Sunday, December 23, 2007

Snow day

There was a nasty snow storm here in Iowa last night. Lots of blowing snow.

When I went to leave for work this morning it was still a mess. Lots of blowing snow causing drifts all over. I dug out behind the car and was able to get out the driveway on the first shot. Only one problem, no one had plowed the side streets. I got up to the corner and couldn't go any farther. The car just kept sliding backwards.

So, today is a snow day.

I've tried a couple times to get out, but no go. They still haven't plowed my street. And every time I get the driveway cleared and come inside to warm up, it fills up again. At least the sun has finally come out and the wind is starting to die down. (lol I typed out dye first )

I've been cleaning the kitchen and playing games on the pc. The kid is stuck at my folk's house. I almost stopped there last night instead of pushing on home. I could barely see the road at all and drove about 20 mph home.

Mr. Mousie hasn't gone away. I do believe I heard the little shit this morning when I was throwing something in the trash. I had hoped that the stink that is out in the kitchen was the dead mouse. Nope. Little shit left some lovely droppings on the one counter too. Yuck.

Ok, off to go fold towels and run some more wash. Hope all of y'all in the mid-west stay safe and warm.

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