Monday, December 29, 2008


Every once in awhile I look at my stats and giggle like mad over the searches that lead people to my blog. Thought I would share a few with you.

enjoy janet jackson --- ok yeah I do sometimes
what makes frod sogood --- I just am baby!!
how much does frod earn --- no where near enough damn it!!
zipper on his mouth --- oh how I would love to do that to the kid sometimes lol
frod vs volcano --- hmmm dunno if I would win or not
haunted houses around cascade iowa --- wish there were a few, it would be fun :P
paula abdul forever your girl 12 inch blogspot --- I'm not Paula but I would be forever your girl if you gave me 12 inches hehehe Might even blog about it :P
frod designer pants --- hmmm I'm in the pants but I haven't designed any
i hate iowa --- on winter days, yes I do
poison, skid row --- you want to poison someone on skid row?? ohhh the bands, yeah not too shabby but I prefer Disturbed and Korn
frod steeling money --- hmmm how do you steel money? I don't steal it either
if you didn’t get to say goodbye --- *sigh* this one led to a very painful post I made, I'm in a much better place than I was on that day
frod --- ummm why you wanna see my guts?? lol
xxx pictures --- ooo I got some of those but I ain't sharing :P
the art of frod e book --- hmmmm don't think I'm good enough yet for that
frod said no not gonna happen --- I've said that often but usually give in after a few beers :P
green card frod --- I don't need no stinkin green card. I was born here silly

And now for something completely different.

Snape Christmas Greeting by ~calumfan on deviantART

I've become addicted to deviantART. :) So many yummy drawings of Snape on there. hehe drool

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