Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bra talk

Since Jon took such note of my mentioning of the bra's cost. Let's talk about the bra. hehehehe

The only reasons I mentioned the price were the fact that it was literally half the price of the outfit and that I just bought it that morning.

If the boots had been half the price of the outfit, I would have mentioned it. As it were, the boots were about $10. They are only comfy enough to were for a short while. But man were they heaven compared to the high heels I was going to wear. Those weren't even the first choice. I was going to wear some velvety type high heels only to discover that at some point or another half the fuzzy stuff was scraped off one of the shoes.

I need to invest in some new dress shoes. The only comfy dress shoes I have are boots really. I even have an old pair of granny boots. hehe It just sucks having such huge ass feet. I'll have to see if I can find a shoe store in Chicago that caters to guys.

Well, I'm off to swatch some pink wool. I'm not real sure if it will work for the sweater I'm looking to make. Hell I just want to make any of the sweaters out of Big Knits or Great Big Knits. I just have to find one that works with yarn that I already have. hehe

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