Monday, July 21, 2008


I was under the impression that, in Iowa, we actually grew our young people with some common sense. I mean seriously, I hear less rotten stuff about the young people around here than I do other places. (Ok so I live in a little bitty town whatev.)

Yesterday morning, I saw something that just blew me away. I've seen videos of this sort of crap on YouTube and on various tv shows, but come on why do people do this shit??

Ok, here is the scene: It was 5:35 am on US 20 near Peosta. I was just getting onto the highway going west when I saw 2 motorcycles coming east. I look to my left to see if I would need to merge into traffic. I look forward and see that one motorcycle has pulled again. Again I look to the left and then back forwards. I see that the guy on the first motorcycle is now on his knees on the seat.


They are now to my left and I glance ahead again. When I look back over my shoulder, I see that the guy on the first bike is now upright on the seat!!! Because of the shear insanity of the whole thing, I can't tell you if the dipshit was standing on the seat or if he was doing a head stand. All I know is that his body was totally upright.

I had to look forward again to make sure I wasn't going off the dang road. heh When I looked back again, The first guy was now over a little rise and I couldn't see him anymore. I swear I felt like I was in a dang dream though. I asked on of the other gals that comes from farther east and the dipshit driver survived his little stunt. She didn't see his battered body on the other side of the overpass. heh

Looking back, I think the man on the second bike probably had a video camera on him. I'm sure that the video is up on YouTube today. hehe I'm just sorry that I have a really slow connection and I can't watch it. I've come to the conclusion that little Mr. Nick will not be allowed to have a motorcycle. EVER!!!!!


Diane said...

I was going around 70 on the highway a couple years ago and was passed by 5 motorcycles all doing wheelies. The must have been going around 80. Dropped down to both tires and took off at around 100 mph in fairly heavy traffic.

smariek said...

Hard to concentrate on driving when people around you are doing that sort of thing.

Common sense isn't so common anymore.

Scary experience on the freeway for me was when the car in front of my was apparently racing with his buddy in another car. His buddy made a quick unexpected exit off the freeway, so for the guy in front of me to follow he had to stomp on the brakes and then skip over a couple lanes to exit in time. Scared the heck out of me cuz I thought I was gonna rear end him.

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

People are so stupid sometimes. It makes you wonder what they don't get about pain, maimed, and death.