Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It is never good to hear a small child yell out "mommy!!" in the middle of the night.

Just as I get in there and turn on the light guess what I saw. . . . projectile vomiting. Oh joy!!

I was just getting ready for bed too. I guess I get another day off of work tomorrow. ::insert eye roll::

I have a very sensitive tummy and OH MY GOD the smell damn near sent me into vomitous lurchings myself. Mix together curly fries from Arby's, teddy graham's graham crackers and lemon aid that smelt super strong when it got drank. . . . And now the house smells like a cheap version of febreeze. I can't stand that shit but the lysol just wasn't killing the smell enough.

I had to empty out a loud of clothes in the washer, so the dryer is going. That damn thing takes forever and a day. I threw all his blankets in the washer and washed em once and reset it to wash again with hot water. Damn the gas bill. LOL I still have a small basket with a pillow and his sheets and some clothes in it that isn't going to be washed until morning. I'm sure that is just going to smell lovely. gag

I just feel itchy and gross right now. I made the kid take a shower. He is feeling much better now. I reminded him that if he wakes up with a tummy ache he needs to RUN for the damn bathroom and not puke on his bed and dresser. groan I put lots of towels on his bed and put a garbage can next to it. Hopefully he will just sleep the rest of the night. I'm going to have to keep him home just to keep an eye on him though. He normally doesn't just puke once.

Gahhhhh I need to go wash my hands and face again. I had to change my shirt earlier cause I leaned into the washer when I was filling it and just covered the front of my shirt.

Ok, I'm done grossing you all out. I think I'll go have myself a little drink now. whimper


TheAmpuT said...

Does it make you feel better to know that you made ME feel better? 'Cuz after reading that, I quit whining about my own problems.

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Poor kid... and poor you! I hate middle of the night puke. Hope you both feel better. *HUGS*

Heatherly said...

one year i had 4 kids age 5 and under puking all at once. i gave up threw blankets and buckets on the ground, then took it all to the laundromat! :-)

try febreeze air spray?

hoping it wont last long!