Sunday, May 29, 2016


Ok, I admit it, I forgot about the blog for a hot minute.

Work and allergies have been ruining my brain. The next week doesn't look like it's going to be much easier. My boss will be gone all week which means I get to play boss. sigh I don't like playing boss. Plus, I have a huge project I'm trying to work on. It's a total mess because I was going off what someone else had done first. Only he had stuff marked down as never being ran when we actually have the part in stock. I have to send someone out to the stacks to search for the product.It may have been shipped out when the system was acting funny.

On the home front, I had a birthday the other day. I worked like usual and my coworkers threw a fit that I didn't tell them ahead of time so they could bring in a cake. I didn't really want a cake. My brother was the one that had to open his mouth and tell everyone. And, or course, my mom had to make the day all about herself. I can't hear my cell when I'm at work and I can't really feel it vibrate, so I missed her call. And then I came home to a message on FB even though she had left me one two days before. About an hour later I got another message of "whoa is me, you hate me! why won't you answer?" I had only responded to a couple messages at that point. I was freakin tired and I didn't want to deal with her. But it's what she wants that is important. The boy did remember but only because we argued the day before about his friend's birthday.

My fridge is once again needing defrosting. The amount of ice I pulled out of the back of the freezer was insane. Now to get the insides defrosted so that cold air can get into the fridge part. Cross your fingers it defrosts by tomorrow night so that I can buy groceries. I really don't want to have to buy food every day for work. I didn't lose too much food this time. Mostly just some french fries and hash browns.

I haven't been really looking for a house lately. The only ones in my price range don't have pictures. I mean, who lists a house with only one picture? I really should go look at a couple of them though. I'm tired of paying rent. And I'm not getting a real deal here anymore. It's cheaper than a comparable duplex in the town I want to move to, but I'm paying the top rent here now. We need more room and I'm tired of having the landlord hanging over my head. Yeah, I would be the one replacing my fridge if the defrost doesn't work, but I'm not afraid to buy a cheap piece of shit to tide me over for a couple weeks or months.

I keep dreaming about my dream house in Washington. I want out of Iowa so badly. Nick is the only thing keeping me here. He loves his school and I'm not about to make him change high schools like my parents did to me.

Ehh anyways. Nothing dramatic going on here. Just your usual annoying shit.

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