Sunday, September 04, 2016

Having a rough night

Nothing in particular is wrong. Just the normal headaches I always have. It's making me hold my head stiffly which is making my neck and throat hurt a bit.

But I just cried while watching a click from Bedknobs and Broomsticks. The two locomotion scenes. I really like that song. And I'm watching Harry Potter. The scene where McGonagall wakes up the school and tells it to protect itself and the students always reminds me of the battle scene from BaB.

I've gotten jack shit done this weekend as per usual. I just feel icky. Head hurts. Body hurts. I can't seem to get enough sleep. I can't wait for this to no longer be an everyday thing.

So, I've been passed off to the hematology department for testing. While my iron levels are steady, they are not improving. Thus the feeling icky and tired still. My body doesn't seem to want to absorb the extra iron I've been taking. I'm still hovering around 6 points instead of climbing back up to 12.

This week will be busy at the doctor's office. I see neurology on Wednesday. I'm hoping they will finally give me something to help with these damn headaches. If they try to say my head hurts from being depressed and not the other way around, I may scream though. If you had a headache nearly 24/7 and had near constant body aches, you would be fucking depressed too. Ease my pain and I might be just a tad bit more chipper.

I see gynecology on Friday. At the very least I want back on the depo shot. That stopped my period completely the last time I was on it. Stop the drain on my hemoglobin levels and I bet I'll start feeling better. I have very heavy periods with lots of cramping during the first few days. The doctor had mentioned an ablation which I'm cool with if the shot doesn't work. I would rather avoid a hysterectomy if possible. I've not had real surgery before and the idea of complications sort of freaks me out.

And I'm still seeing my PCP in October and I'll be seen for testing for carpal tunnel in November. Too many doctor's visits. Too much poking and prodding.

I just want to feel ok again.

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