Monday, December 03, 2007

Blame it on Ravelry

Yes, I've been sucked in. It's all Laurie's fault. I wasn't going to even sign up for it knowing it would suck up all my time. I was right.

I've been busy with other things too though.

I worked Tuesday and that always kicks my butt. Wednesday I actually went to the fiber guild meeting!! It was so fun to actually watch people knitting. There were 3 people there with spinning wheels. One lady was spinning her dogs hair. hehe It looked like wool though. I would have never guessed it was dog hair. 2 ladies were doing needlepoint. Very nice stuff. Nick managed to behave himself for the most part. We ended up staying 2 hours. I do believe next time I'm going to have Mom watch him so he doesn't end up staying up so late. It is the day after Christmas but still. He just doesn't deal well with staying up so late.

Thursday was the kid's winter program. I met up with Mom and Dad for the kindergarten, first and second grade's program. All the kids did a great job. They did a few other holiday type songs but none were specifically Christmas. I ran into one of my cousins and he of course ran as soon as I said hi to him. He is just an ass. It wasn't like I planted myself in front of him and started yammering on. He just happened to be there when I turned around to go find the kid and said hi and how are ya and he bolted. But who cares. As I said, he is an ass. Nick insisted that we stay for the 3rd, 4th adn 5th grader's program. My folks hit the road, but I'm glad Nick and I stayed. The older kids program was hilarious. They had some really funny songs. As soon as they brought the lights up at the end, we bolted. We were the first people out of the parking lot. hehe I hate crowds and trying to get out of an event.

Here is a picture of the new haircut. I hate this picture but it was the best that I could do. It's hard to take a picture of yourself. My face just looks huge in this picture. bleck Not to mention my nose looks huge. lol Oh well.
Ok, I need to go try and break up the ice in the driveway. It's horrid. There is over an inch of it. When I parked the car in the driveway last night, it didn't even dent the snow and ice. I poured a whole dang bag of salt on the driveway so hopefully most of the ice will break up. Oh such fun.

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