Monday, October 09, 2006

Good news

I've finally been hired on at my job. I'll be switching to the night shift tomorrow.

I'm not real happy about having to work 2nd shift. I'm really hoping that it will only last a couple months. I'm really going to miss spending time with the kid.

I already warned him last week that I would be working at night and he will be spending most of his time at my folk's house. I also promised him that we would be spending lots of time together on the weekends.

I will get to see him every morning before school. I'll head over to my folk's house and get him up and ready for school each day.

Mom was thinking that she would bring him home each night and put him to bed. I had to remind her that I wouldn't be getting off of work until midnight and that there would be times that I would have to work until 2am. If she brought him here every night, she would soon be getting very little sleep. I really can't see her sleeping on my couch.

I thin it makes much more sense for him to spend the night at their house and for me to go out there to get him up for school.

I think Nick is going to like getting that extra hour of sleep in the morning. I have been getting him up at 6am every day. Now he can sleep in until at least 7. I don't have to have him to school until 8am.

In knitting news, go make a hat for Rabbitch. I've started one using some no name unknown content yarn that I got off of eBay. I'll do a bleach test on it before I send it off to make sure if it is wool or not. No, I can't promise that I will actually finish the hat. I'm horrible about finishing stuff. But I'm gonna try this time.

In other Nick news, we had a talk tonight about his dad. He made the comment that we didn't have a dad in our house. I explained to him about how his dad took off before he was born and that maybe someday he will decide that he wants to get to know him. And that if that happens, we will try hard to work something out.

That is when he told me that he though his dad was dead. I dunno where he got that idea. We have only talked about him one time before and I basically told him the same stuff that time. I told him that no, his dad was alive but he lives far away from us and I don't know how to get ahold of him.

Nick even asked me what his dad looked like. I do have pictures of him put away somewhere, but I don't feel like digging them out because I'm not sure where they are. I think the thing that most shocked him, was that he now knows that his dad has the same name as his uncle. When I told him that his name was Joe, he looked quite surprised. lol

Anyways, I'm gonna head off to work on the hat. And Joe, wherever you are, call your son.

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Tara said...

Stupid dads. I know where my oldest's dad is, but he has no idea we are only a 2 hour drive from him, lol. Whatever. He left us, and she has a new dad now.