Sunday, January 01, 2017

Bad blogger

Sorry I've been remiss again. Until recently work has been super crazy. Stepped directly back into overtime after being off 6 weeks.

Still been battling with the anemia. I gave in and am getting IV iron once a week. I had no reaction to the first dose so it's a go on another month.

Neurologist put me on some meds for the migraines. They haven't done a damn thing so far as I can tell. Ok, I lied. My tinnitus is super bad now. I rarely have any silent times. The emergency stuff makes the headaches worse. I'll call the doc this week and see about trying something different.

While I am usually more awake than I was before surgery, I'm still in a lot of pain besides the migraines. I was going to say my shoulders are the worst  but really, everything hurts.

I'm sure the cold has not been helping. That can't explain it all though.

Financially things have sucked too. I had a flat tire two days in a row. Missed a day of work the second time because the spare was already on the car. I was thankfully close enough to drive home as I made it less than a block from the house. Spent a pretty penny putting all new tires on the car. And then had to replace a control arm. The car drives much better now though.

One good thing is that I bought an IP at Thanksgiving time. Everything I've tried has come out pretty good so far.

That reminds me that I lost everything in the fridge again. Stupid freezer got iced up and I didn't notice until the milk went bad and I had to throw everything away. Do not waste money on a fridge that doesn't self defrost.

I had been trying to knit and crochet lately. I've got a headband that is about halfway done. And I started a Hue Shift blanket. My hands have been much too sore to work on it though.

All in all I'm hoping that 2017 will put an end to some of this shit going on. Something needs to change.

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