Sunday, August 13, 2006

Insert Snappy Title

My brain is just too damn fried to think of anything interesting to say.

Before I started this blog, I battled with terrible fatigue that drove me batty. Well it would seem that it is kicking my ass again. I've just been sooooo tired it isn't funny.

I have been knitting. I'm working away on the Peacock Lace sweater from Great Big Knits. Even though I'm having to use US 2s to get gauge, it is going pretty fast. I'm on something like row 24 or there abouts. Too tired to get off my ass and get my bag from across the room to see for sure. hehe There are 155 stitches per row, so I don't think I'm doing too bad.

I'm really liking how the wool is feeling. I can't imagine this sweater in cotton like the pattern calls for. Especially at this gauge. It would prolly be real stiff. I can't get over just how stretchy this yarn is though. I keep breaking out in giggles.

I am not liking how the pattern is set out in the book. I copied the pattern and printed a working copy cause frankly the book was feeling ungainly. Well, I just can't read the pattern for shit and keep my place. I've had to type it into notepad and increase the font size so that it is big and bold and in my freakin face. While at mom's I got ahead of my typed up copy and I had to actually write it out long hand. One row of the pattern is mushed up and takes 6 lines of type the way the book is formatted. I think I just got used to using charts and having to work from written out instructions is giving me problems. I'll get over it though.

I'm thinking I should have added a salvage stitch for sewing up later. The pattern puts K2togs right at the edge of the fabric. I'm not reknitting 3700 or so stitches though. hehehe

I'll try and get some pics of the sweater tomorrow. I really am liking it although the pink is awful bright. I just have to remind myself that my favorite sweater for years was a bright smack you in the face blue monstrosity and I wore it with relish. hehe

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FaeryCrafty said...

I feel your pain. Sometimes I just want to blog "blah blah blah i'm tired blah blah blah!" Hehee