Tuesday, July 01, 2008


For the first time in like forever, I actually went to a public pool and actually got into the water. o_0

I did wear my swimsuit. But ummmm it is at least 6 years old and the elastic totally rotted out but I didn't have time to go buy a new one. So I wore a t-shirt and shorts over top. I was worried that they wouldn't let me in the pool with it on. heh Nick had a total blast. So, tomorrow I'm going to go see if I can't find a swimsuit that actually fits. I swear I was afraid that by the time I got out of the pool that the top would actually be UNDER my boobs. I so need something with a better built in bra. Hell, I have some swimsuit material somewhere in the garage. I'm half tempted to find a bra that fits and build a swimsuit around it. heh

And why did I brave the whole public pool drama? One of my mom's oldest and dearest friends called me up out of the blue this morning and asked me to meet her there. She works with kids and has been trying to find activities and stuff for Nick to do. Mom has filled her head with her worries about the kid. *sigh* But it was real fun.

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