Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I had to make a visit to the frog pond last night. I had to frog my whole sweater. Somewhere along the line I counted wrong or I measured my swatch wrong. I dunno, I guess I was just being blonde. Anyway, I tried the sweater on when I was at about 15 rows and I swear there would have been enough room for 3 of me if I had finished it. If you knew me, you would know just how big that would be. LOL Let's just say that I'm not a twig or a model wanna be.

I started over again today with it. I casted on fewer stitches than I figured I would need and then after the ribbing, which I did with US8 again, I increased on two rows to add 30 more stitches. I read on a blog that you should make your cast on smaller than the rest of the sweater. We shall see sometime tomorrow if this one is going to fit or if it is going to be ripped too. lol

I've got to go in in the morning for blood work and then I'm going to work on one of my web sites. I'm uploading a bunch of my old e-mail tags for people to snag. I've got a folder with about 40 requests for tags that I need to fill. I've been putting it off for quite awhile. I'm glad I finally got control of my site again so I could remove the request page. One of these days I'll get around to making the tags. *yeah right* hehehehehe

Time for bed....


Jon said...

OK, I have to know. Did you do a circular swatch or a flat one? If you are knitting in the round, you have to do a circular swatch because you don't have any purl rows when you are knitting in the round. This changes your gauge, ever so slightly.

Becky in Iowa :O) said...

I did a circular swatch. It was about 30 stitches wide and I think I did 20 rows. I have no clue why I ended up being so off when I did the real thing.

Colleen said...

Good thing you caught it before you got too far!!!!!

Nice blog, btw.