Monday, May 02, 2005


Can't decide if I'm in a bad mood or a good one. LOL First the bad cause it is only a little whine. I ordered a bunch of sock yarn a little over a week ago and it still hasn't made it to me. I order computer parts and I get them in like 2 days. Yarn takes over a week. wtf??? I've worked in warehouses before. It doesn't matter what is in the darn box, so long as you have some sort of system for when you shelve stuff it shouldn't take too long to find 6 skeins of yarn and put them in a box. Plus I got 2 skeins each of 3 yarns. It isn't like I ordered 20 different skeins of different yarn. Heck even that shouldn't have taken more than 10 minutes to find. *sigh*

Ok the whining is done. I've made a fair amount of progress on my sweater concidering I haven't spent all that much time knitting on it. I've got about 5 inches done. I've tried it on twice to make sure I'm going to be able to pull it over my head and it will actually fit around my fat ass. I'm definately going to have to make it long enough to fall below my backside though. The ribbing is just a bit snug on the wideness that is my rear.

I've come up with an interesting way to 'pick up' for the sleeves. I put that in quotes because I'm not actually going to be picking up stitches. I got this weird idea saturday night real late while my pitiful dateless self was knitting on my sweater. What if I was to work the edge stitches; where the sleeve will meet the sweater, twice? I'm thinking that may or may not eliminate that weird edge I always get when I pick up the stitches for the gusset on my socks. Ok, so I've only knit a couple pair of socks but I'm trying. :OP

Anyone that knows me, knows I'm a total scatterbrain and will forget my great ideas that I have late at night if I don't immediately write them down. Well I couldn't figure out quite what to write down that I would be able to decipher the next morning. So I grabbed some yarn I had under my desk and a couple dpns and started on another slipper sock. I know yer wondering what the heck a slipper sock has to do with my sweater. Well I figured I better try out my bright idea on a sucky little sock before I try it on my sweater. Plus it is going to be quite awhile before I get far enough in my sweater to try it out. hehehehe So I whipped up the beginnings of a sock real quick up to where the heel flap starts. At first I was knitting or purling each of the edge stitches in the front and back. I quickly realized that I was going to have way way too many stitches, so I frogged back. Then I decided to only work my extra stitch in where I'm slipping a stitch at the beginning of the rows. I worked the stitch as if I wasn't going to slip the stitch but didn't pull if off the left needle. I put the new stitch on a stitch holder, slipping off the right needle. Now I slipped the first stitch onto the right needle. I still ended up with the right number of stitches on my needles but had that extra floating stitch I put on a holder on each side of the heel flap. Once it came time to pick up the stitches for the gusset, I just slipped the stitches off the stitch holder and knit them onto my right needle. I did add a stitch in the corner where you go to the instep stitches though. I did end up with an uneven number of stitches from one side to the other, but I just knit two together when I got around to the extra stitch. I think it looks pretty good. There is still a bit of a ridge but I think that is more a product of the heel flap trying to curl in. I'll do some more testing before I put it to work in my sweater though.

Many I'm a yabber butt tonight. I guess it is cause the only people I've talked to today are my mother and my son. Well since early this morning anyway. Not easy to have a conversation with a soon to be 6 yr old who can't remember what he had for lunch by 4pm. Although today he seemed to remember having pizza. Wish I could get the turd to eat pizza. It is one of my favorite foods. Anways, I scanned one of each of the slipper socks I got finished in the last couple of weeks. I had to send them in to the knit-a-long that I was doing. Take a look.

You can click on the pictures for a larger view.

I still haven't found the cord for my sucky digital camera. I haven't used it in a year. I much prefer using my mom's camera. Unfortunately she doesn't have an imaging program on her computer and for some reason, the disks I burn from her computer will not work on mine. Forget the fact that we are running the same dang operating system. *sigh*
Ok I'm going to bed. I've got crap to do tomorrow and it is obvious that no one is going to sign in to msn and chat with me. sniff sniff


Jon said...

You know, there are easier ways to do your sleeves. A lot of Lopi patterns are written in the round from the bottom up where you add the sleeves. Also, I believe there's a pattern in the new Interweave that Debbie Bliss did from the bottom up and you add the sleeves at a certain point before doing the yoke.

goblinbox said...

...what pattern do you use for the slipper socks?