Wednesday, June 08, 2016


I'm sorry. I've just been so tired. Last week I had to play boss while my bonehead boss did field work. Had to play boss for the second half of today too cause he had to fix his tractor. The hitch needed to be welded. Damn we sound redneck. lol

Finally got my fridge working again. This makes me so happy. I still need to deep clean it before I can fill the fridge part back up. The freezer is all spic n span already. Living out of coolers isn't that big of a pain but I'm happy to not have to buy ice every 3 days.

Biggest issue with life right now is the renovations at work. We have 3 days of having to walk to another building to use the bathroom. It sucks. And tomorrow our break room will be torn apart too. It was only a couple weeks ago that they painted everything. Now it's new tile on the floor. I'm tired of it already.

Nick is done with school this year. He pulled off pretty good grades. I want him to try and get a part time job but he is afraid. So he has been doing odd jobs around the house. He knows if he doesn't do something his internets will go bye bye. I still wish he would get a job outside the house. He will be 17 in eleven days. I had my first job at 15.

Anyways. I'm gonna go take a shower and eat some dinner. Maybe I'll have something interesting to post about one of these days.

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