Saturday, August 19, 2006

I lost my son yesterday

I didn't panic. I'm used to him lollygagging when we are out shopping. I usually have to stop, back up and tell him to get his rear in gear.

He wasn't so easy to find this time.

We had been in the office supply department at Wal-Mart picking up the last of the dumbass shit that he has to have for school. Why a 7 yr old needs a set of dry erase markers and an eraser, is beyond me.

I gave in and bought the whole freakin set up and told Nick to get a move on and proceeded to head back to the craft department. I usually go through the fabric remnants and the beads to see if anything catches my eye.

When I got to the fabric, he was no where to be found. I rolled my eyes and headed back towards where we had been. I thought maybe he stopped to look at the movies because y'all the kid is addicted to movies. He has more than I do. hehe

Nope, no Nick in the electronics area. So I head back to the office supplies, but I went one isle too far over. Still no Nick. And I can't hear him freaking out. This kid starts whining and calling for me if I go around a corner and he doesn't see where I went.

Just as I was about to get worried, they did a page over the intercom that they had a lost mom and would Becky please come to the service counter.

Poor kid was all puffy and red from having a fit. I had to rub it in though. I had to ask him if now he understood why I made him learn my name. Now maybe I'll get him to learn our phone number and address. He used to be able to rattle off our phone number but now always says he doesn't know. sigh

Finally a peek at the sweater.

This is the Peacock Lace sweater from I would be a heck of a lot farther along with it, if I wasn't so damn tired. Man working sucks. hehehe

I picked up a new book at Borders I paid a bit more than this for my copy. But then again, I had it in my hot little hands right away.

The reason I was so wanting this book you ask?

Can we say yummy????

I have 2 skeins of this yumminess. It is Silk/Angora Lace Yarn from Japan. Manufacturer: Hasegawa Corporathion. In color #11 Comet Blue. It is 30% Silk 10% Angora 20% Nylon 33% Wool; 660 yrd per 100 gr hank.

I'm currently bidding on another skein so I can make this.

Why yes, I am nuts. hehehe

It won't get made any time soon though. I've got too many works in progress and other planned projects. But man it will be nice to know I've got the yarn waiting for me to play with.

Ok, enough yabbering. I really need to go get the dishes done and make some dinner for the kid. Yeah I know I should do that in the opposite order, but I already have enough dishes to fill the dishwasher. hehehe


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FaeryCrafty said...

I'm glad ya found him :) Your sweater is looking very pretty :)