Thursday, September 24, 2009


Bet y'all thought I had died huh? Nope, just hibernating. I won't try to make excuses for my lack of posting. Guess my job has just been kicking my ass. I've barely knit a thing in the last year. I'm working on finishing a silly blanket for myself. I started it months ago to use as a summer throw. Yeah that worked well. heh

So, what have I been up to? I've been firmly sucked into Ravelry. I have to admit I haven't been as verbose on there lately though. For a while there I was on Twitter a lot playing 140mafia. I've pretty much stopped playing that game. It got kind of boring when I had a couple people constantly keeping me dead just for shits and giggles. I check my Twitter feeds every few days but not obsessively.

I've also been sucked into DeviantART. Oh how I love that place. I haven't been posting there though or doing any art. I had to build a new pc and I still don't have all my things within easy reach to do any art. Not that my art is very good to begin with.

My biggest time suck is Facebook lately. There are a few games on there that I really like to play. I've met a few interesting people through the games. I shall not be linking my FB to the blog though. Made the error of allowing my mom to friend me. heh She does not get to see the blog. :P

My folks just recently gifted us with a dish after being without for about 7 years or so. Unfortunately, I can't watch it in my room which is where my pc is. Which is why I'm back to knitting. lol I can not sit and watch tv without doing something else.

I'm still dealing with my health issues. It seems like I've always got a cold lately. I'm continuously injuring myself at work. Nothing super major but I've got lots of new scars on my arms and legs. It's just enough to keep me sore and not up to doing much of anything.

The kid is still trying to drive me crazy. We have been dealing with some outbursts at school the last two weeks. I'm not sure if it has to do with his recent stomach troubles or not. He just started on some meds to try and fix the tummy troubles. Hopefully his mood will improve too. He did finally learn how to ride his bike this summer. Of course now his bike is a bit too small for him. heh He will probably be inheriting his papa's bike next summer.

Well, my lovelies, I'm going to go and watch some GhostHunters and knit on my blankie. I swears I'll be back again soon. Nothing really to show you pictures of yet, but maybe soon.

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