Monday, May 09, 2011

Am I Wearing Pants? An Important Style Flowchart (PICTURE)

Am I Wearing Pants? An Important Style Flowchart (PICTURE)

I thought this was pretty dang funny when PlainSimpleGarak shared it in The Pants of all places. If you don't know about Bubbo's Pants, you really must come and find us on Ravelry. It's a very tight knit, fast paced group of crazy people that live inside Bubbo's Pants. lol

I haven't forgotten about the blog (obviously), I just haven't had anything to post about. I really didn't do much in the way of knitting this week. I usually knit during Nick's karate class. (technically Tang So Do) On Tuesday, however, we missed karate so that we could attend orientation over at the middle school. Starting next year the middle school will be 5 th through 8 th grade. I'm not liking that. The 5 th and 6 th graders will be getting only a few minutes of recess each day. Basically whatever is left of the half hour they have to eat lunch will be their only recess. Nick is probably going to go bonkers with that. I know he would have never survived this school year without having regular recesses. And the way they are running P.E. classes is weird. It runs every single day for half an hour for one semester. The other semester they don't have it at all. Nick won't have it until second semester to give him a chance to settle in before taking a class that he has so much trouble with. He gets so upset when someone breaks the rules of the game they are playing.

Anyway, on Thursday Nick did make it to karate class. I even sat down to knit but as soon as I got started, I had to stop. I was working on a BSJ out of Red Heart Baby Econo. I just could not deal with the plastic feel of the yarn. Once I'm awake and functioning today, I'm taking it off the needles and throwing it and the rest of the RKBE in the trash. It's that damn gross. I've got other much nicer yarn I can do it in and this was not even for anyone specific because it was too big to give to my cousin Cora for her newborn. I need to stash dive and see what I have in worsted weight and in blue so that I can make one for a friend of my mom. So, instead of knitting, I ended up running home because I remembered that the big item pickup was this past weekend at my folk's house. I got rid of my old office chair and my old monitor.

Like I said, not much interesting happened this past week. And now it's time to go wake up the kid and get him ready for school.


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