Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Soo much shit has been going on the last couple weeks that I keep forgetting to update.

So the neurology appointment was a total bust. It wasn't for my headaches. It was to have an ENG done on my arms to check for carpal tunnel. Do not get this test done unless you are pretty damn sure you actually have carpal tunnel cause, holy shit, it hurts. Basically they give you electrical shocks on your arms, wrists, and hands.It really fucking hurts. And then they stick long needles into your muscles to "listen" to them. Ended up nearly screaming when she was testing my right hand and moved it without telling me. In the end, I do not have carpal tunnel.

The gyn appointment was much more productive. The doc did a pelvic exam and insisted I come back a week later for an ultrasound because my uterus was very large. So I ended up making an appointment for the same day as the hematology appointment. The ultrasound took forever and was not entirely pleasant. Turns out there were some rather large fibroids in there. Doc says it's time to remove the works. She couldn't promise that if she had removed just the fibroids that I wouldn't need an emergency hysterectomy anyway. And that would lead to a big ass scar that wasn't necessary.

So the doc says to hang out for a bit because scheduling might be able to get me in the next week. She comes back and does my pre admission tests and gives me some cds with the robotic surgery videos on them. Check from scheduling comes in and tells me the surgery would be the next thursday. headdesk So from the date of the first visit to surgery was only two weeks.

I go see the friendly vampire in hematology that afternoon and he is shocked as shit I'm up and walking around. By this time my hemoglobin levels are only at about 6.6. He insists that I need a transfusion asap. He swears it will only take 4 hours. I'm thinking I'll be home a little after Nick goes to bed and I'll be able to get enough sleep seeing as I need to work Friday. I agree to the transfusion and head to the hospital and get checked in. It's then that I find out transfusions take about 4 hours per unit of blood and he has ordered two. sigh So I didn't get home until 12:30am. The kid didn't wake up when I got home so I let him sleep. Grabbed a shower and got a whopping 2 hours of sleep. When I called Nick up the next morning, he was freaking out because he didn't think I had come home. Talk about ripping my heart out.

So that Friday I got signed up for FMLA and temporary disability. I was very grateful to learn that my company offers the TD for long absences due to health stuff. I had no clue what I was going to do for money after my vacation time ran out. HR and my big boss were super supportive about the whole deal. My immediate boss was a dick about it. Big surprise there.

Saturday I ended up in the acute care office because my right thigh was swollen and sore. I was freaking out thinking my surgery would be delayed. They did an ultrasound on my leg and diagnosed me with phlebitis. It was all superficial and there were no blood clots shown on the scans. I had to see my GP on Monday for a follow up and he said there should be zero issues with going ahead.

I worked Monday and Tuesday except for when I had to go see my GP. I took off Wednesday because I wasn't allowed to eat any solid food. Seeing as I was already dizzy and weak, the idea of trying to work while not getting to actually eat wasn't a good idea. Mom took me up the the hospital on Thursday and got me checked in. Surgery went smooth and I didn't even need extra blood thanks to the transfusion. My hemoglobin was actually up to 7.7 after surgery. My highest number in this whole ordeal.

Waking up in recovery was the worst part of it. My tongue was covered in mucus and I couldn't stop from coughing. That fucking hurt. So here I am all drugged out and whining to the nurse that I need a drink because I have mucus and it hurts to gag on it. But I'm saying all of this with a horrible lisp. I just remember saying "mucuth" several times. She ended up giving me a wash cloth to wipe my tongue with. I don't actually remember being moved up to my room. The first day was just a blur of pain and sleep. Getting up to walk sucked ass. And they had me on an all liquid diet. I don't want another bowl of soup for a very long time. Friday one of the nurses took pity on me and brought me a lunch from someone that had left early and I got a hamburger and a baked potato. I got to come home late Friday.

I had all these plans for the kid to take care of me while I was dealing with all the pain from surgery. Only the brat was fighting a bad cold. I ended up taking care of him and he stayed home on Monday. Honestly, by Sunday I was having zero trouble getting around. As long as I take the ibuprofen regularly I'm fine. I get a bit of pain from gas and I'm a little wobbly but nothing like I had feared. Oh and the stupid phlebitis seems to have cleared up. I had pressure cuffs on my legs for most of the time I was in the hospital and I think that constant movement cleared up the swelling. Before surgery I was limping because my leg hurt so much. Now I can't even see the damn varicose vein that the phlebitis was centered around. I would really love to have a pair of those pressure cuffs for when I go back to work. It's like a constant massage on my calfs.

Now my biggest fear is going stir crazy. I'm not allowed to drive until I see the doctor again which is on the 4th. So I'm stuck at home. I'm not sleeping as much as I had anticipated. I actually walked the half block to the gas station Monday because I was so damn bored. Here the damn hermit is going nuts after only a couple days into a 6 week recovery. I'm already slowly starting to clean the house which I didn't think I would be up to until next week.

So, yeah, lots of crap going on lately. I've still got a bunch of doctor's appointments in the next month. I'm going to see if I can't cancel the appointment with the hand doctor in November since the ENG says no carpal tunnel. I've got an appointment in early December to see about my headaches. Wish it could have been sooner but they are busy.

And now I just need to force myself to get enough rest and to not push too hard in cleaning. I'm going to dig out a couple knitting projects and see if I can't find the patterns and get back to knitting a bit. My hands haven't been hurting too much lately.

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