Monday, December 11, 2006

Oh so tired

I damn near fell asleep watching tv at Mom's house tonight. Hell I was having a conversation with my dad and almost fell asleep on him too.

I'll be going to bed very very soon. God, I'm a whimp. hehe

We finally got the tree up last night. I managed not to yell at Nick while we were actually putting it up. I was a screaming lunatic while putting the plastic up on the patio doors though. I thought the distress would continue during the assembly of the tree, but I think I only sniped at him once. He was hold ing up a branch and as I went to grab it he was moving it away frome me.

If it wasn't for Nick, the tree wouldn't have gone up or been decorated. I am anal about putting the tree away in the right order so that all I have to do it work from the top of the box and start putting it together the next time. So basically, Nick just took out a branch and handed it to me and I didn't have to think about where it went.

I usually put strings of beads on the tree but this year I didn't feel like it. There are strings of multi colored lights around the "trunk" of the tree that dance. The tree itself has white lights. I only put the lights and decorations on the front and sides of the tree since it sits in a corner. Yeah I'm lazy. :OP The deocrations are red, cream and gold bulbs with gold glitter on them. Plus some plain red and green bulbs. The of course there are the Avon collector decorations. Most of them are Disney types. The Avon ones all came from my mom when she decided to go with all santa decorations and red bows.

Nick put all of the bulbs on the tree. I moved some up higher where he couldn't reach. But he did the rest of it himself. He put 2 or 3 bulbs per branch in some areas. He used enough bulbs to deocrate the whole tree on just one side. hehehe It looks really pretty though. I've told him a couple times that he did a really good job.

The only bad part about putting up the tree was the question I got at bed time. "Is it Christmas tomorrow?" sigh

It's soon enough dang it. I still have to buy for the rest of the family. I so hate shopping for anything other than yarn. Somehow I don't think yarn will cut it though. hehehe

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