Sunday, December 31, 2006

The year is done

And I feel like I haven't done a damn thing I don't think I've finished anything other than a few hats. I've got a couple socks on the needles that are nearly done. At least 3 sweaters are on the needles and only one is even halfway close to being done.

I suppose I did knit the kid a sweater. It sits in my room though. I'm not sure why I haven't given it to him. Not like he can do much damage to it seeing as it is made of ack.

I finally took a really bad scan of the alpaca scarf I'm working on.

I used the main repeat from the Sun Ray Shawl on I started with 5 rows of seed stitch. The next row is 5 stitches of seed stitch, 5 repeats of the sun ray and then 5 more stitches in seed stitch. It's going to be kind of wide and I'm not sure how long I'll make it. Blocked, I think it will end up being about 10 inches wide. I'm at 16 inches long right now. I have quite a bit to go yet.

There has been a lot of talk about Wendy's yarn diet on the various knitting and crochet lists I'm on. While I'm not going to be jumping on the bandwagon per se, I won't be buying much yarn in the near future. That has more to do with my being broke than anything else. :OP Plus, I do have an awful lot of yarn that I could use up. Plus, I just got a gorgeous hank of sock yarn in the mail from Mystical Creations Yarn. I can't find the colorway on their website, but it is called Arrowhead. It's yummy yummy stuff. I think the Eagles Flight socks might just be the ticket for this yarn. We shall see.

I have no plans for tonight. I may have a few drinks. Then again, I may be asleep by 9pm like most nights lately. hehe I really should just sit and knit on something.

I won't be making any new years resolutions. I never keep them, so why make them? I do still need to work on loosing some more weight. Eating breakfast at work every day is NOT helping with this. I can't seem to pass up the scrambled eggs and toast though.

I'm thinking I need to get back on some of my medications too. It's very hard to keep up with the house when you're depressed. Mom thinks I'm depressed cause the house is a mess. Ummmm no. The house is a mess because I'm depressed. heh Sort of like when I argued with the psychologist about my being tired all the time. She insisted I was tired because I was depressed. Wrong, I was depressed cause I was tired all the damn time. Right now I'm depressed cause I hate being broke and I hate this time of year. And there is that nasty lonely part. But, when one is broke, it is hard to go anywhere and be sociable. Not that I've ever been the social butterfly. Attending 10 schools before graduating high school tends to turn one inward. blahhhhhh

I think it's time to go watch Queen of the Damned again. I so love the music from that movie. I think I'm going to have to pick up a copy of the soundtrack. I think in a past life I must have been a vampire. hehe

Anyways, Happy New Year y'all!! Hope you party hearty to make up for us party poopers at home.


Michelle said...

Happy New Year, Becky!

FaeryCrafty said...

Happy New Year!!