all anyway. I think my lil bro Nick wants me to go to a concert at the fair with him and his gf at the end of July. Not sure if he was just blowing smoke or if he meant it. Last time I spoke to him before he fixed the car last week was back in December. We aren't very close at all. I'm not close to any of my sibs really. Haven't spoken to my step brother in prolly 3 years. Haven't seen my oldest brother in prolly 6 years. Wasn't invited to his wedding. Haven't seen his kids. Been about 15 yrs since I've seen my step sister. About 3 yrs since I've seen my lil sister.
I do see my mom's son about once a month or so. Whenever he decides to come home. He is usually the one I'm talking about when I mention my lil brother. He is the one that has my computer. Turns out he was home Saturday but mom didn't call me cause of Nick being sick and not wanting to deal with his being very annoying when he is sick. Joe brought my hard drives home cause he says the motherboard is fried. Oh yeah. I am not thrilled at having to build a new pc. I was going to see if I could run one of my hard drives on this ole pc but well I feel icky and didn't get around to it.
Maybe tomorrow.
If I can breath.
I think I'm gonna have to give up and dig out some vapor rub. Man I hate that shit. Will have to find a different night shirt cause I don't want the vapor rub all over my damn bed. This one is like a long tank top. Too much chest showing to risk it.

Oh joy!

First official day of summer. And I have a cold.

Thank you so much Mr. Nicholas. I love you so dearly. But the next time you catch a cold, I'm setting up a pup tent in the backyard and you are staying out there until you are better.

He has been making me nuts for the last 4 days with the hacking and coughing. It is harder than hell to sleep with an asthmatic coughing up a lung half the night through. He is finally rid of most of the coughing.

This morning I woke up with that tell tale burning in my sinuses and down the back of my throat. No real coughing yet. But my sinuses are draining and that is making me gag. I haven't thrown up yet, but it is only a matter of time. bllllleeeeeeehhhhhhh

I've been working steadily on the purple shawl. No pictures yet because it has been more and more of the same thing. Just look back for the last pic I took and imagine it bigger. lol I'm about 20 rows away from starting clue 5 where the pattern finally finally changes. I'm thinking tomorrow I'll ball up another skein of the yarn cause what is left of the first skein is looking pitiful. I figure it will be gone before I hit clue 5.

I'm getting ready to start the next of Renee's mystery shawls. Some of the group members have posted pictures of clue 1 and it is looking cool. I skeined up 8 oz of Henry's Attic Pony 2ply and did my very first attempt at dying yarn!!! No pictures right now because the yarn is still drying.

I used Navy Blue, Denim Blue and Wine Rit dye. I soaked the yarn in my largest pan with a little vinegar added. I diluted the dyes in a couple glasses. Pouring the dye into the pan was tricky. I got a bit of it on the counter and on the stove. Loads of fun. Next I turned the heat on real low and let it simmer for over a half hour. Not sure the exact time. (see the sick bit above) Then I turned the heat off and let the pan sit for over an hour to cool. Next, it was into the sink where I added warm water to rinse the yarn. I had the water hit my hand rather than right on the yarn. After most of the dye was out of the water, I switched the yarn to my strainer.

After about a half hour of rinsing, I filled the washer with warm water to the lowest level. Because I was afraid of major tangles, I opened the skein and put it around the agitator in the washer. I let it soak for about a half hour just to get more of the dye out. Then, I spun it twice.

It's now in the living room on my umbrella swift. I've got a fan blowing on it lightly. I really really want to ball it tomorrow and start knitting it darn it. hehehe I'll try to get it outside for pictures if it will stop raining for five minutes and the sun comes out.

OK, I'm gonna take some Nyquil and go to bed. My sinuses are just killin me.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I've been tagged

Oh gee thanks Shelly. I'm not sure I'm quite interesting enough for this one. lol

7 Random Things

The Rules:
Each person tagged gives seven random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs seven facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and need to read your blog.

1. OK, weird one first. I have 11 fingers. OK, so the extra finger looks more like a large smooth wart or something, but it is in fact a finger. It's on the side of my left pinkie. Right at the base of my finger. I loved showing that to the guy in high school that said that people are perfectly symmetrical. Yeah, he was a dipshit.

2. I wear a size 12 wide shoe. This is why I usually wear guy's tennis shoes. I very rarely wear women's shoes. I'm afraid if I wear women's shoes, I'll end up looking like a transvestite.

3. I'm one class shy of a degree in Internet Administration. I have a passion for web design, but I just don't get marketing. Someday, I'll find someone that understands it and have them tutor me so I can take the class over.

4. I've been engaged 3 times. Married 0 times. After the last close call, I swore off men. I only know one nice guy. Unfortunately, he is my lil brother. LOL

5. I'm a Sci-Fi nut. I've always loved Issac Asimov. I've read loads of his books. I even have his autobiography that was published by his wife after his death. I read Wil Wheaton's blog religiously. Always thought he was hot on ST:TNG.

6. I believe in aliens. Come on, we can't be the only intelligent life in the whole universe. If we are, it is one hell of a waste of space.

7. I can't cook. Well not normal food. Mom refused to teach me how to cook when I was a kid. She always said that her mom didn't teach her, so I was on my own. 95% of what I eat at home is cooked in a microwave. I do however on occasion make up my own recipes. It's sort of hit or miss on if it ends up edible.

Ok, since not many read this blog and I'm pretty sure the ones that do have already done this meme, I'm not tagging anyone.

If you want to give it a shot, go for it. Now, I'm off to eat my latest concoction. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Request please

I just received word that my best friend's father just passed away.

I would greatly appreciate it if y'all could say a little prayer for Ally, Sue and their families.

Girls, you know you have all my hugs and prayers for you right now. Take care of your selves.


Finally the finished green mystery shawl!!

I really do love this shawl. It ended up about 60" across and 40" down to the point. A little smaller than I like but it is so pretty.

Go check out my flickr album for more pictures. It would take too long to try and upload all the pics again. lol

I think it would definitely be fun to try this one again in a thicker yarn. I know one gal did it in a sport weight yarn and continues the edging along to the top. I think I would probably try the same thing. Not sure how I would manage the corners though.

I haven't done much knitting the last couple days. Been busy catching up with my bloglines feeds. Man y'all have been chatty.

I do believe I'll head off and work on the monster sweater.

Monday, May 21, 2007


One should really pay attention when one has eggs on the stove to hard boil.

Burned hard boiled eggs really really fucking stink.

When I turned the water on the pan of 3 eggs, 2 of em popped. I do believe I may have wrecked my damn pan too.


and before you ask..... Yes, I am a natural blonde!! :OP


I'mmmmmm Hooooooooommmmmmmeeeeeee!!!!!

My SIL brought the loaner computer to my folk's house yesterday. All I needed to do was install my modem and plug it in. Wellllll, it sounded easy. The pc is an old Gateway and I could NOT figure out how to get the damn cover off. I finally broke down and called Joe and asked. Turns out it was how I thought but damn if it didn't take me another 10 minutes and an 7 yr old assistant to get that damn thing off.

Turns out that the loaner pc is not a loaner. In fact, it is my birthday present. The sound card is great, graphics card is pretty good and it has a 38GB hard drive. There is a dvd burner I do believe and a cd burner. I haven't explored the hard ware all that close yet. I needed to get myself caught up on my blogs and email. I'm getting there. lol

Sooo, what have I been up to the last 9 days. Lots and lots of knitting. I have taken some pictures, but I don't have my camera set up on here and I haven't put PSP on here yet either.

Mother's day was pretty good. I got a plant from the kid along with a sweet card. Nick grew the pansy from seed at school. My dad added a couple other flowers to it. Not sure what they are though. I'll have to ask. Anyways, 2 days later the bloom on Nick's flower was dead. There was another bud and I thought a day or so more of sun would bring me a nice little pink flower. Except for some reason, Nick plucked it off before it even opened. lmao The 2 mystery flowers are just fine. Just no blooms on Nick's plant.

I finished the green mystery shawl last Monday. I used my new blocking wires and got it all blocked and pretty on Tuesday. Never fear, pictures will be posted soon. I will get my programs loaded on here sooner or later. :OP

I'm making great time of the purple shawl. I'm getting real close to finishing the big clue that determines the size of the shawl. Basically, one repeat for small, 2 for medium and 3 for large. It's more complicated than that but in it's essence, that is the gist.

I've also been swatching for my own shawl pattern. I've got a huge huge cone of very very thin grey wool. I'm using it doubled and using size 1 addi turbos. I soooo need to get some of their lace needles. These points are just too blunt for this. Lots of charting with graph paper and lots of ripping out. It is impossible to pick stitches back up if they are dropped on this stuff. No ripping back and reworking. I've got an open source excel type program on disk somewhere and I sooooo need to get it loaded. Much easier to move stuff around than killing my erasers. lol

I even picked up the long ignored green sweater from hell. The neck is done. It's funky as hell, but it's done. I've got the sleeves picked up and I've got about 6 rows done on each one. I can not count rows for shit in this boucle yarn, so I have to work them at the same time. I really need to decrease the sleeves, cause this sweater is very very baggy. Which is what I want, but I don't want 20" cuffs. lol I forgot just how nice it was to work with worsted weight yarn and size 10.5 needles. hehe

Last Friday, was my birthday. My folks took myself and the kid to see Shrek the Third. It was hilarious. The kid learned an important lesson. A 7 yr old's bladder is NOT big enough to hold a large Pepsi and still make it home. He rushed out the theater after the movie but had to come back in the building to use the facilities. I had to giggle with the way he was running. The folks also bought me a nice lacy top and an awesome raspberry lemonade candle. The cool thing about the top is that fact that I damn near bought it for myself last week. hehe Good thing I was feeling cheap that day.

In other news, my lil bro Nick is going to fix the air in my car!! It totally died a few days ago. It's going to cost him about $65 for the part. He insists that he doesn't want anything for putting it in. I'm writing the turd a check for more than that and he can just suck it up. hehe He called me Saturday night to wish me a happy bday. Thought he was someone else and pissily told him he was a day late. He felt so bad. lol

Anyways, I'm just so tickled to have a working computer again. I've been vegetating all day long. hehe But it's back to reality. Time to go make some dinner.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Well, I'm going to be missing for awhile.

Yesterday afternoon, my computer died. I have no power to it at all and I'm not sure what the problem is. My brother can't make it home this weekend to look at it. Next weekend, either he or his wife will be bringing me a loaner pc and will take mine back home to work on.

I'm pretty sure that the hard drives are fine. I do believe that the processor might be toast. :(

So, already I'm getting tons of knitting done. Technically, the green mystery shawl is done. I'm going to take out the cast off edge along the neck and redo it. It is way too tight and the shawl isn't going to lay flat. No biggy, I've got lots of time. lol

I'll try to check in sometime this week with some photos. But man oh man am I going to miss my poor pc. lol

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

hehehe I'm so bad

Sometimes, I get easily confused. Usually the confusion has to do with time.

I was fighting with the kid, trying to get him to get out of bed. He kept whining that he was too tired. He needs more sleep. I kept telling him that he shouldn't have fought with me last night about going to bed. I send him to bed at 8:30 and he repeatedly gets up until 10 and sometimes later. Told him he could have gotten a whole hour and a half more sleep if he hadn't been such a brat.

Well, I sat down at my pc and looked at the time and totally freaked. It was 6:45 and I had it in my head that it was time to get the kid to school. I told him to move it, it's time to go. No time to eat. That got him up and into the bathroom. And then I realized, he doesn't have to be to school until 8am. We live about 3 mins from school. hehehehe

Shoot, I think I need a little more sleep. heheheh

Monday, May 07, 2007

I is so tired

I swear I could just lay down and cry right now. It was a very long weekend and I spent today cleaning off and on all day long.

The kid decided to start the weekend off with a bang. As they were lining up to leave on Friday, he fell. Instead of just telling the teacher that he hurt himself, he threw himself on the floor and had a tantrum. He will be 8 in June. And his mode of coping is to scream and carry on because he tripped. So instead of just picking him up in the car line as per usual, I had to go in to school because he was in the time out room. It wasn't until 15 minutes after his regular time to leave that he finally told the teacher what freaking happened. sigh I love the kid but some days he is a total pain.

We made it to Cedar Rapids with no problems. I found Hearthstone Gifts without a hitch. The ladies there were extremely helpful. They only have a small selection of yarn, but it is well displayed and sorted by fiber type. I definitely will visit again if I'm in the area.

I picked up 2 skeins of a wonderful yarn called Loft by Zitron.

It's a bulky yarn that puts up in 110 yrd skeins. It's 100% Merino. Both skeins I got were color 590 which they claim is Pumpkin. Ummmm well I guess the orange running through it could be considered pumpkin. On my monitor, the colors in the second photo are very very close to true. I'm thinking that I'll use the yarn to make a small felted bag. I'll add another yarn for the bottom and the handles. No clue what I'll use because this yarn has no twist to it and frankly, I've never seen anything quite like it. Although it does kind of remind me of a very thick version of the yarn I'm using for the purple shawl. lol Oh, the yarn was on sale too. 25% off of the 10.95. Still kind of expensive for lil ole me, but I had to get something. hehehe

Next, I went in search of Beads & Beyond in Cedar Rapids proper. Be warned, the address on Yahoo maps and for this shop, is wrong! Instead of turning on to Czech Lane, the shop is at 4316 Center Point Rd on the left just as you would turn to go to Czech Lane. Believe me, when I got to the shop on Czech Lane and saw a big ole cardboard sign in the window that they had moved, I was NOT happy. I do not know my way around Cedar Rapids for the most part. Thankfully, I realized that the address on the poster was on the street that I just turned off of. The store is basically a block from where it used to be.It is a very small shop, but they packed a whole lot of yarn in a small space. They have lots of yarns that I've only ever seen online. They even had Noro. :O) They have lots of beads too. Duh! hehe If Nick hadn't have been bugging me continuously about leaving, I could have spent more time looking and drooling. I did pick up a set of dressing wires and a pattern from Fiber Trends. Maybe I'll use what is left from the green shawl to make a scarf.

Actually, I have to admit that the green shawl is only going to be a shoulder scarf. I've rounded the point of the shawl and well, it is gonna be small. sigh

Only made a little wrong turn on the way to the hotel. Yahoo Maps are not always that clear. (see above) We got to the hotel a half hour before check in, so we did a dry run to the hotel where the reception was. Easy peasy. Took all of about 3 minutes to get there. Coming back was another matter. The turn off I took going to the hotel in the first place doesn't have a corresponding one on the other side. I had to go one exit up and find my way back. It wasn't that horrible though.

As I was checking in, I got a call from my mom. She got herself really lost. hehe So, we played cell phone tag and I located her behind Lindale Mall. Told her to just follow me and I would take her right to the reception. Well, she kept getting behind me, and I kept watching in the rear view mirror to make sure I didn't lose her. So of course, I missed the exit to the reception. Thankfully, when I took the next exit, which was another interstate, it had an exit right away that ended up close to the hotel.

So, Nick and I headed back to the hotel to get ready for the party. I decided that I was feeling too fat to wear the lace top. Nick told me that I'm not fat, I'm perfect. He earned some bonus points on that one. hehe I ended up wearing an old sweater though. Felt much more comfortable. Next problem came when I went to put on my dress shoes. Ummmmmm, not happening. I remember digging them out, but somehow they didn't end up in one of my bags. So, I put my tennis shoes back on and we went to check the car. No shoes. That is when I looked down and realized that I didn't have on a matching pair of tennis shoes to begin with. hehehe Well, they do match, but one is about a year newer than the other one. I cheated the last time I bought shoes and just bought the same exact pair. Only difference that day was the fact that my right shoe was quite dirty and the right was clean. hehe And of course on the way to the reception, I missed my exit again!!!

All went well at the reception until my cousin tried to get my son to play a game. He refused. And then when it was time to eat, he refused to eat anything but a hand full of cheese. After dinner, he was fine again. He and his lil cousin went off and danced like loons for about half an hour. By that time he was totally sweaty and I decided it was time for him to go rest.We made it back to the hotel just fine. We went for some Hardees later on so the kid would stop yapping about being hungry. hehe I let him stay up until 10 and we hit the sack. Thankfully, right after we went to bed, the air conditioner kicked it. For some reason it wouldn't work earlier. We slept in until 9am!! I still can't believe we stayed in bed for 11 hours. hehe We both slept fitfully, but the room was nice and dark, so I didn't know what time it was and just kept falling back to sleep.

Yesterday it was cold and icky. Instead of trying to find something to eat, we just headed out. I picked up some chips when we stopped for gas. The wind on the way back to my folk's house was insane. I saw quite a few cars get blown into the gravel on the side of the road. I kept my speed down a bit and didn't have too much trouble. We were back to Mom's by 11am. We ended up spending the rest of the day there. Turns out that Saturday night's NASCAR race had been rained out, so I got to watch it Sunday. :O) Very good race even though none of my guys won. I managed to get quite a bit done on the green shawl. I got all the way around the point of the shawl and started up the other side a bit. Unfortunately it is going to be too small. I am not happy, but it is still pretty.

I do believe that the next shawl I make, I'll design myself. I do like the shetland style of construction. It just needs to be bigger when it is done. hehe But first, I need to finish off the shawls I've got going already. Not to mention the 3 sweaters and various scarves that are still on the needles. I tossed out the acrylic brown Hiking scarf. While it looked pretty, it felt horrible. Ack will do that. lol

Ok, I need to go work on my email and see if I can't get the damn kid to go to sleep. He is such a booger!!! lol

Friday, May 04, 2007

Tracfone hates me

I'm too cheap (read broke) to buy a regular cell phone with a monthly bill. I don't use a cell phone often enough to warrant the expense. I can't switch over to all cellular because I'm on dial-up for internet. (oh so wonderful!)

The last few times I've tried to put air time on my phone, all I get is a bunch of bs. I go to the web site and I get an error with processing my credit card. I call up the 800 number and they tell me there is a problem with my debit card. Believe me, I have more money in there than I usually do right now. Thank you IRS. lmao So I call the 800 number again from my cell while I'm transferring an extra $50 to my credit card. Guy on the phone says there is no money on there. Yeah whatever.

So, I called the bank. I talked to a real nice lady that informed me that Tracfone was authorized twice on my debit card and twice on my credit card to charge my purchase. The problem is NOT with either of my cards.

I do believe that Tracfone just wants me to get a new phone because they no longer sell the model that I have. I've got a very plain Nokia. No bells or whistles. It's the same kind that my folks have. They however bought a years worth of airtime at once. They don't have to add time every 3 months like me. We shall see what happens when they go to add airtime. My phone can't be much over 2 yrs old. Yes I know that in the world of tech that is ancient. But the damn thing works. lol

Sooooo I bought a new phone. I paid a whopping $15 for it. It's a Motorola. No bells or whistles. The games suck. Had to check those out first cause I used to love bowling on the Nokia. I'm still charging the phone, so I haven't activated it yet. It's going to be annoying having to learn a new number. I still was having to look in the phone to remember the old one.

Almost time to go get the kid from school. We have to go get him some new clothes to wear to the wedding tomorrow. All of the boys pants are jeans. About half of those have holes in the knees. grrrrr The child is insane with the jeans. I swear I sent him to school in a new pair of the Toughskin jeans from Sears that are guaranteed not to wear out. He came home with a hole right at the edge of the knee patches. I need to get him some new shoes too. The tips of his tennis shoes are flopping a lil bit. I'll see if we can find some black tennies that will look ok.

I'm just going to wear a sweater and some dress pants. I do need to remember to buy some trouser socks. I tried wearing my hand knit socks with my dress shoes and I thought my foot was going to explode the shoe. I have trouble with my left foot swelling some. Not real sure why it does it. Prolly connected to the nerve damage and pinched nerves in my pelvis. Oh well.

Gonna go see if the Galveston shall will cooperate for a little knitting. Started the 5th chart this morning and I'll be damned if there weren't enough stitches for the first straight area. Turns out that 4 rows down I forgot a YO. whimper

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More Progress

Finally got the 4th chart done on the Galveston mystery shawl. It really is a fast knit, I'm just a lil slow. hehe

The color is pretty close on this picture. It is about 22 inches across at this point.

Here is the straight section. I sooo love this stitch pattern. I've got some more laceweight yarn from the same store, and I think I might make a sweater with this pattern on it somewhere. The other yarn is a yellow/orange combo.

And here is the corner sections that represents the waves. This is the part that keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. lol 7 repeats in the next chart I think.

My skein is starting to look a little deflated. I have a couple more skeins in the stash. I'll ball them up as needed.

I just barely survived the job yesterday. OMG do my legs hurt now. The apartment was on the second floor of an old brick storefront. I swear the stairs were nearly straight up. I am NOT a small person and by the end of the day, I just soo did not want to climb those stairs. Heck I took my last break upstairs sitting on a ladder.

We were supposed to have 4 people cleaning, but 2 didn't show. I spent the first part of the day cleaning up after the other gal. She couldn't clean a window to save her life. And forget getting paint off of the trim. We were just cleaning up after a remodel, so no smoke damage. Just lots and lots of dust. The old guy that used to live there must have been a smoker because the windows were brown with tar.

And now, I'm going to finish reading my mail and head to bed. I'm still pooped. hehe