Tuesday, December 18, 2007

my pc hates me

I figured out why my other hard drive wasn't being seen.

The data cable was coming apart. When I tried to mess with it, it pulled right out. Sooooo I am gonna head to Staples and hope they have some. I'm gonna get 2 of them cause right now I only have one that works and it is as old as the other one.

Frod needs her pc. A pcless Frod is not a good thing.

That is all. Continue as you were.

ETA: For future reference, if you live in the Dubuqueland area, do not go to Staples or Best Buy looking for IDE cables (yeah that is what those data cable/ribbons thingies are called). They may sell hard drives and other drives but they don't sell the cables to connect them. I got mine at Radio Shack. Picked up a package of DVD-Rs so I can back up all my shit too. lol

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