Monday, December 01, 2008


Ugghhh what a weekend. I think our weekend shift is cursed. CURSED I SAY!!!! Last weekend my bosslady cut her finger really bad. It wasn't until the next morning that we were able to convince her to go and get stitches. She got quite a few. :( I didn't work on Friday but Saturday morning one of the guys, lets call him Chuckles, came complaining to bosslady that he couldn't move his back. Off to the ER with him. Chuckles gets 2 days off work and some very nummy drugs. Turns out he sprained his back folding something up on Friday.

And not a half hour into work yesterday I sliced the shit out of my left forearm. I was putting pipe into a rack and smacked my arm good on a piece of metal banding. Bosslady freaked out when I came waltzing back towards the command center holding my arm and yelling for help with a bandage. lol She was very tempted to send me to the ER to get checked out. *sigh* I told her to just bandage it and we would see. I swear the darn thing barely bled at all and I took tylenol right away so it didn't hurt until nearly 10 hours later when I changed the bandage. We put so much ointment on it the first time that it soaked the bandage. I didn't put anything on it the second time and I think the burning was just the wound drying out and getting ready to scab. It's not bad today but I'll have a nice little scar there. As if that would be my first. HA

Well, it finally has happened. We has snow. :( I hates the snow. Really it's just that I hate having to drive in it in the dark. I have to drive about 16 miles or so between work and home each way in the dark and it can be real hard to see where the road is when it is snowing out because I'm driving in the country. It would be much easier if there were more houses and such along the highway or if it were straighter but alas it IS the country. lol The other part I hate is that the street I live on is one of the very last to be plowed in my little town. Last year I had to miss a day of work because they didn't bother to plow our street until after 1pm. Not good when you have to be to work at 6am. *sigh*

In better news, I finished reading that fanfic very very late last night. hehe I told you I wouldn't be in bed early Sue. :P It's called Chocolate Enchantment and is a really great AU story. Snape is really out of character but I think it works because it is really the first time in his life that someone cares for him and depends on him as a person and not just as a spy. There are tons of stories on that site and is a treasure trove for Hermione fans. Unfortunately, I'm a Snape fan more than a Hermione fan and that is not my preferred pairing for him. HE IS MINE DAMN IT!!!!!! hehe

Ok, I has stuffs to do. Like finally sleep. lmao Chow baby!!

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