Saturday, April 01, 2006

I suck

Well I was hoping to get some pictures of the stash today. Didn't happen. My folks picked up a new bed for my son. I was only going to buy a cheap one, but Mom said she found one that should last the little turd 15 years. That means I shouldn't have to buy him one again. Nick and I had to clean his room and get the old bed out and then help my dad move the new one in. It is mega comfy and I warned Nick that if he won't stay in it all night I'll sleep in it. heh

We spent the afternoon and evening at my folk's house. I made the big mistake of trying to knit while watching King Kong in the dark. I say try because the shawl now has to be ripped back about 8 rows because once again, I dropped some stitches. It's impossible to pick them back up because they went down a couple rows and undid some SSKs and YOs. I'm glad that Renee included plain purl rows every once in awhile.

I also had to rip back my version of Odessa. Once again it was dropped stitches that did me in. Picking up stitches in fun fur is basically impossible. hehehe I have to cut some of the yarn off at the beginning of the skein too. The lil hairs got all twisted and knotted up. Oh well. Each skein is 600 yards, so I'm not in jeopardy of running out. Unless of course I keep messing it up and having to cut stuff off the skein. heh

I'm a bit peeved at the moment. I hate having to rip projects out. I've got to get some stuff together for a garage sale tomorrow, so I probably won't get to take pictures tomorrow either. What I really want to do is sleep tomorrow though. hehehe

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