Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I hate Iowa in winter

Way too much shitting snow is going on around here. Go on over to Flickr and check out the pictures I took of the snow we got this last 2 weeks. It sucks.

Mr. Nicholas is still sick. This time it is a sinus infection. He has spent more time here with me at home than he has at school since before Christmas. It makes it very difficult for me to get anything done. I can't go anywhere because it is so dang cold.

I'm also getting over a cold. :( This last weekend was horrible. TJ was sick too so we made each other nuts. The tension between us is out of control right now. I swear either he better leave his gf/wife or whatever the hell she is or I better find myself a boyfriend or we are going to end up killing each other. LOL

Did I mention that I won a contest over at WEBS? They had a yarn of the month contest with Stoney yarns and yippy I won!!! This month I got a skein of Sheep Number 3.

Sheep Number Three I won!

Isn't it pretty?? It's a 100 gram skein at 325 yards of 30% silk and 70% wool. Yummmy stuff. :) And they even sent a pattern that uses just one skein of this yarn. Way cool.

I also got a picture of the Helen's Lace that I got.

Helen's Lace

Couldn't you just eat that up?? It's Chino. I can't wait to find the perfect pattern for this yarn. It is soo soft. Must resist urge to buy more!!!

If you go through my pictures a bit, you will find pictures finally of all the JaggerSpun yarn that I picked up at the end of the year. Some of it is laceweight and some is fingering weight. There is Navy, Claret, Pewter and a blue heather color. So much yarn and so little time to knit. lol Only 20 or so and I'm done with the stealth knitting!! Yeah then I'll be able to do some stuff to show y'all.

Ok, time to get the kid fed. He insisted on some tator tots. Then it's back into the pants for me before I get yelled at. :P


Diane said...

I love webs!!! Great prize you have there. Hope your kiddo starts to feel better soon. It's been a brutal winter for illnesses.

TheAmpuT said...

Hope you guys get well soon.
Tip: Dont try yarn sniffing when you have a sinus infection (no boogies on the yarn LOL)