Sunday, October 22, 2006

I got nothing

(edit: this post was actually started last Sunday but I didn't have time to upload the pictures lol)
Not much has been going on around here.

It's taking me some time to get used to working nights. I only get to see the kid about an hour a day. That sucks.

He is home this weekend. Unfortunately, he has locked himself in his room. heh He has this thing about going in there and locking the door. As if I can't get in if I really wanted to.

He lost one of his front teeth this morning(last Saturday). It was all his own fault.

Friday night he was playing karate in the basement at my folk's house. He was probably watching Power Rangers or something. Anyway, my mom was down there yacking at him and he asked her to "please leave." As she was going up the stairs, he took off after her. She made to do a karate punch at him as a joke. He ran right into her hand full force. hehehe His one font tooth bled a bit and was just hanging there. I don't blame Mom. I know it was an accident.

Nick is just enjoying looking like a jack-o-lantern.

(Sorry for the sucky picture. I swear, I'm gonna get a new camera just as soon as I can.)
(he actually lost the other front tooth on Tuesday I think)

I got my yarn from LittleKnits yesterday. (last Saturday)

I'm thinking I'll use the Cherry Tree Hill yarn to make the kid a Christmas stocking. Yeah, I know it isn't really traditional Christmas colors, but I can't see wearing socks with a metallic thread in it. Yeah color me blonde to not realize that Super Glitz yarn would have metallics in it. :OP

I'm loving the Regia yarn. The colors are just yummy.

Eventually, I'll make some socks with them.

I've been pretty busy this last week cleaning up the house. I've got a bad back, so it is slow going. I do believe after some finishing up tomorrow morning, things will be good enough to get the landlord to go piss up a damn rope.

I've been thinking about moving the blog and getting some real web hosting. Yeah, I know that hardly a soul reads this thing. I have a web site that is dedicated to the sig tags I make for my always list. I was tempted to delete that group the other day though. I swear, no one knows how to say thanks for making them a tag. I don't think they realize how long it takes me to upload 100+ tags each time I make a new one. But anyways, the tag site is on Bravenet and I dunno how I'm getting away with it, but I'm using way the hell more than the 50MB disk space they allow for free sites. I have nearly 150MB of stuff on there. I guess they don't bitch cause I barely use any bandwidth. But whatever. I'm not sure I want to pay for a year of hosting all in one dang shot. Maybe I'll just start a sister site for the tags for the time being. I should probably wait to pay anything big until after my 90 day probationary period is up and the early yearly layoffs are over. I just know I'm gonna get laid off in January or February. I just hope like hell it isn't for the 15 weeks that this one guy got laid off for a couple years ago. groan

Oh, I made some new stitch markers tonight. I couldn't do any surfing while uploading tags tonight, so I decided to play with the ever growing stash of beads. hehe

They fit up to a size 8. I made one with an extra bead to mark the beginnings of rows. Someday I'll get better at twisting the wires.

Well, time to get my arse in gear and get the wash done so I can go to bed. Laters...

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