Monday, January 21, 2008


Yup I'm still here. I'm tired as hell but I'm here.

I swear there is a conspiracy to kill me out there any my subconscious is in on it. lol Thursday I damn near burned my house down. The fumes were damn near enough to do me in too. When I made eggs for breakfast, I somehow left the burner on real low. I had placed my cheapy spatula back in the grease so as to not dirty up the stove top. The spatula was nothing but a mass of melted plastic when I got back to the kitchen after eating. And the smell was horrible. I had such a horrible headache and I kept coughing. Nasty shit man.

Then my damn smoke detector went psycho at 1am Saturday morning. I had gotten up to use the bathroom and it started going nuts. It would beep really loud and in a loud voice say "Low Battery!!!" It repeated this crap every 90 seconds or so. I thought it was one in my son's room or the hallway, so I shut my door and tried to go back to sleep because I knew I didn't have a battery to replace the one in the detector. Well guess what, it was the one in my room. grrrr So, I got the stepladder and I tried to get the damn thing down. No such luck.

After about 20 minutes of trying, I was in tears and damn near hysterical. Every time the detector would go off it was like an explosion in my brain. I felt like I was going nuts. I ended up calling my folks and begging my dad to come and fix the detector for me. It took him about 20 minutes to get here and about 5 to get it fixed. It was near 3 am before I finally got back to sleep only to get up at 4:30 for work. :( I was a very very tired girl Saturday.

Cut to 3am this morning. I thought my ghost was back and bugging me. I rolled over this morning and I could hear a woman's voice saying something. It kept repeating. So, I got up and checked to see if maybe my phone was picking up the neighbor's phone since mine is a cordless. Nope the voice wasn't coming from the phone. The computer was off and so was the tv. I thought it had stopped, so I went back to bed. Then I heard the voice again more clearly and I could hear what it was actually saying. The kid has a Read With Me DVD game thingy and it was going off and saying how to set it with the dvd remote control. Only I wasn't so sure where the hell the damn thing was. lol And this time the voice was coming from a different direction than earlier. I finally found the controller in the hallway and I had to find a screwdriver and take the batteries out.

I never did really get back to sleep this morning. I've had a nasty ass headache all day thanks to that. I had to run the kid to a checkup appointment today and damn near bought it on the icy roads. I watched a car spin out in front of me and end up on the wrong side of the road. Very scary! The doc says that Nick's lungs sound real good. He will get a chest xray next month to make sure that all is clear this time.

Been making real progress on the stealth knitting. It's going along swimmingly. I'm trying to get my yarn straightened out. I've got 3 under bed storage containers full of yarn. hehe Someday I'll get it all up on Ravelry. . . . maybe. lol

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