Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I know tired

And man am I tired. I haven't been sleeping for shit and as a result I'm a damn zombie 80% of the time.

Yesterday was a shitty day. I was on my way home from work and planning in my mind the errands I was going to run once the kid got home from school. That's when my car died on a busy highway. I sat there for half an hour while cars and trucks sped past me. Not one of the bastards stopped.

Thankfully I had my cell with me and mom showed up with the gas can. Well it wasn't the low gas level that caused the problem. Turns out my alternator died. Dad thought the battery just died so he bought a new one and the car did start but it was acting funny. It's in the shop, so I have to wait for Mom to come drive me to work. Big whoop.

Maybe tonight I'll do an update on the socks and shawl. I've made a bit of progress on each.

Ta Ta

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