Friday, April 29, 2005

Totally Tickled

I've got a big ole smile on my face here. The owners of two blogs that I quite enjoy have commented on my blog. Gotta love that. I'm a major lurker on blogs. I kind of like the idea of "spying" on people's lives without them knowing I'm there. LOL Nah, I'm actually just very shy 99% of the time. You can stop giggling now Allyson. :OP

I don't think I'm going to be getting much knitting time in this weekend. My mom brought me over a loveseat for my living room and of course my house was a wreck. She says she is coming over to clean. *groan* She took my son over to her house tonight, so I better get my butt off of here and do some cleaning before she bring him home or she will be here bright and early tomorrow to clean house. I always feel horrible when she does that. My health is just so crappy right now and I hurt my back last week. It is just hard to keep up with picking up after my son. He is the king of destroying a room in 5 minutes flat.

On the good side, I did get 3 tags out to my tag partner today. To make things even better, I went ahead and ran a script to make them for my always list too. I've got one set of them uploaded already. I'm going to have to delete tags from one of my sites to make room for the new tags, so I'll wait until tomorrow so that they have a chance to check for tags before they go poof. I'm still working on getting old tags uploaded to my Anzwers site. I need to create an index for the individual tag pages yet. I did manage to find my thumbnail program to speed things up.

Well time to scoot. Lord only knows what time Mom is going to bring the munchkin home.

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