Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Oh sheesh

Now I've really gone and done it. hehe

I just went and bought myself a new car. Well not new new but new to me anyway. It's a 2004 Chevy Impala. It's tan with a tan interior. It's really nice. I've never paid this much for a car before and shocker of all shockers, the bank let me get the loan on my own.

Dad did all the negotiations for me. I so am no good at that sort of thing. Hell I didn't really even pick out the car. He was showing me cars and it was the one that he asked if I wanted to drive. lol We ended up getting $3000 for the old car. That is more than I was paying my folks for it. It was starting to fall apart big time and it was really time to get rid of it.

I'm just tickled that I was able to get the loan on my own. The car is going to be in both mine and my mom's names but that was to save me over 100 bucks in tax rebates because the trade in was in my folk's names. That and I would have had to go get the old car in my name before trading it in.

Now I have to try and clean my garage out. I need to get some 2x4s and build some shelves to put all my totes on and move my freezer against the back wall. I've never had any of my cars in this garage. Always too much stuff in there. hehe

Ok, I'm pooped and I'm freezing my ass off, so I'm gonna hit the sack.


Anonymous said...

yaaaaaaaaaay :) i'm so glad!

Anonymous said...


Congrats on the new car and the loan... Hope you enjoy your new car!

Will chat with ya soon... bee very busy this week... but missing ya Gal!


Diane said...

Congrats on your car. How exciting! Parking a car in a garage???? Interesting idea. We've got 4 garages (hubby was in construction so 2 were for his business) and guess how many actually have a car parked in them? 1. How pathetic is that.