Monday, January 07, 2008

In a fog

For what seems like the umpteenth time in the last 2 months, Iowa is encased in a dense fog. Visibility is maybe half a block. Right now Highway 20 is close on the east bound lanes. There were loads of accidents on the highway today. Both lanes were closed for a while because there was a semi across the one side and almost into the other lanes. So far, one person has died due to the fog in the accident with that semi that closed the road.

I stayed home today. Surprisingly, Nick's school didn't let out early. The only thing the district did special for the weather was to not have buses deliver kids home on the back roads. I can't even imagine finding out that my kid was stranded at school and roads were closed and having to drive to go get them. We thankfully live about 4 blocks from school. Turns out my folks stayed home today too. Mom had the day off work and didn't feel like going anywhere.

Not much knitting going on around here. I've done a few rows on the secret knitting. I've started the edging finally on the Galveston shawl. I didn't think I would ever get there. I finished another hat for the kid. I really need to take a picture of it. I wrote down the directions, but I need to tweak things because there are a few things about the hat that I just don't like.

Ok, I'm off to try and catch up with the 2600 emails I just found in one of my email accounts. Since TJ doesn't have internet at home anymore, I don't check the joke emails as often. I guess they aren't as much fun when I don't have someone to share them with. lol

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