Friday, December 15, 2006


OK, so maybe my life isn't quite as shitty as I thought it was.

After many, many phone calls yesterday, I found a babysitter a block from me. She has 3 boys at my son's school, so hopefully he will actually go outside and play once in awhile now. hehe Nick takes after his homebody momma. My mom isn't real thrilled about my choice of sitter and she has warned me not to tell my dad who will be watching Nick.

What's the hub bub about? She is black. Mom didn't get upset with me but immediately made it clear I better not tell dad cause he would have a fit. I told her that it was his problem not mine. I didn't go into it more because I didn't want to argue with her in front of Nick. Not that he was paying attention to what we were talking about. He was staring at the game that Mom was playing on the computer.

Frankly, I couldn't care less what color my son's sitter is. I've been to her house and it is neat and clean. Much more organized than my house. hehe I've met her 3 boys. They were well dressed and displayed way more manners than my son usually displays. Of course that is the advantage of having more than one child. They have to learn to share not only their belongings but their mother's attention. Nick has never had to share me with anyone.

On to other things. I've been working on the doily. I really need to spend more time on it though and get the hell away from the pc. Is it wrong that I can put SimCity 3000 in the pc and spend 4 hours staring at the screen?? Don't answer that. hehe

I'm already planning projects for next year. Yes, I know I have loads of projects to work on right now, but I didn't say I was casting on for anything new did I??

Berroco has some really cute felted Christmas tree ornaments that were just released. I do have some crocheted angels that normally go on the tree, but I really think I need more. I could really go for the instant gratification of making some mini socks and scarves for the tree. Lord knows I have tons of patterns saved on disk. I really need to finish one of my sweaters before I start a new project.

Well, I'm off to rest for a little before heading to the hospital. I need to get the results of my TB test confirmed and take the paper to the temp agency. I'm really hoping that I won't have to buy a uniform to work at the hospital. I really doubt I'll get out of the laundry room and I really can't afford to buy new clothes right now. sigh

edit: Test was fine and I start on Monday. More good news, I don't have to buy a uniform or anything. Yeahhh!!

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