Monday, January 05, 2009

crap! a new year??

I swear life is just whizzing right by. This last year went by way too fast. I don't feel like I got much done last year at all.

This year has started off a bit bumpy. I've been a bit under the weather. I was completely accident prone this weekend at work. Nearly got creamed by a very large, very heavy pipe that thankfully missed me. I dropped another very heavy pipe on my left foot. It was stiff for a day but isn't even bruised. My right foot, however, is very sore. wtf? I didn't do anything to it but I can barely walk. Oh and my boss nearly dropped some pipe on me yesterday. heh I gave her tons of shit for that one.

I really wanted to work on getting the house cleaned up today but that is gonna be hard with my foot acting up. I should be working on trying to get the driveway cleared of ice but again I can't walk hardly. I did spread some more salt and it is really sunny out so hopefully the ice will break up. I think I'm just going to let myself be lazy today. Not that that is all that unusual for me on a Monday. Or any day for that matter. :P I actually kind of need a nap. No chicken and fries so early in the day anymore.

I've got a couple fanfictions going. I really need to work on the Draco story as it is about 1/3 of the way finished. The Stacia story is kind of stalled because I haven't worked on it in almost 2 months thanks to the computer being an ass. I actually have it working again fairly well. I can run all my hard drives and my dvd drives are working. Ok so I haven't tried to burn a dvd yet but my pc can actually see it now. I need to make up a list of all the works-in-progress that I'm reading. I prefer the ones on as you can get email notifications when they are updated. I can't find anything like that on adultfanfiction. I so need to get organized. heh

I'm really having a blast over on I've been browsing at work and saving favorites to go back later and check out the rest of the artists work. The site loads a bit slow for me because of my connection. At work I'm like a kid in a candy store though. :) If you are a fan of Alan Rickman, like I am, you should check out Jacksl and Cyntilla. They both have some great images of him in their galleries. Most of the art in my collections is Harry Potter or Alan Rickman related. I'm a bit obsessed. heh

Ok, I'm gonna go get some pain pills and get a little nap. I'll try and get some work done laters.

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