Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wednesday Blahs

I'm feeling at odds lately and have a massive case of the blahs right now. My house is a complete mess and my mom will be here tomorrow to wait for Nick after school. They are getting out an hour early for the holidays. Wish I got to come home an hour early. hehe

Work has been going pretty good. I just wish they would get the new machine in the department I work in. I get along with pretty much everyone at work. There is one female in particular that I just can't stand. She will disagree with anything I might have to say no matter what it is. She has no concept of current events or pop culture. It is impossible to hold a conversation with her. She has also lied about things that have to do with me to save her own ass and in the process made it look like I was lying. Hopefully the shift supervisor realized she was lying.

Odessa has been frogged. I dropped a stitch and I just couldn't fix it through all the fuzz and using 2 strands didn't help. I've cast on for it again but it is taking a rest for now.

I'm working the edge on the MS2 shawl. It is going to take a while because it is 25 stitches wide. I'm actually thinking about putting the shawl on a safety line and measuring it. I'm getting nervous that it might end up too small. I'm sure that I will be able to use one of the motifs from the shawl and figure out a repeat that will work.

I've been playing on eBay again. I just got another 5 skeins of alpaca fingering weight yarn. Can ya tell I love this stuff?? hehe This time it is black. I also got 2 skeins of some New Zealand sport weight in a pretty brown. I've got another large skein of it coming in oatmeal. I'm hoping to be able to get gauge to make Alishar. Yes, I know it calls for worsted weight, but welllllllllll.

I've also come across some magazines and patterns. I won 3 magazines on eBay; Fall 2004 Knitter's, Winter 2004 IK, and Holiday 2004 Vogueknitting. There are several patterns in each magazine that I like. They all are from before I started buying knitting magazines. I'm in serious need of more knitting magazines. hehe

As for patterns, off of eBay I've gotten pattern no. 1182 Medley Bulky Cardigan, pat no. 1176 Fleece Cowl Neck Pullover, pat no. 1178 Pele Polo Shirt, and pat no. 1174 Mia Sweatshirt. All from Knit One Crochet Too. I'm pretty sure they all came from the same seller. Well at least the last 3 were anyway. hehe From an online store I got 5 Delta Burke Collection knitting patterns on clearance. The honeycomb cardigan, cabled pullover, cabled cardigan, garter rib cardigan and pointelle pullover. I so love the Delta Burke Collection. I already had 2 other leaflets from the collection. It is so nice to have some patterns that I won't have to alter to make fit my big ole butt. If I can't get the NZ wool to work for Alishar, I'll make one of the DB patterns with it I guess.

Anyways, time to go clean and do some wash. Then I'm gonna watch Lost and pass out. hehe

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